The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 547

Chapter 547 Forceful Passage Through The Spell Formation

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At the key moment, Bai Yijian stepped in to crush the beams of light that had materialized from the Divine Decree! Su Yu was not surprised by his interference.

After all, it would have been questionable if he had looked on heartlessly as his son was killed by someone else! What really surprised him was Bai Yijian’s Divine Decree.

Crushing the Divine Decree with his bare hands was not something any person with a strong cultivation could manage. As such, he must have had a very high level of Divine Decree to be able to accomplish such a feat!

Bai Yijian’s Divine Decree was most likely above the divine-grade. As such, Su Yu wondered if Bai Yijian had achieved Pure Divine Decree level, like himself.

However, after giving it some thought, Su Yu decided that this was probably not the case. After all, if Bai Yijian truly had achieved the Pure Divine Decree level, he would not have been stopped by the Divine Decree left behind by Tian Jizi when he tried to enter the place of Legacy.

Although Tian Jizi had a very high cultivation, the Divine Decree he left behind was equally not to be underestimated. However, Su Yu had personally witnessed the demise of Tian Jizi’s remaining will.

If he figured correctly, the Divine Decree within the Wisest Milky Way Formation had already weakened over the generations. Thus, it was no longer as strong as it once was. It was likely only a few levels higher than the divine-grade Divine Decree.

Clearly, Bai Yijian’s Divine Decree was nowhere close to the strength of the Divine Decree in this place.

“If I did not exert my strength, I am afraid Your Excellency would be forced to watch your son kill me in stealth. Is that not so?” Su Yu asked plainly.

Ever since the beginning, his son had been the one to provoke Su Yu with no reason. Even after Su Yu let him live, despite his awful actions, Bai Zhe had not learned from his mistakes, as he showed clearly when he tried to attack Su Yu behind his back!

Throughout the entire process, the person who was most able to interfere was Bai Yijian. Yet he had made no attempts to intervene whatsoever.

Only now that things had gone beyond his expectations, and when his son had finally gotten into real trouble and nearly lost his life, was he willing to step in with a reprimanding tone.

At that moment, Bai Yijian’s gaze turned cold, and he said,”Young man, my son indeed made a mistake. But, why would you be so harsh to him?”

“Whatever it is that Your Excellency would like to say, please just say it.” Su Yu did not answer his question directly. Instead, he responded curtly with his own demand, without any emotion.

Upon hearing what Su Yu said, Bai Yijian’s face turned cold with astonishment. He looked into Su Yu’s eyes, which seemed much deeper and mysterious than usual, and was secretly surprised.

Bai Yijian’s facial expression changed slightly, as he struggled to conceal his emotions. He continued to look intently at Su Yu for another moment, then releasing his breath and said, “I will let this pass for now. However, after we are done here, you will need to give me an explanation!”

Shangguan Qinger, the Ghost King, and Zhou Jin were all a little shaken up by this, each wondering to themselves what in the world would happen next…

Was there something going on between Su Yu and Bai Yijian that no one else knew about?

Oh? Su Yu’s brows perked up slightly. An explanation?

“How Your Excellency managed to break through as a One Crystal Half Fairy, I am sure you know full well. As the guardian of this place, and a descendant of the Elder, I must find out the real reason!” Bai Yijian stared intently at Su Yu.

Su Yu sighed in his heart. In the end, Bai Yijian had still managed to sense that something was up.

Although he tried really hard to conceal his act of using the emperor-based saint artifact of the Milky Way Star Sand, and had managed to keep it hidden from Shangguan Qinger, and even led her to believe mistakenly that he was of the Ancient Bloodline, he could not keep it from Bai Yijian. This was because Bai Yijian knew the place all too well.

What was it that allowed such small amounts of spiritual liquid in the depleted pool to propel someone from the Half God level to the Half Fairy level?

It has to be the contaminated spiritual rocks thought Su Yu.

As a descendant of Tian Jizi’s disciple, Bai Yijian was the most likely person to have knowledge of the treasure that could manipulate the contaminated material. Therefore, when Su Yu was in combat with Bai Zhe and accidently revealed his level of cultivation, Bai Yijian was able to pick it up.

However, he did not say or do anything about it. Instead, he went along with the plan, secretly preparing to strike and conquer Su Yu whenever he got the chance! That was the real reason that Bai Yijian had acted so strangely!

However, it still did not explain why he demanded that Su Yu give him an explanation…

“Hehe, what if I say no?” Su Yu asked coldly.

In Tian Jizi’s Last Testament, the three disciples and their descendants would pass on the baton, one generation after the other, to stand guard over the Five Great Legacies until someone took them away. However, when it had reached their generation, Bai Yijian had taken the lead and done things for his own gain. Not only did he steal other Legacies, but he set up lethal traps to imprison and kill those who came for their training!

Even after all of his past indiscretions, he was shamelessly demanding an explanation from Su Yu, using his position as a descendant of Tian Jizi’s disciple to do so!

“Do you think you have a choice?” Bai Yijian said without flinching.

His attitude and behavior seemed to indicate that he would definitely have his way with Su Yu. “I am afraid you have no choice. Once you return from the place of Legacy, I will personally carry out a thorough investigation.”

Once he was done speaking, Bai Yijian waved his sleeves and signaled to the rest. “Get moving quickly, whether or not you can enter successfully will depend on your own actions.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, Bai Yijian closed his eyes to rest and wait. Su Yu’s eyes narrowed and he secretly laughed. Bai Yijian thought he had everything under control!

Su Yu’s eyes flashed with a certain chill, but he quickly concealed his expressions thereafter. He briefly glanced over at Bai Zhe, who had yet to recollect himself from the recent shock, then turned away nonchalantly.

Although he had not spoken a single word, the nonchalance of his actions made Bai Zhe feel even more terrible than if he were to have inflicted direct sarcasm his way!

Bai Zhe had thought he was stronger than Su Yu, when in fact, Su Yu had absolute dominance over him! Zhou Jin’s thoughts resonated with those of Bai Zhe’s.

He definitely saw that Su Yu was much stronger than he had initially thought. Did his fighting abilities really increase so tremendously after he broke through the Half Fairy level?

Zhou Jin certainly did not think of himself as being any stronger than Bai Zhe. As such, he felt a chill run through his heart!


Su Yu ignored the gazes that surrounded him, proceeding to enter the Wisest Milky Way Formation with Xia Jingyu. Then, Bai Qi and Zhou Jin went in soon after.

Bai Zhe, on the other hand, continued to stare at Su Yu’s back. His eyes flickered, then he bit his teeth and chased after Su Yu.

As soon as he entered the formation, Su Yu felt as if he had entered a different stream of time. Although he did not feel any sort of pressure, he did feel that his movements had slowed down slightly. It felt like he had entered a dimension where even time moved much slower.

In the dimness, Su Yu could feel threads of Divine Decree all around him. Under the influence of the Divine Decree, everything moved according to its tracks.

The sun, the moon, the stars and the constellations, even intruders and time everything was controlled by the Divine Decree. Therefore, unless one was able to withstand the Divine Decree, the person would be sent off the tracks as soon as he gained entry.

“Are the tracks Tian Jizi’s Divine Decree?” Su Yu mumbled aloud, almost incoherently, as such a magical Divine Decree left him in a flabbergasted state.

With a twitch of their hearts, Su Yu and Xia Jingyu both released the same divine-grade Divine Decree at the same moment. Su Yu’s divine-grade Divine Decree was of the natural kind and was surrounded by loops of thunder and ice, which formed a bright halo that was difficult to be seen by the naked eye.

Su Yu could clearly observe that, under the bright halo, there was an imbalance that had formed within the Milky Way Formation. This was because the Divine Decree had been influenced, which had caused the tracks to change.

Since the Divine Decree in this place was unnaturally strong, soon after the change started happening, another track seemed to start absorbing Su Yu and the rest within it.

It seemed that they were still unable to escape the influence of the Divine Decree!