The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 554

Chapter 554 Xue Gui Gourd

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All of a sudden, reddish flames were released from the red umbrella. The flames were like waves that moved back and forth. They were akin to blossoming red lotuses, both beautiful and stunning.

However, the high temperature that was released from the red lotus was frightening. In fact, it was enough to make one’s hair stand on end!

The entire Great Bone Palace suddenly became twice as hot. It was as if everyone had been placed into a flaming hot oven. Everyone frantically used their Vital Energy to protect their bodies from the heat.

Within the Great Bone Palace, apart from the impenetrable inner wall that was made up of bones, the two beasts heads, and the others, who were all able to protect themselves with Vital Energy, everything was burnt completely.

Bai Zhe’s smile turned into a frown and his pupils flickered with fear. He felt a strong disturbance in his heart.

He became even more worried when he looked at Su Yu’s glowing face. Su Yu appeared to be fully confident that he could kill Bai Zhe!

Sensing the danger, Bai Yijian raised his eyebrows. He had a feeling that things would not turn out well today.

Su Yu was much more formidable than he had thought. Not only did he have three half-manufactured spiritual artifacts of small golden blades, but he even had a half-manufactured Red Lotus Incredible Umbrella!

“My son, Zhe, use the Blood Gourd! However, you can only drink ten drops of it at most!” Bai Yijian was oddly decisive.

Hearing this, Bai Zhe’s pupils showed signs of excitement. He licked his lips, then laughed and said, “Hehe, it is about time, since I have trained for a while now. I will use you as an experiment!”

As soon as he finished his sentence, Bai Zhe retrieved a blood-colored gourd from his sleeves. There was a terrifying carving of a ghost’s face on it, and the interior of the gourd gave off a very foul and bloody odor.

The Ghost King’s face changed, his expression suddenly becoming very serious. “Could this be the Ghost Gourd?”

He looked deeply at Bai Zhe, who suddenly snickered. “You two are truly evil. After using the Ghost Gourd, one can immediately increase his strength tremendously. The logic behind this is to seal the flesh and soul of a strong person in the Ghost Gourd, then ferment it into alcohol. Once the product is consumed, one would temporarily have the cultivation and power of the sealed individual!”

He paused, then continued his explanation. “However, such an evil method would require the individual to be of the same bloodline! From the sight of your gourd, it looks like you have killed at least a hundred individuals! If I remember correctly, the number of people in this generation of descendants of the guards stood at about a hundred! Could the two of you have cold-bloodedly murdered your entire tribe?”

His words made one shiver! Speaking of which, since Su Yu had entered this mountain, it seemed that all of the descendants of the guards had disappeared into thin air, at least apart from the Half Fairy that he had bumped into at the underground lava pool of the Legacy of Craftsmanship.

So, each of their strongholds were empty! More importantly, Su Yu had previously felt Bai Zhe’s same bloody aura. It was an aura that one would have after having recently killed someone!

Su Yu’s heart turned cold. What kind of evil-hearted person would kill his entire tribe in order to craft the Blood Alcohol?

Even the cruelest elders would not have done such a thing!

Yet, the duo had not shown any signs of remorse. It truly made one shiver!

Bai Zhe froze and stared angrily at the Ghost King. An evil intention flashed across his eyes. He had not expected that Bai Qi would be able to uncover his and his father’s secret!

Bai Yijian’s facial expression was equally awful. “You may know too much!”

His tone and words were undoubtedly a confirmation of what had just been said. The lie about the descendants of the guards being moved elsewhere was only a flimsy ruse. In reality, they had all been turned into a gourd full of Blood Alcohol!

The duo had said bluntly that unsealing the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was a long-cherished wish of countless tribesmen. However, it now seemed that it was merely their own bloody ambitions!