The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 553

Chapter 553 Red Lotus Incredible Umbrella

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“Reusing old tricks!” Bai Zhe seemed to be prepared for this, as he quickly applied a charm that was white as snow on his body. Then, a stream of light flowed out and covered his entire body.

At the same time, the small golden blade that could pierce through almost anything was suddenly deflected by the surface of his body.

“A charm that contains Fairy-level protection?” Xia Jingyu’s facial expression changed slightly.

Su Yu sighed lightly. Although the small golden blade had the ability of Space Transportation, its effect would certainly be reduced significantly if it were exposed in advance.

If only he had the other six small blades, he could form a complete sword formation with nine blades. That would have saved so much trouble, and Bai Zhe would have been dead by now!

Unfortunately, the two Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo seeds that L Chuyi had given him would not grow. He was not even sure if they were still capable of sprouting.

It was nearly an impossible task to collect enough Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo to craft the small golden blades. Besides, even if he could collect all nine blades, he would still need to look for the original Nine Yin-Yang Formation, the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation.

Now that Bai Luo had died, there was no way of finding the source of the Nine Steel Needles. It was even more difficult to discover the whereabouts of the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation.

Once Su Yu shook off his feeling of self-pity, his eyes began to shine dimly. He felt that the evil energy from the beast’s head was getting stronger and stronger. He was determined to kill it.

“You two, lend me a hand!” Su Yu shouted at the Ghost King and Sheng Xuelian.

However, neither of them moved. Sheng Xuelian stood still where she was, not budging an inch. Her eyes were filled with a mysterious brightness. She had apparently decided to watch as a bystander!

The Ghost King, on the other hand, did not hesitate for too long. In a leaping motion, he darted towards Bai Zhe’s other side and cornered him together with Su Yu.

Su Yu glanced at Sheng Xuelian briefly, shooting her a suspicious look. After the brief glance, he continued to focus his attention on attacking Bai Zhe.

“Su Yu, when we were on the stairs, I did not exert the full extent of my abilities for the sake of our ultimate goal. Now, show me what you can do to me with your three small blades!” Bai Zhe had been defeated by Su Yu once. In fact, it had been one of the biggest embarrassments of his entire life.

“Is that so? I don’t know. I still feel that you are very weak.” Su Yu did not take him seriously.

The Black Jade Ring on his finger suddenly flashed a bright light, and a flaming red umbrella appeared in his hand. The object was the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella, which L Chuyi had recrafted. It encapsulated her divine flame, the Red Lotus Furious Flames!

This flame was ranked among the top thousand divine flames. Although it was ranked rather low, according to L Chuyi, the terrifying flame could not be put out by even the Later Stage Fairies!

Now that the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella had been recrafted, it contained the Red Lotus Furious Flames. However, the flames that it released were still comparable to the Purple Sun Flames. As such, The Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella was renamed as the Red Lotus Incredible Umbrella.

“A semi-manufactured spiritual artifact?” The Ghost King smiled slightly. “It has only been a month or so, yet you have acquired quite a few things.”

Su Yu looked at him in a seemingly knowing manner. He then said softly, “Let us get rid of Bai Zhe first. We can talk later!”

The Ghost King glanced at the Red Lotus Incredible Umbrella once again, then nodded. Immediately, his strong body was headed straight for Bai Zhe! All of the strength in his body was channeled into his fists as he punched against Bai Zhe and knocked him back several feet.

However, it seemed not to have caused any damage, as most of the force from the impact had been deflected by the protective layer of flowing water around Bai Zhe.

Bai Zhe laughed coolly. “It is useless. Prepare to die!”

However, right then, his brows suddenly twitched. He felt a sense of dread cross through his heart.

As he turned to look, Su Yu had suddenly appeared. He was standing with the flaming red umbrella, which was already open!

In one hand, he held the umbrella gracefully, while his other hand held Xia Jingyu, keeping her under the umbrella. The two looked like the perfect couple, the golden boy and the jade girl. It was a spectacular scene to behold.