The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 549

Chapter 549 Dragon Vein Of The Real Spirit

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Shangguan Qinger could not take her eyes off of Su Yu, as her pupils were filled with unimaginable surprise. All she could see was that Su Yu, who was surrounded by multiple stars, suddenly beamed a divine light from his eyes.

The divine light was like the Heavenly Eyes that overlooked the masses and controlled the life and death of all beings. The stateliness of the divine light was irresistible, like heaven itself!

Shangguan Qinger suddenly felt uncomfortable. She knew that this stateliness did not belong to a human. Instead, it was the unpredictable Heavenly Wrath!

Wherever the Divine Heavenly Light passed through, the stars and constellations soon became disorganized and the tracks collapsed. This occurred not only on the sixth track, but even on the seventh, the eighth, the ninth, as well as among all the stars and constellations! Even the Milky Way itself was thrown into the chaos!

The Ghost King, Zhou Jin, and Bai Zhe, who were still holding their ground in the Milky Way, could not respond in time and were all drawn further in to the Milky Way.


Zhou Jin was the least fortunate of the trio, as when it happened, he was in the midst of entering the third track, so he just narrowly missed colliding against a star! This was because he had not expected the star to be suddenly drawn in the opposite direction!

This time, unlike previously, when it had only meant to prevent entry but not damage the intruder, the star had collided against him forcefully! Under the star’s enormous might, his Protective Vital Energy was instantly crushed.

His chest collapsed under the pressure and his broken ribs pierced through his flesh at the front of his chest. Moreover, his entire body was pushed into the deep end of the Milky Way. The pain felt worse than death itself!

The facial expressions of the Ghost King and Bai Zhe changed drastically as they looked at the Milky Way that was drawing everything inwards. As they were positioned at the outer layer, where less stars existed, they were able to observe the entire situation, despite also being drawn into the Milky Way.

They both exhibited the same look of shock, as the entire Milky Way seemed to be engulfed in a vortex that would not stop moving! At the center of the vortex, a young man with silver hair was holding a lady’s hand. They both were standing quietly at the center.

All of the stars seemed to move in a circle around the man, as if he was the king of the realm. Under the shell-shocked gazes of onlookers, Su Yu calmly pulled Xia Jingyu along, as he took a step forward.

As he stepped forward, the entire Milky Way forcefully tugged itself along. The huge and violent vortex seemed to move with his footsteps. To be more accurate, wherever his foott landed seemed to be the new center of the Milky Way.

In that manner, Su Yu moved one step at a time towards the depths of the Milky Way. Within a few seconds, they appeared at the most central area of the Milky Way, the ninth track.

Bai Yijian had a stern look on his face. He looked at the silver-haired silhouette in disbelief, his heart uneasy. “The Pure Divine Decree! He is so young though! Is this even possible?”

Shangguan Qinger’s eyes shone with a strange brightness. This was the first time she noticed that Su Yu seemed to be extraordinarily bigger in size.

Even in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands, only the old beasts, who had lived countless years, would have had the time to grasp the Pure Divine Decree! It was unimaginable for this kind of Divine Decree to appear on such a young person!

Shangguan Qinger was surprised at first. However, she soon became deep in thought…

What kind of Ancient Bloodline does he have? Being able to absorb contaminated energy, controlling time, and now the ability of the Pure Divine Decree

For the first time, Shangguan Qinger felt suspicious about Su Yu’s status. It was not that his Ancient Bloodline was too weak. Instead, his prowess seemed far too strong, which did not resemble that of the Ancient Bloodline.

Su Yu was using the Heavenly Eyes, which he had mastered. Hence, under absolute suppression, the tracks of the Divine Decree naturally collapsed.

As Xia Jingyu quietly followed behind Su Yu, she could not help but smile slightly. Ever since they had first met, regardless of the time and place, Su Yu was always her last line of defense. He always helped her escape from dangerous situations and kept her safe.

From the beginning to the end, no matter how strong she became, this man would always be stronger than her.As such, at least in this world, it seemed that he was the only man who could give her a sense of calmness and security.

As the two stood at the center of the Milky Way, Su Yu looked strangely at Xia Jingyu, who was laughing gently for no reason. He then asked her, “What is so funny? I thought you would be surprised.”

In terms of comprehensive attainments, Su Yu only exceeded Xia Jingyu in the aspect of the Divine Decree.

Hearing what he said, Xia Jingyu laughed like a flower that had just blossomed. She then replied, “I would not be surprised, no matter how strong Brother Yu grows in training. After all, you are Su Yu!”

Su Yu gave a soft smile and continued to focus on the center of the Milky Way. Everything in the Milky Way had been drawn in by the force around him. The only object that did not budge was one huge star.

This mysterious part of the Milky Way had never been entered by the descendants of the guards. Throughout the generations, they had only managed to step onto the eighth track, never onto the ninth track.

“Jingyu, what did the Real Spirit that you mentioned look like?” Su Yu asked, while he used his Soul Eyes to scan the star.

Xia Jingyu shook her head gently. “I do not know! It was moving too fast! None of us saw it clearly. Only when Shangguan Qinger confirmed that it was the Real Spirit did we know what had attacked you!”

Su Yu touched his chin, his face revealing a strange look.

“Brother Yu, did you detect the Real Spirit?” Xia Jingyu’s eyes shone excitedly.

Su Yu thought deeply, then he shook his head. “That is what I find strange. All of you had seen the Real Spirit escape into the Milky Way. However, there is no such spirit in this place.”

“How could that be?” Xia Jingyu frowned, deep in thought. “That cannot be the case. I would understand if I was the only person who saw it mistakenly, but everyone saw it with their own eyes! It really did hide itself in the center of the Milky Way.”

“Could it have mastered the space escaping techniques, thus escaping right before our eyes?” As Xia Jingyu could not understand it, she was deeply disappointed.

However, Su Yu’s face showed no signs of disappointment whatsoever. In fact, he could not help but show his excitement. “We have not wasted our efforts. The materials contained in this star are priceless beyond measure!”

With a zoom sound, Su Yu grabbed Xia Jingyu and landed on the star. The star was frighteningly tough. Even with both Su Yu and Xia Jingyu stepping on it, it showed no signs of vibration. This alone revealed how greatly concentrated it was!

However, he did not have time to examine this strange star, so he quickly moved to the stone platform on the star. The stone platform was covered in dust.

He also saw that there were three black steel boxes on the stone platform, each shining with a bright black light! Every single one of them looked brand new and were untainted by a single speck of dust!

Upon closer inspection, the black steel boxes seemed to emanate a layer of black light, which appeared to be what was keeping the dust away. These black boxes seemed vaguely familiar to Su Yu…

At the bottom of the lava pool of the Legacy of Craftsmanship, there had been one similar-looking black steel box. Su Yu had obtained it from within the Mysterious Heavenly Crafting Technique and the remnant volume of the Fairy level cultivation technique, the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture!

The black steel box itself was certainly a treasure that contained its own great worth. However, the contents within it were far more precious!

“The box in the middle contains something that is thunder-based, which belongs to me. Of the remaining two boxes, you can choose one. We can split the loot in the final box equally between us.” Su Yu’s eyes contained great excitement.

Although his Soul Eyes could not see into the black box, the prototype fairy artifact Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal in his arms could sense with certainty what was inside it! The Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal only sensed one thing, which was the disastrous thunder!

Apparently, it became stronger by absorbing disastrous thunder! This was the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal!

The black box actually contained disastrous thunder! In fact, for Tian Jizi to intentionally leave it behind on the final star, it must be something extraordinary!

“I will listen to Brother Yu.” Xia Jingyu’s beautiful pupils shone brightly. Her arrival thus far had depended entirely on Su Yu. So, her getting an equal split of the loot left her feeling very grateful.

Su Yu took a breath in an attempt to absorb the black box, as he intended to open it later when he had more time. However, he discovered that the box was extremely heavy, much heavier than the black box at the bottom of the lava pool! As such, there was no way that he could absorb it into his ring.

The only option left was to open it on the spot. As the place was not far from the shore, the others could see what was inside the box if they looked very carefully. This was something that Su Yu wanted to avoid.

Feeling a tug in his heart, Su Yu carefully used his spirit energy to open the lock of the black steel box.


Immediately, as it opened, a stream of black lightning suddenly shot out from within the box, then headed straight for Su Yu. It was black thunder!

Black thunder was very different from ordinary thunder. Its appearance was not accompanied by any sound or motion, which was very unlike normal thunders that gave off loud and explosive sounds.

Su Yu felt a chill run down his spine and his heart was beating wildly. In that instance, Su Yu felt like a candle that was about to burn out.

Sensing that Su Yu and Xia Jingyu were retrieving the Legacy in this place, Bai Yijian and Shangguan Qinger suddenly sharpened their gazes, looking on with anticipation.

After the appearance of the black thunder, the two’s looks of anticipation suddenly changed drastically. It was like they had just witnessed an extremely frightening devil’s emergence. They both took a step backwards immediately.

Shangguan Qinger shouted in surprise, “That Black Heavenly Thunder would only appear if one had robbed the Beast of All Creations!”

Her tone was a mix of surprise and indescribable fear.

Su Yu was equally surprised, as the black thunder had come in such a frightening manner! Without even thinking about it, Su Yu prepared himself to move aside.

As he did so, the thunder barely missed him! What happened next would make anyone shiver in fear…

The black thunder headed towards the distance. On its way, anything that came into contact with it instantly turned into black dust and drifted away!

The stars in this place were obviously so strong, even the descendants of the guards, who had tried for hundreds of years, could not manage to destroy a single one of them! However, this stream of black thunder was able to turn those stars into dust effortlessly!

One could not help but take a deep breath upon seeing this phenomenon! The stream of black thunder seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. One had to wonder if it could also turn people into dust!

Everyone present was surprised for a moment. Their attentions soon focused on what was inside the black steel box. As they looked on, a circular mass of black threads, like the silk from silkworms, suddenly formed. The black mass of threads was obviously where the black disastrous thunder had originated.

Bai Yijian seemed to exhibit an insane look of happiness. “It is the Dragon Vein! It is the Real Dragon Spirit’s Dragon Vein!”

The Real Dragon Spirit? Su Yu was secretly surprised as well!

“This Elderly Beast of All Creations had once travelled with another Beast of All Creations, who was his friend. In an ancient relic, they discovered the Corpse of the Real Dragon Spirit, which had never deteriorated. This Dragon Vein was obtained from the Corpse of the Real Dragon Spirit!” Bai Yijian was beyond happy.