The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 548

Chapter 548 The True Legacy

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Bai Zhe experienced the same thing. He used his own Divine Decree to forcefully influence movements on the tracks, yet he still could not escape the entire Divine Decree!

As such, it merely looked as though he had managed to overcome a few stars. However, in reality, the exit track had already been decided for him!

Returning to the present moment, Su Yu was secretly surprised. There appeared to be a certain lingering charm of fate within the Divine Decree. As long as something was within the tracks, its fate seemed to have already been decided.

“This must be the might of Elder Tian Jizi! Although he has long since fallen from the skies, his remnant Divine Decree still has a shocking and mysterious rhythm…” Su Yu’s eyes sparkled with admiration.

At that moment, the Ghost King and Zhou Jin had both entered the same spot. They hadn’t progressed far before they were knocked back by the stars. Even after they made several attempts, it seemed that there was no way that they could get any nearer.

Although Bai Zhe made a bit further progress than they did, he was still unable to escape the arrangement of the tracks. As such, he was ultimately pushed back to his original spot.

Right then and there, a lone star followed its track and headed towards Su Yu and his companion. It looked like the pair would also be knocked out!

However, Su Yu and Xia Jingyu were not like other commoners. The pair released their Divine Decree simultaneously, as if reading each other’s minds.

Su Yu’s ice and thunder Divine Decree, combined with Xia Jingyu’s water Divine Decree, caused a stir within the tracks. This caused the star that was approaching them to suddenly swirl to the side, narrowly missing them.

“Brother Yu, it looks like there is something on that star.” All of a sudden, Xia Jingyu called out softly.

Su Yu’s gaze shifted to the star, where he discovered that there was something that looked like a black box mounted on top of it! Prior to this, the pair had not paid any attention to the stars, as their focuses were entirely on the spell formation.

Su Yu lifted his hand and waved in an inward motion. A hand seemed to appear some distance away, which then pulled the black box away from the star and towards Su Yu.

He discovered that the box was nearly empty, except for some remaining material for crafting purposes. His pupils flickered slightly, while he scanned the surroundings, careful to keep every single star in sight of his Soul Eyes.

Then, his pupils shone with surprise! Using the ability of his Transparent Eyes, Su Yu discovered that not only did this particular star have a black box, but every single star had one!

However, most of the boxes were empty. Only the ones near the central area had items in them, which were things that Su Yu could not name. Although, the items did seem to be materials that possessed Spiritual Qualities!

After he pondered all of this silently for a moment, Su Yu’s eyes suddenly became bright. He looked coolly at Bai Yijian and asked, “Are you still trying to conceal the truth?”

“Brother Yu, what is the matter?” Xia Jingyu’s long lashes fluttered several times, implying mock confusion.

Su Yu replied in a half-laughing manner, “Perhaps I was too careless to notice! We nearly fell for their deception!”

Facing a confused-looking Xia Jingyu, Su Yu said gently, “To be honest, we are standing right on the land that houses the Legacy of Materials!”

Hearing this, Xia Jingyu could not help but feel surprised. However, being as smart as she was, she immediately looked towards the black box at her feet. She then started to ask, “Brother Yu, do you mean to say”

Su Yu interrupted her saying, “You are right. Every single star in this spell formation has a black box. Each box contains the Legacy Materials! We have been inside the place of Legacy this whole time and did not realize it. If it were not for your good observation and reminder, I would not have been aware of it!”

Xia Jingyu’s eyes were filled with surprise. “Do you mean that this is the place of the Legacy of Materials, yet he was still trying to falsely lead us to another place? If that is the case, where is the other place of Legacy?”

The two sensed the strangeness of the entire situation. It seemed that Bai Yijian was concealing a very deep and dark secret.

Su Yu shook his head gently. “I do not know, but it must not be the final place of Legacy that he mentioned! We ought to be careful from now on.”

Right then, another star was coming their way. Su Yu and Xia Jingyu released their Divine Decrees once again to narrowly avoid it.

After four continuous encounters, they finally made it halfway through the spell formation to the same place that Bai Zhe had previously reached.

However, this scene seemed out of order, as Bai Qi and Zhou Jin had barely made any progress. As such, their faces became several shades gloomier.

Bai Yijian’s eyes beamed with surprise. “Oh? In this time and age, there are still humans who are willing to cultivate the Divine Decree?”

In a world where martial arts dominated, the Divine Decree was rarely paid attention to.

This was firstly because it was very difficult to comprehend it, as it also took a lot of energy and time. Apart from Beasts of All Creations, who led very long lives, most martial artists would choose not to spend their time on the Divine Decree.

The second reason was that the return was much less than the effort required to obtain it. As such, after spending an immeasurable amount of time to comprehend it, the gains in comprehension of the Divine Decree would still be very limited. It was due to this imbalance that, as far as he knew, a strong figure had never possessed the Divine Decree.

Even the descendants of the guards cultivated the Divine Decree for the sole reason of entering the Wisest Milky Way Formation to retrieve the materials on the stars. Hence, voluntary comprehension of the Divine Decree was something that was nearly unheard of.

The two young people before him, oddly enough, not only comprehended it, but they actually had progressed significantly! He knew that even Bai Zhe’s Divine Decree was built on the foundations of the descendants of the guards. Moreover, it was only after years of experience in comprehension that he could gain such significant progress.

However, Su Yu and Xia Jingyu clearly did not have such backgrounds. However, what he did not know was that Xia Jingyu’s level of comprehension exceeded those of her peers. In fact, it was nearly inhuman!

Su Yu, on the other hand, depended on the Bronze Tripod of the Nine Dragons. That was the only way he was able to have such a large amount of time to expend on comprehending the Divine Decree. Otherwise, Su Yu would not have likely chosen the path of the Divine Decree.

“Their Divine Decrees won’t be far from Bai Zhe’s level. Hence, the fifth track would be the one to defeat them” Bai Yijian said softly, speaking mostly to himself.

Before he could finish his sentence, he stopped suddenly. Bai Yijian’s facial expression froze.

Just as Su Yu and Xia Jingyu were about to collide with a star, their bodies became twice as fast, somehow enabling them to escape and successfully enter the sixth track! Shangguan Qinger’s initially bland facial expression suddenly changed, her pupils now shining with suspicion. She couldn’t help but ask, “The Power of Time. Could this be part of his Ancient Bloodline as well?”

This was indeed the Power of Time that came from the Bronze Tripod of the Nine Dragons. Earlier, under the influence of the Wisest Milky Way Formation, his eyes had experienced a slight recovery, which had allowed him to release the pupil technique that had long been suppressed. Currently, although he was originally able to speed up time by about three times, he was limited to only twice the speed.

“The Power of Time? This young fellow is certainly strange. However, that recent feat seemed to be a bit of a struggle for him. As such, it is unlikely that he could avoid the next attack. After all, the Divine Decree only gets stronger as one progresses. The sixth track will very likely be his limit.” Bai Yijian did not expect much from Su Yu, as he was familiar with the place.

Right then, the star on the six track headed towards them. Su Yu and Xia Jingyu’s facial expressions changed slightly, then Su Yu activated his Power of Time to speed up his movement.

However, just as they were prepared to cross over, something strange happened! The five stars from the previous tracks suddenly surrounded Su Yu and Xia Jingyu, holding them captive in the center. They saw no escape in sight!

“The tracks towards the end are a combination of the tracks before them, each one being stronger than the previous one. Apart from the weak fractures that appear occasionally, no one can cross over, at least not by just relying just on their own Divine Decree.” Bai Yijian sighed. “How unfortunate. It must be incredibly difficult to make it to the sixth track”

However, as soon as he spoke, a sound of air being sucked in was suddenly heard…