The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 550

Chapter 550 The Pink Kylin

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Bai Yijian seemed to have completely forgotten the fact that Su Yu was the one who had discovered the Dragon Vein. According to his plan, every treasure discovered in this place would eventually be his alone.

Now that the Dragon Vein was in the picture, he would never let Su Yu off the hook, even if Shangguan Qinger tried to intervene.

The Dragon Vein? Su Yu secretly trembled.

As it was loot from the Real Dragon Spirit, could the Dragon Vein actually emanate the frightening Black Heavenly Thunder?

Based on the Thunder Emperor’s Nine Books about a heavily injured Real Spirit, the myth that it had easily killed multiple strong Beasts of All Creations definitely appeared to be true! Looking at the Dragon Vein that had just appeared, Su Yu’s eyes filled with a certain warmth.

The value of this treasure is beyond measure!

Su Yu absorbed the Dragon Vein into his palms. It felt soft and cool against his touch, almost like the soft fingers of a woman. It was not as frightening as he had imagined it would be, despite the fact that it had earlier released a thread of Black Heavenly Thunder.

He was not aware that the Dragon Vein had been modified by Tian Jizi. If it had not been, its spiritual pressure would have turned anyone who touched it into dust!

As for the stream of Black Heavenly Thunder, it had gradually been released after years of being sealed up. As such, since it was not emitting at a rapid pace, It could be said that the Dragon Vein was now completely safe to hold.

As he held the Dragon Vein in his hand, Su Yu suddenly felt like he was being transported back in time to his first encounter with martial arts. This filled his heart with nostalgia.

Hence, he had encountered a familiar weapon and a familiar feeling, the only difference between them being the place and time. Compared to the Entwined Dragon Silk that he once held, the thin silk before his eyes was real Dragon Silk!

The only thing he regretted was that everyone present had seen the treasure. This made Su Yu worried that he would face a great tragedy if he were to enter Jiuzhou.

After all, this was a grand material that even the Beasts of All Creations wished for, but could not possess. The peril that accompanied the possession of the treasure made Su Yu’s heart sink slightly.

“Brother Yu” Xia Jingyu, seeming to understand the circumstance that had befallen Su Y, sighed softly at the complicated situation. “Why don’t you follow me to meet with the King of Darkness once we return? He is the only person who could protect us in the Zhenlong Continent.”

The King of Darkness was the strongest individual in the Zhenlong Continent. In fact, he was the first king to set up the Empire of Darkness.


“Unless the King has the cultivation of a Divine Master, I will have to think of something else,” Su Yu said in a deep tone.

Xia Jingyu agreed, silently thinking… The King of the Zhenlong Continent could indeed protect us there, but in Jiuzhou

“Which black steel box do you want?” Su Yu asked.

Recollecting herself, Xia Jingyu hesitated for a moment. She then closed her beautiful eyes to silently sense her surroundings. A split second later, her gaze landed on the black steel box on her left.

She then pointed at the box and said, “This one. When we were among the stars, I could comprehend the Divine Decree of the tracks left by the Elderly Beast. My instincts tell me that this box could be related to the Divine Decree.”

Hearing this, Su Yu sucked in his breath secretly. Her level of comprehension was as terrifying as ever!

The descendants of the guards had been in this land for countless years. The entire tribe had participated in the comprehension of the Divine Decree, yet none of them had ever been able to comprehend the Divine Decree left by the Beasts of All Creations.

Xia Jingyu, on the other hand, was able to comprehend it with such ease! As she tapped it gently with her hand, the black steel box popped open. When it opened, a common-looking jade letter could be seen within it.

Bai Yijian frowned. “The Memory Jade Pendant. Could there be some memory contained within it?”

Shangguan Qinger commented, “She does not seem to have very good luck, as she appears to be getting the least important stuff.”

The jade letter was certainly not as shocking as the Dragon Vein. Xia Jingyu held it to her forehead. After several moments, her pupils shone brightly with joy.

She then said, “Brother Yu, this is the Divine Decree of the tracks left by the Elderly Beast! It could not have been more perfect for me!” Xia Jingyu’s face beamed with joy.

Su Yu lifted his shoulders slightly. The object was certainly better suited to Xia Jingyu’s inhuman level of comprehension than any other treasure. He did not doubt, even slightly, that Xia Jingyu would soon be able to have control over the entire Divine Decree of the Beasts of All Creations.

“Congratulations, Jingyu.” Su Yu was happy for her from the bottom of his heart. After all, Xia Jingyu had helped him tremendously, so Su Yu felt good about being able to make her happy.

“There is one last box left. Let us open it together,” Su Yu said.

Xia Jingyu nodded agreeably, then helped Su Yu to open the final black steel box.


Together, they opened the black steel box. Bai Yijian and Shangguan Qinger focused their laser-like gazes on the black steel box. They would not even blink their eyes.

What would the final black box contain?

They were not the only ones who were curious. The Ghost King and Bai Zhe also locked their gazes upon the final black steel box!

The moment the black box was opened, a ball of pink mist suddenly sped out from within it! There was a live spirit that was about the size of a palm within the pink mist, which came rushing out with the ball of mist.

It had such a shocking speed, it was almost as fast as light! By the time that Su Yu sensed that something was amiss, the pink live spirit had already escaped from his side.

He suddenly realized that his hands were empty. The Dragon Vein that he had justbeen holding had been snatched away!

Su Yu was very surprised. Bai Yijian was also stunned.

“It is the Real Spirit! It had hidden itself in that black steel box!” Shangguan Qinger shouted loudly. Her pupils were shining with a bright light, and she seemed exceedingly excited.

“A Real Spirit!” Bai Yijian repeated, while sucking in a deep breath. A scary bright light instantly shot out from his eyes.


His white silhouette flashed, as he ignored the chaotic Milky Way and forced his way inwards. He shouted with a murderous tone, “This Real Spirit belongs to us, the descendants of the guards. Anyone who tries to snatch it from us will be killed immediately!”

The appearance of the object had caused Bai Yijian to completely lose his composure. After all, it was a Real Spirit. It was no wonder he could not remain calm!

“Hmph! You must be joking. You didn’t even know about the existence of the Real Spirit. How could you say that it belongs to the descendants of the guards? I will claim this Real Spirit on behalf of the Red Blood Palace!” Shangguan Qinger shouted coolly, as she entered the Milky Way in a flash.

“You are seeking death!” Bai Yijian’s eyes turned murderously cold. He then flung out a beam of light.

Shangguan Qinger was not afraid at all, facing it without hesitation and continuing in close pursuit. She did not waver at all.

With both Fairies in fierce combat with one another, the already chaotic constellations of stars became even more disordered. All the stars in the constellations were moving about in a disorganized manner. Clearly, the Divine Decree of the tracks had completely disappeared.

Bai Qi’s eyes shone with a surprisingly bright light. He also projected a beam of excitement and, amidst the chaos in the Milky Way that had caused the tracks of Divine Decree to disappear, rushed towards the Real Spirit!

“You are also seeking death!” Bai Yijian’s eyes beamed in all four directions. From beneath his white robe, he roared loudly and angrily.

His voice contained the sheer might of a Strong Fairy. It was loud enough to hurt the eardrums of everyone around, and even caused their souls to be completely shaken up!

“Hmph. It is a spiritual being that belongs to heaven and earth. Anyone with the right morals could possess it. Might Your Excellency be too overbearing?” Bai Qi shuddered, his face showing signs of coldness.

Bai Yijian thought nothing of him, answering Bai Qi with a single phrase. “Get lost!”

As he was speaking, his speed suddenly increased significantly. He then rushed towards the Real Spirit.

Shangguan Qinger’s facial expression changed at this moment. Sensing the urgency of the situation, she tossed a silvery white chain from her sleeves towards Bai Yijian, which tangled itself around his ankle.

Then, with the flip of her wrist, something odd happened. She had switched positions with Bai Yijian!

She now appeared where Bai Yijian had been previously located, while Bai Yijian appeared at a place further behind her! The chain had the shocking ability of enabling its bearer to switch spaces!

Bai Yijian became greatly angered. In a swift motion, he retrieved the thin long blade behind him and took a swing. After a brief clanging sound, the silver chain was instantly sliced into half! Just like that, a treasure that was not beneath the level of a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact had been broken in half!

Shangguan Qinger sighed in frustration. She felt as if she had been dragged into this ordeal unnecessarily. However, the sacrifice was still worth it, as she would now be able to reach the pink mist much faster than Bai Yijian!

After a rustling sound, she tossed out another silver chain from her other sleeve. The hoop on the chain encircled the pink mist, trapping The Real Spirit inside.

The whole process, from when the Real Spirit first appeared to when everyone fought against each other, took less than the time needed to start a fire. And, the person who seemed to have the last laugh was Shangguan Qinger!

However, before Shangguan Qinger had time to show her excitement, her face dropped. When the silver chain contracted, it moved right through the pink mist. There was nothing inside!


Right then, at the end of the silver chain, a flash of pink light suddenly appeared. A pink live spirit the size of a palm had appeared above the chain!

It was a beautiful live spirit that was covered in pink from head to toe. It looked almost like a kylin.

It had a pair of pink kylin horns, big dreamy purple eyes, a body full of chalky colored scales and a small tail that resembled flames. At first glance, it did not look anything like a live spirit. It was more like a chalk-colored jade sculpture that was exquisitely beautiful.

At that moment, the four hooves of the little chalk-colored kylin were stepping on the silver chain. Its purple eyes gave out a look of ridicule, almost as if it were looking down upon Shangguan Qinger and Bai Yijian.

Thereafter, lifting its neck and waving its tail, it turned into a cloud of mist and took off. Bai Yijian’s face showed a look of joy, whereas Shangguan Qinger felt deeply embarrassed. After all, she was being looked down upon by a little Real Spirit!

Holding their breaths, Shangguan Qinger and Bai Yijian began to chase after the kylin. In that manner, two Fairies started chasing after the Real Spirit in a frenzy, trying to use whatever method they could to capture it.

However, the kylin behaved very strangely. Whenever it was caught, it would immediately appear somewhere else. It was almost like Instant Space Motion, only it was not.

As Su Yu looked on, he became secretly surprised! It was not Instant Space Motion, but was actually the Void Transformation! Whenever it was caught, the little kylin’s body could transform from physical matter into the void status, almost like a soul’s existence.

Therefore, no matter what Bai Yijian and Shangguan Qinger tried to do, they could not achieve anything with their attempts to capture the little kylin. After several rounds of being chased, the little kylin extended its neck again, then returned nonchalantly to the center of the Milky Way, which just happened to be where the star was that Su Yu was located on!

In fact, the kylin stood on the three black steel boxes as if nobody were around. It then opened its mouth and started sucking inwards with a mighty force! As it did so, the three black steel boxes were engulfed in the force and became smaller and smaller. They finally became the size of pebbles and were absorbed into the stomach of the little kylin.

Apparently, there was another space of Qian Kun in this little kylin’s body! The Dragon Vein must have been absorbed into the little kylin’s stomach!

Right then, the little kylin continued to ignore the people around it, while it circled the star in the central area. It seemed to be considering whether or not it could swallow such a huge star!