The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 551

Chapter 551 The Final Legacy

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Su Yu’s pupils flashed, as the little kylin circled around the star once more, then bared its teeth at Su Yu and Xia Jingyu, who were both standing above the star. The kylin’s intention was to get them to move away, as it was about to start eating.

“Brother Yu, what should we do?” Xia Jingyu stared at the little kylin in an unfriendly manner. After all, it had snatched away Su Yu’s Dragon Vein!

Su Yu was silent for a while, deep in thought. He took a glance at the little kylin, tipped his toe, then took off into the air.

Xia Jingyu was unwilling to concede. However, she her allegiance still belonged to Su Yu, so she followed after him.

Once there was no one around, the little kylin shook its behind from side to side and stood up on its back hooves. It then rubbed its two front hooves together, which resembled human fists rubbing against one another, making it appear as if it was eager to try something new! It certainly had an unusually high Spiritual Intelligence!

In a swift motion, the little kylin opened its mouth, which suddenly began exerting a huge sucking force. A few hundred feet away, Su Yu felt a pulling sensation that seemed to be coming from a vortex. He immediately took a few steps backwards, followed by Xia Jingyu. Shangguan Qinger and Bai Yijian, who had been pursuing them, also stopped cautiously to observe.

“This is not a usual star! It is a star that was crafted from the bones of demonic beasts at the level of the Beasts of All Creations. As such, it is unbreakable and, most importantly, it weighs a ton! In fact, it was a treasure once used by the Beast of All Creations!” Xia Jingyu observed aloud.

Was this star a treasure that belonged to Tian Jizi?

At that moment, the entire star seemed not to budge despite, being sucked in by the mighty force. Then, the other stars around it seemed to be sucked in by the powerful influence of the force!

Soon after, the little kylin also sensed that something was amiss. Its purple eyes were glaring with anger at the star.

The pink scales on its body suddenly gave out a glow that looked like patterns on the surface of water. Its sucking power suddenly became twice as strong as before. Meanwhile, Su Yu and the rest involuntarily took a few more steps backwards, landing on the stairs.

The entire Milky Way, which seemed to be stirred by the sucking power, was being absorbed into the little kylin’s stomach at an alarming rate. However, the star in the middle seemed to not be affected at all.

This seemed to truly anger the little kylin, as its purple eyes were filled with flames of anger, and its entire body of pink scales began to transform itself into a weak purple glow!

The sucking power increased yet again, doubling its strength! Suddenly, the entire Milky Way was moving in the opposite direction, and all of the stars were sucked into the little kylin’s stomach. Being able to absorb the entire Milky Way was something that no one else had ever been able to accomplish!

Finally, the star in the middle started moving! The entire star shook lightly, finally seeming to loosen up! However, this only lasted for a few moments, after which, the star sank to the floor.

The little kylin sighed in pain, then stumbled backwards in the air. Even when it had used all its might, the little kylin was only able to slightly loosen the star in the middle.

Looking at the Milky Way’s current state, the stars within it were few and far in between. Moreover, they were all shattered and scattered around messily!

In fact, there were only one-tenth of the original number of stars left, as the rest had all been sucked into the little kylin’s stomach. The only thing that had not budged was the star in the center!

The little kylin became embarrassed and angry. In a leaping motion, it stamped onto the star. As it did so, its four tiny hooves landed on the star in a huff.

Then, the star in the center started vibrating heavily! The little kylin looked down, surprised and confused.

After a moment of vibration, a fracture had appeared in the center of the star! Once the fracture appeared, the entire Wisest Milky Way Formation suddenly stopped moving!

Bai Yijian’s eyes shone brightly. “It is a fracture! That is where we can enter the final place of Legacy of Materials from the Milky Way formation!” As he spoke, the little kylin had already made its way into the fracture.

“Chase after it!” Bai Yijian could not hide his excitement, as he entered the space, followed closely by Bai Zhe.

Swiftly following behind them were Bai Qi, Su Yu, and Xia Jingyu. Finally, Sheng Xuelian, who had been silent since the beginning, also chased after the rest.

Once he had passed through the fracture, Su Yu was met with a blinding brightness! There was a Great Bone Palace in the interior of the star!

The entire palace was made up of the Bai Gu of Demonic Beasts of All Creations, and it glowed with a soft and gentle jade light. In the center of the palace were two huge beast heads.

Although the beasts had been dead for a long time, their heads still emanated very strong and ferocious energies, which felt like a warning for people to stay away. Everyone was focused on the two round pearls that were positioned in the mouths of each of the beast heads.

One of the pearls was a splendid silvery white color, while the other was a darker shade of yellow. The two beast heads seemed to be in perfect symmetry, while the pearls seemed to be in direct contrast with each other.

Shangguan Qinger was shocked to the core. She could not stop from shouting out loud, “The Underworld Pearls of the Ghost World!”

Bai Yijian’s pupils contracted, his gaze locking onto the silver-colored pearl. He also seemed to be filled with excitement. It was almost as though he was already familiar with the object’s existence.

However, Su Yu really was familiar with the object! Hence, his eyes were filled with equal excitement!

If he was not mistaken, this was the pearl that was used to enhance the prototype lightning-based materials. It was the Desolate Sea Lost Pearl!

According to a myth, it was a teardrop from the heavens, which had an indescribable lightning-based element within it. In the Jiuzhou Continent, this was one of the best materials for refining fairy artifacts!

For a prototype fairy artifact, like the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal, this was the main material needed to enter the second phase of refinement! If the material could be incorporated into the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal, it was very likely to achieve the state of semi-manufactured fairy artifact!

Knowing this, Su Yu was very moved and excited! However, he suddenly noticed that there was a Bai Gu corpse that was lying in front of the beast’s head that was holding the Desolate Sea Lost Pearl.

The Bai Gu had long deteriorated. However, it still emanated a weak lightning force! Su Yu felt a tinge of familiarity, as he looked at the remains of the body.

“It is the Thunder Emperor!” Su Yu’s heart sank.

Su Yu had previously obtained the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal from a secret room at the Thunder Emperor Mountain. However, the remains of the Thunder Emperor had not been found there.

Su Yu had been very confused at the time. However, he had never expected that the Thunder Emperor’s remains would be found at the final place of Legacy!

How did he die? After all, the Thunder Emperor was such a strong Divine Master!

It is very odd that he would have died in this place!

Looking at the two frightening beast heads, Su Yu suddenly felt that something was amiss.

“Jingyu, we should leave!” Su Yu tugged at Xia Jingyu, then turned to escape! Since even the Almighty Divine Master could die in this place, the Great Bone Palace was definitely filled with danger!

Su Yu’s weird behavior caused everyone to turn to look at the remains of the body that he had just discovered.

“The remains of the Almighty Divine Master?” Shangguan Qinger immediately recognized what was before her, feeling her heart skip a beat. Of course, she did not believe the Almighty Divine Master’s death had been an accident!

She rolled her eyes, and in an instant, she decided to give up whatever she had previously been trying to accomplish here. After making this decision, she immediately fled!

This soon created a chain reaction. The Ghost King, who was initially staring at the Underworld Pearl with greed and excitement, abruptly made the decision to back off!

The only people who did not move were Bai Yijian and his son. In fact, Bai Yijian’s facial expression turned instantly into one of sarcasm.

“Don’t you think it’s too late to escape now?” Bai Yijian laughed coolly.

As soon as he spoke, the fracture closed suddenly with a loud bang! Su Yu had nearly been caught in between the gap!

His face darkened slightly, and without saying anything, he retrieved his small golden blade and hit it against the wall in front of him. The small golden blade easily sliced three inches deep into the wall, almost as if it was cutting into clay.

However, soon after, it felt like the small golden blade had come into contact with a very strong object. It gave out a metallic clanging sound, refusing to go any deeper!

Su Yu’s wrist shook slightly, as the small golden blade vibrated. The surrounding pieces of earth were instantly carved off, revealing the interior of the wall! It was a piece of bone from the Demonic Beasts of All Creations!

With the exit sealed up, the rest of the people suddenly felt uneasy. They started hitting against all four faces of the walls.

As the pieces of earth began to fall off, a despairing sight appeared. The place was covered entirely in bones from the Demonic Beasts of All Creations!

Not only were they unable to break through such a trap, even an Almighty Divine Master would not have been able to escape! The remains of the formerly trapped Thunder Emperor clearly spelled this out for everyone!

“Bai Yijian, is this a conspiracy of your doing?” Shangguan Qinger narrowed her eyes in suspicion.

“Hehe” Bai Yijian could not help but laugh coolly. “You are the ones who came here willingly. I certainly did not force you!”

“What are you trying to do? What is the point of trapping us here?” Shangguan Qinger’s Vital Energy was flaring up. She was prepared to fight at any moment.

Bai Yijian laughed even more deeply now. “Who said I wanted to trap you? Oh no, I want to end your lives! Only the blood essences of geniuses like you are able to move this star to unseal the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, so that we can then enter the boundless Jiuzhou Continent! We, the descendants of the guards, have waited for this day for far too long!”

Shangguan Qinger’s faced turned cold. “Hmph, not even the Beasts of All Creations could unseal the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. What makes you think that you will be able to unseal it, then leave this place?”

Bai Yijian continued to laugh. “Tian Jizi left behind quite a few good items, one of which is not only able to unseal the place, but it could even kill the Beasts of All Creations in an instant!”

Everyone’s faces suddenly became very serious. Shangguan Qinger then asked coolly, “In that case, do you think you and your son will be able to kill all of us?”

Bai Yijian laughed coolly. “It would not require both of us. My son alone could accomplish that!”

Thinking that Bai Zhe could really kill everyone else by himself sounded like a joke. However, no one had the heart to laugh at the moment.

Bai Zhe’s mouth perked up with a cool smile. “How unfortunate. I had initially wanted to enter this place by myself with the rest of you, then kill you with my own hands. I did not expect my father to be here as well! But, that is fine. I will still annihilate all of you!”

Bai Zhe suddenly turned ice cold. His intention to kill them all grew more and more apparent. His words were extraordinarily impactful!

From his words, Su Yu had learned a very shocking piece of news! The Almighty Divine Master Thunder Emperor had actually been killed by Bai Yijian!