The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 55

Chapter 55: That Fight Which Made Him Famous

If the First Prince knew that Su Yu had frightening potential as well as a determined nature, he would not have touched the Duke of Xianyu at all!

Since there was no changing the past, however, the First Prince had no escape from Su Yu's wrath.

The hatred between Su Yu and him was extremely deepit was impossible to resolve.

On that day, Su Yu had made an oath that, if he did not kill the First Prince, he would forever be unmanned. Heaven, Earth, sun, and moon bore witness to that oath. To date, that oath reverberated in the First Prince's heart.

He only had one plan; he had to prevent Su Yu from getting into top ten. If he failed, the consequences would be disastrous!

"Du Yuntian, if you are to duel with Su Yu, don't hold back and don't let him survive! Who cares about offending the Sanctuary?!" The First Prince's heart was filled with murderous intent.

Du Yuntian frowned and nodded his head slowly; "Understood. The day of our duel will be the day he dies!"

Even though killing another martial artist was strictly prohibited at the Holy Meet, Du Yuntian was the most outstanding genius. Moreover, the Fiery Minister was his future master; if he used an accident as an excuse for killing Su Yu, who would dare to investigate the matter?

The Third Prince's gloomy eyes suddenly brightened with surprise; "Lin Xiao, what is the meaning of this?"

When Su Yu fought with Lin Xiao, Tempest was not nearly as powerful.

Lin Xiao was dumbstruckhe also found it hard to believe; "Could it be that Su Yu held back when he first used Tempest?"

The Third Prince's miserable heart suddenly felt a gleam of hope. What if Su Yu

The Third Prince pulled himself up and fixed his eyes upon Su Yu.

In the arena, Chong Nanfei became more surprised as he fought.

That match had been going for three hours; even with his high level of stamina, Chong Nanfei gradually began to feel tired.

Su Yu, however, skipped and jumped across the arena. He was more energetic than Chong Nanfei!

Is this kid some kind of demon beast reincarnated? Why is his body so strange? Chong Nanfei was in low spirits.

Suddenly, Su Yu froze.

His body was covered by cold mist. Life wrapped around his heart and promptly shattered into a wave of rejuvenating exhilaration.


Suddenly, Su Yu was awake and alertfree from the trance of comprehension. He opened his eyes, and the ground below his feet gave off a tittering sound as it was frozen by the cold air Su Yu's body emitted.

Su Yu's body was covered in an aura more powerful than he had ever previously felt.

Su Yu raised his eyes, looked at Chong Nanfei, and thanked him; "Thank You, Brother Chong, for granting my wish."

Chong Nanfei laughed as anger boiled in his heart; "You used me as a whetstone! What a guy! If this is the case, then I will not hold back anymore!"

As the Demon King, it was impossible for Chong Nanfei to have only comprehended one medium level cultivation technique of Stage Three Upper Classhe defintely had something else up his sleeve.

"Be careful, the next move will be the unique move which made me famous!" Chong Nanfei had a solemn and quiet expression-- he was truly serious.

"Heavenly Sword Finger!" Chong Nanfei roared.

Both his fingers became a streamlined sword, long enough to pierce the clouds!

The air cracked and whimpered, almost as if it could not stand the power of the sword!

The Fiery Minister dipped his chin; "That is an advanced level cultivation technique at Stage One Upper Tier, which is stronger than Dong Lin's advanced level cultivation technique, which is at Stage One Lower Tier."

Among the thirteen inspectors, the inspector of the martial arts training institute from Jiuchuan prefecture felt completely at ease and full of pride.

In order to be considered the Demon King, there had to be something special about Chong Nanfei.

Su Yu smiled. Instead of fear, he felt delighted.


His kick opened the door to a furious winter wasteland. Cold wind billowed out in all directions as snowflakes swallowed the world. A charming snowstorm wrapped around Su Yu, lowering visibility.

The windstorm containing ice and snow became a snowstorm that befell the world!

There was loud clamoring all around.

Amidst the snowstorm, a faint noise like a wind's howl was heardit caused the audience to tremble!

Half the arena was completely covered by the snowstorm, freezing all of Earth's living things!

The Fiery Minister was indifferent; "He has managed to comprehend a medium level cultivation technique to Top Class on the spot. His level of comprehension is still acceptable."

The twelve inspectors were astonished.

Only Fang Yun was drenched in cold sweat. He was also filled with remorse; he should have killed Su Yu back at the martial arts training institute.

If the Fiery Minister found out about Su Yu's background, wouldn't he be in trouble?

The First Prince's face was pinched seriously; "Du Yuntian, how certain are you that you can kill Su Yu?"

Du Yuntian's eyes were indifferent; "I can kill him with one swing of my sword!"

In the arena, the fight carried on.

Chong Nanfei's sword finger and Su Yu's fistfinally at Top Class levelcollided!

Rumble, bang, bang


Chong Nanfei groaned. His body was covered with a shining white layer of ice and frost, and he retreated about ten steps.

Su Yu remained inside the snowstorm, though he also retreated by about ten steps.

This match was a tie!

Su Yu actually tied with the Demon King!

"How is this possible? Su Yu was incomparable to me; how is it possible to for him to tie with Chong Nanfei?" Dong Lin covered the bloody wound on his chest, and his indifferent eyes filled with disbelieve.

Zheng Yilin's eyes became gloomy. He had not considered Su Yu a worthy opponent until the current moment!

The Third Prince's eyes lit up again, brighter than when he was watching Dong Lin!

To a certain degree, Su Yu was stronger Dong Lin!

Chong Nanfei's expression turned grave. His advanced level cultivation technique had actually been negated by a medium level cultivation technique!

The Fiery Minister was still indifferent; "Although Chong Nanfei managed to achieve an advanced level cultivation technique, it still lacked some comprehension. As for Su Yu's medium level cultivation technique, which achieved Top Class, it was comprehended deeply and combined with his extraordinary bodyit makes sense that he was able to tie with Chong Nanfei."

Chong Nanfei's weakness was revealed in this matchhe was an overachiever with little restraint.

Even though he had not achieved Top Class for his medium level cultivation technique, he had started to comprehend an advanced level cultivation technique. Though he managed to hone both techniques to the best of his abilities, he still only tied with Su Yu.

"I admit defeat." Chong Nanfei walked down the arena directly. Even though his realm and cultivation technique was superior to Su Yu's, they had tied. Though there was no obvious winner, Su Yu had only gained notorietywhile Chong Nanfei had surely lost some of his prestige.

"Thank you, Brother Chong, for granting my wish." Su Yu cupped his fists in gratitude.

Chong Nanfei glared at him darkly; "It's too early for you to be happy. During the Ten Great Contest, later on, I will regain my composure and duel with you again."

With Chong Nanfei's abilities, it was not difficult for him to get into the top ten. Losing one match would not cause him to lose his right to the top ten; he still had the chance to fight his way into the top ten.

"Number nine, Su Yu, wins!" the referee declared with admiration. Su Yu's victory left no question regarding his right to a place in the top ten.

Many assumed Su Yu was destined to be a Sanctuary disciple as well, now.

If Su Yu gave up on his revengeeven if he gave up and surrendered at the final Ten Great Ranking Competitionhe would still be one of the Ten Great Holy Talents. That alone would earn him the right to enter the Sanctuarythe Holy Land which hundreds of millions of martial artists wished to enter. As a result, he would definitely become an extremely strong martial artist one day.

However, if Su Yu did not kill the First Prince, he would never be a true man.

Since the opportunity was currently within reach, he was impatient. He would attain the first position and kill the First Prince!

The victorious feeling in the First Prince's heart had shattered a long time ago. Now, he felt concerned.

Even if Su Yu gave up and refused to fight, even if he postponed his revenge, Su Yu would still be granted entry into the Sanctuary. Once Su Yu entered the Sanctuary to train, he would become extremely powerfulhow would the First Prince be able to defend himself against Su Yu then? Right now, in his current state, Su Yu was predictable enough; but, after training at the Sanctuary, it would be impossibly hard to guard against any assassination attempts on behalf of Su Yu.

If Su Yu entered the Sanctuary, the First Princemonarch or notwould never live in peace again.

"No! He must have a duel with Du Yuntian! He must die before he gets the chance to enter the Sanctuary! But how can I force Su Yu to duel with Du Yuntian?" the First Prince's eyes gradually narrowed, and a cold light flashed through his gaze.

"Doesn't he hate me? Then I shall let him hate me even more so that he will become even more desperate to attain the first position in order to have me killed. That way, he would definitely have to duel with Du Yuntian!" an evil smile appeared on the First Prince's face.

He immediately gave an order and a reminder; his trusted subordinate immediately ran off to somewhere.

After half a day, one of the Third Prince's trusted subordinates secretly gave Lin Xiao a scrap of paper.

After Lin Xiao saw the paper, he was terrified; he hurriedly passed the paper to the Third Prince.

After looking at the paper, the Third Prince's expression changed, his face filled with anger; "He! How could he do this!"

On the paper, there was only one sentence; "The Duke of Xianyu's execution shall be pushed forward to tonight!"

This information had been secretly passed to the Third Prince by a spy that the Third Prince had planted in Heaven's Prison.

Lin Xiao was furious; "The First Prince must have felt threatened by Su Yu, so he made up his mind to push forward the Duke of Xianyu's execution so that he would no longer have to worry about any more trouble!"

At that moment, the duel to get into the top ten ended. The ten Holy Talents who won returned back to the battle preparation area while the audience's envious eyes stared at them.

They had half an hour to rest, and then the final competition would be held!

Su Yu returned to the Third Prince's side. He noticed a subtly sympathetic expression on the Third Prince's face. Lin Xiao hung his head low did not dare to look at Su Yu.

Something bad had happened. "Third Prince, did something happen?" Su Yu asked softly.

The Third Prince hesitated for a moment. "Su Yu, I hope that after listening, you will remain calm and not be agitated." He said, finally.

"The Duke of Xianyu He might be executed tonight," the Third Prince could not conceal the truth.

The First Prince had secretly arrested the Duke of Xianyu, who was critically ill, and took over the court administration. Even though the Third Prince wished to save the Duke of Xianyu, he was unable to do so.

Normally, the imperial court would execute a criminal at noon. However, the Duke of Xianyu was going to be executed that night, which showed how quickly the First Prince managed things.

"What?" Su Yu felt as though he had suffered a huge blow. He immediately felt like the world was spinning; as if Heaven and Earth had inverted.

The Duke of Xianyu is going to be executed?

Ever since Su Yu found out the Duke of Xianyu was alive, his frozen heart had gradually warmed with hope.

However, the Duke of Xianyu was going to be executed that night?

The abrupt news dealt a huge blow to Su Yu's heart.

According to the plan, Su Yu would attain the Holy Crownthis would allow him to kill the First Prince just in time to achieve justice for the Duke of Xianyu.

The sudden rescheduling had disrupted Su Yu's plans, though!

Father-in-law... He is going to be executed tonight? The thought caused Su Yu's heart to quiver!

"Su Yu! Pull yourself together!" The First Prince muttered. This caused Su Yu to remember something as he was quivered.

Su Yu's pupils regained their energy and vitality as his body emitted an extraordinary coldness which sent a chill down people's bodies.

"First Prince!" Su Yu's eyes overflowed with murderous intent, all directed at the First Prince.

With an indifferent grin, the First Prince remained calm and composed as he ignored Su Yu's murderous glare.


A few shadows stood by the side of the First Prince.

They were the First Prince's bodyguards, all at Level Sixthere were three of them.

Du Yuntian went to the First Prince's side and he cast a contemptuous glance at Su Yu; "If you wish to die, I can grant that wish!"

As the First Prince hid under the protection of the audience, he was carefree and content. Once in a while, he would sneer at Su Yu as if to say, what can you do to me?

As the future monarch, the number of strong martial artists by his side was comparable to the number of clouds in the sky. Su Yu could only submit to him!

Su Yu did his best to keep his mind from exploding. He tried to remain composed, suppressing the idea of mutual destruction!

His senses managed to suppress his heart, which was full of hatred.

If he made a move then, it would be equivalent to showing disrespect towards the Holy Meet. Even if the First Prince and his people did not do anything, the people from the Sanctuary would also kill Su Yu on the spot!

Su Yu took a few deep breaths; his chest expanded and fell deeply. His heart was filled with immeasurable anger and murderous intent.

He recalled that day, where, in order to save him and Xianer, the Duke of Xianyu sacrificed himself and was engulfed by the raging flames. Su Yu remembered the Duke of Xianyu's devastated cry before he was engulfedthe sound reverberated in Su Yu's heart.

Su Yu's eyes were filled with grief and indignation.

Su Yu would not allow a similarly tragic event to happen again!