The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 552

Chapter 552 The Epic Battle

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If she had not heard it with her own ears, she would not have believed it! Shangguan Qinger’s face suddenly became serious upon realizing that even the Almighty Divine Master could be killed!

What kind of mysterious force is at play here?

She suddenly felt unsettled. Something did not feel right.

“What are you trying to do? How would you benefit from killing us?” Shangguan Qinger did not notice that her tone had gotten softer and weaker.

Bai Yijian stood up. He laughed coolly, without saying anything.

Bai Zhe, on the other hand, beamed with excitement. Seeing how even a fairy like Shangguan Qinger felt fear in her heart, he was beyond happy.

He laughed wholeheartedly, then said, “We just told you. We will use your blood to uncover the treasure in this place, then unseal the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion!”

Su Yu’s eyes flashed brightly. Then, his sleeves suddenly emanated a bright light, as three small golden blades quickly disappeared into thin air.

As for Shangguan Qinger, although she seemed cautious and appeared to be inquiring seriously, she had actually already retrieved a jade pendant from her sleeves and looked ready to crush it open! Xia Jingyu’s hands also secretly changed formations, leaving her ready to strike at a moment’s notice.

Bai Yijian looked around him and frowned. “My son, Zhe, do what needs to be done immediately!”

Sensing the slight irritation from Bai Yijian, Bai Zhe immediately became serious. He took out a long black flute, which shined with an almost blinding light. It was like a black jade, shiny yet luxurious.

There were nine orifices on the body of the Black Jade Flute, which meant that it hadone extra orifice than a normal flute. This caused it to look extremely strange.

What was even more extraordinary, there was a carving of a grey bird on the Black Jade Flute. The bird looked very much alive, almost like it was about to take flight!

The emerald green eyes of the bird looked very much alive, as if the bird were staring right back at its observer. It looked very strange indeed!

“A middle-grade spiritual artifact!” Shangguan Qinger grew slightly anxious. She was not so much concerned with the Black Jade Flute itself, but with its appearance in this place.

Bai Zhe’s three Vital Energy Crystals started circulating, while all the Vital Energy in his body started condensing into a single flow. This flow which gradually rushed into the flute as he blew into it.

Once the Vital Energy had entered it, the Black Jade Flute glowed brightly. The dark-colored light began moving in all directions, like a stream of water. Simultaneously, a chilling, low note suddenly emanated from the Black Jade Flute.

Although Su Yu had only heard a single musical note. It was enough to make him shudder, the coldness spread throughout his body.

What surprised him the most was that, even his soul, which was as strong as a fairy, had signs of being affected. More importantly, he felt that his own life force had started flowing out as the note passed through his body! In that instant, Su Yu suddenly felt weak.

Xia Jingyu was very surprised. “There is such a strong scent of death! The musical note is terrifying!”

Su Yu’s heart sank even further, and he said in a low tone, “I am afraid its most terrifying aspect has yet to be revealed!”


Suddenly, with only the accompanying sound of the flute in the otherwise silent Great Bone Palace, a clear cracking sound passed through the air. It sounded like the wiggling of something huge that was rubbing against the surface of the floor.



The sound continued for several moments. The weird sound caused everyone to feel chills run down their spines!


A series of cracking sounds kept coming. Everyone present finally discovered where they sounds were coming from.

They locked their gazes on the beast’s head that had been holding the Underworld Pearl! Nobody had noticed when the two balls of jade green flames appeared in the eye sockets of the previously empty beast’s head!

Streams of chilly wind were now being slowly blown out from within it! The chilly wind was cold enough to send chills down a person’s spine.

The beast’s head began releasing an energy that seemed to be getting stronger. The threatening energy slowly flowed out from the interior of its bones. Just as everyone had sensed it, the huge and dangerous beast began to slowly awaken from its deep slumber!

“The beast is waking up!” Shangguan Qinger stared at the beast’s head coolly. She then said in a low tone, “That is the Underworld Pearl in its mouth. The Yin energy in the pearl is tremendous, and it is perfectly suited for souls to occupy! The remnant soul of this Divine Beast of All Creations has been resting within the Underworld Pearl! And now, it is being controlled by the Black Jade Flute!”

Hearing this, Su Yu and the rest felt their hearts skip a beat! It was no wonder that Bai Zhe felt so confident. This explained why even the Thunder Emperor had been murdered in this place!

Even if it were only the remnant soul, it would have a significant portion of the might of a Beast of All Creations. Moreover, the sheer might of the remnant soul would be equally threatening to a strong Divine Master.

As the energy released from the beast’s bones felt increasingly stronger, everyone suddenly felt a sense of despair in their hearts.

“Let’s strike now! We should not allow him to continue manipulating it!” Shangguan Qinger clicked her teeth together. Sensing the threat of death, she would no longer hold back!

Everyone felt a chill in their hearts. Once Bai Zhe managed to fully awaken the Divine Beast of All Creations, the only thing waiting for them would be certain death!

Bai Yijian laughed coolly. “Hmph, it is too late!”


A white shadow flashed all of a sudden. Bai Yijian suddenly appeared in front of Bai Zhe with a long sword in his arms. It turned into the Heaven Breaking Sword Energy as Bai Yijian took a swipe at the entire place!

A crescent-shaped Sword Energy that was as white as snow appeared. Then, the space cracked into pieces. It was almost like broken glass that had been shattered, causing everyone who had prepared to charge forward to frantically take a few steps back!

The Sword Energy had clearly come from a fairy, since it was even capable of shattering space! It was so shocking, even Shangguan Qinger changed her facial expression.

She then quickly shook her sleeves and tossed a Space Charm forwards. The charm exploded, then released an earthly yellow light, which slowly condensed and turned into a yellow turtle!

When the Sword Energy came into contact with the turtle, its body vibrated and seemed to easily withstand the Sword Energy. However, cracks started appearing on its body and, under the force of the remaining Sword Energy, it soon disintegrated into dust. Thus, a single person with a single sword was able to push back everyone!

“I will keep him occupied. The rest of you work together and kill Bai Zhe!” Shangguan Qinger’s eyes suddenly had a determined look. She shook her sleeves once again. This time, a golden puppet appeared!

The puppet looked similar to the one that she had used to pass through the stone statue forest. However, the difference was that, as soon as the puppet appeared this time, the entire space seemed to vibrate slightly!

Bai Yijian’s facial expression turned cold, as he felt his body tightening up. He said in a soft voice, “The puppet of the Divine Master level! The person behind your Beast of All Creations prepared some protective treasures for you!”

Hearing this, everyone present silently sighed in relief. It was a good thing that they also had a strong fairy, who was an unofficial disciple of a Beast of All Creations!

“You sought death on your own initiative. Do not blame me for not showing mercy!” Shangguan Qinger yelled coolly, then clasped her hands together.

As she did so, the golden puppet suddenly grew in size. In the blink of an eye, it had transformed into a golden giant!

In fact, it resembled a lady and was covered in black clothing from head-to-toe. Her face held a cold expression, her phoenix-like eyes seeming to contain an entire sky of stars.

An incomparable majestic aura seeped through the golden puppet and started to spread out. The air in the Great Bone Palace suddenly became condensed. Although it was clearly a puppet, everyone felt that the presence of an Almighty Divine Master had befallen the place!

Bai Yijian narrowed his pupils. Then, his eyes flashed as he attempted to strike first!

With a swing of his sword, a crescent-shaped energy blasted out in all four directions. The space was torn into pieces one inch at a time, appearing almost like the spreading of numerous spider webs.

Then, the torn space unexpectedly bounced back! However, the figure just kept glowing with a golden light, not seeming to be affected at all!

Conversely, the dissipation of the Sword Energy caused Bai Yijian to stumble backwards out of control, his eyes filled with surprise!

“It is over!” Shangguan Qinger glared coldly, as the golden puppet raised its arm, causing a bloody crescent moon to gradually appeared in its palm.

The bloody crescent moon slowly took shape. This made Bai Yijian fearful heart leap wildly!

He could feel that the soul in his body was about to be slashed apart! In fact, his instincts were telling him that this was a secret technique that could directly harm his soul!

“My son, Zhe, hurry up!” Bai Yijian grew worried and shouted. He then tossed his long sword towards the sky.

In an instant, the long sword divided itself into six parts. It had miraculously cloned itself into six equal parts!

Shangguan Qinger snorted as the bloody crescent moon disappeared into thin air.


All of a sudden, all six swords exploded! It could be seen that a small crescent moon had appeared in each of the six swords simultaneously, which had then caused the six swords to explode!

Soon after, the six small crescent moons combined as one to become the original crescent moon! Thus, a spiritual artifact had been destroyed, just like that!

With his Original Life Weapon destroyed, Bai Yijian felt that his heart had been damaged. Evidence of this deep wound was a stream of fresh blood, which spilled from the corner of his mouth.

As he saw that the crescent moon was disappearing once again, Bai Yijian felt an awakening in his heart. He slapped his hand on the top of his skull and mumbled painfully, “Do you think you are the only person with a divine-grade treasure?”


A clear and crisp sound cut through the air, as a long green ruler suddenly flew out from the top of his skull! The ruler emanated a bright spiritual light and there were carvings of unknown Sanskrit words upon it. Once Vital Energy was inserted within it, it suddenly produced layers of space energy!


Suddenly, the green ruler disappeared into space. Thereafter, a pounding sound came from in front of Bai Yijian’s chest.

The bloody crescent moon had arrived in front of his chest! In that crucial moment, the green ruler also appeared in front of his chest via Space Transportation, blocking the attack immediately!

Shangguan Qinger was shocked. It can even block an attack from an Almighty Divine Master? What kind of treasure is this?

“Hmph, the Eight Directional Bamboo Flute and the Six Directional Ruler are both spiritual artifacts that were left behind by the descendants of the guards. Unless the Lord of God Himself appears, what could you possibly do to me?”

This ruler and the flute were both middle-grade spiritual artifacts. As such, their mights could certainly not to be underestimated.

As he face darkened slightly, Shangguan Qinger clasped her hands together, causing the bloody crescent moon to disappear once again. It then appeared behind Bai Yijian, right where his heart was located.

However, the Six Directional Ruler seemed to have a predictive ability, allowing to to sense the direction of the attack before it happened. So, it immediately transported itself to the location and blocked the crescent moon just in time.

Shangguan Qinger’s facial expression turned negative once again. Her hands quickly clasped together, transporting the crescent moon to another spot. However, the Six Directional Ruler seemed to be able to predict the future, and had appeared already at the position where the crescent moon was located!

“Hehe, the Six Directional Ruler was a weapon once used by Tian Jizi when he was at the Divine level. Once he exceeded the level of All Creations, he gave it as a gift to his disciple. It contains his Divine Decree, so how could you possibly penetrate its defense?”

It was no wonder it had the ability to predict beforehand! This made things so much more difficult!

What followed were at least twenty to thirty moves, none of which were able to hurt Bai Yijian, as each attack from the bloody crescent moon was deflected by the bright green light that was surrounding his body.

When Shangguan Qinger was about to give up and go after Bai Zhe instead, Bai Yijian suddenly flew towards her. She was fully occupied, so she could not do anything to protect herself from Bai Yijian!

Right then, the energy coming from the beast’s head had already reached the level of a Later Stage Fairy, and it was heading towards the level of a Divine Master! Once it reached the level of a Divine Master, they would all be dead!

“I am counting on you guys! Kill Bai Zhe immediately and end this battle!” Shangguan Qinger yelled in a low tone.

Su Yu flashed his eyes coolly. He had already come up with a plan. A small golden blade suddenly appeared in the empty area that was surrounding Bai Zhe, and it was heading straight for his heart!