The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 555

Chapter 555 Skyrocketing Cultivation

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Bai Zhe was filled with a murderous energy, which led him to shout, “It does not matter. You will all be dead soon anyway. So what if you find out about this? He is not wrong. They are all in this gourd!”

He took a breath, his face turning red, then kept shouting, “If they were not sacrificed, whose blood would we use as a sacrifice to the beast bones of the two Divine Beasts of All Creations? How would we be able to unseal the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion? Now, all we need is the blood essence from you, the strongest geniuses!”

After he had finished shouting, Bai Zhe carefully took a big gulp of the bloody liquid. The gulp consisted of around ten drops, as he dared not drink a single drop more!

The reason for this was that the cultivation and power of an entire tribe were contained in the Blood Alcohol. As such, one could only imagine how much energy was contained in the Ghost Gourd!

Even a single drop would not be something that could be handled by anyone below the Half-Fairy level. Hence, ten drops was definitely Bai Zhe’s limit!

Su Yu’s pupils flashed coldly. He then flipped his wrist, causing the Red Lotus Incredible Umbrella to turn gracefully in the air.

The air was filled with red flames. It was as if they had received an order, and all of the flames had grouped together in a craze, then turned into a tornado! The flames then engulfed Bai Zhe within them.

As the Red Lotus Furious Flames blossomed in the air, the protective layer of water that had been covering Bai Zhe was slowly being broken apart. As it continued to break, a cracking sound could be heard!

An endless flame suddenly came forth and engulfed Bai Zhe. As it did so, a strong aura could be sensed from the flame. It was growing stronger by the second!

The sky full of Red Lotus Furious Flames was suddenly split in half by a strong force, revealing Bai Zhe, who had been within it. Bai Zhe’s clothes and hair had all been burned away! However, his entire body shone, as if it were brand new, and showed no signs of being burned!

Su Yu was secretly surprised by this, as even normal Early Stage Fairies would have been burned to death immediately by such fierce flames! Yet, Bai Zhe was not hurt at all!

This showed how much his cultivation had increased since he had consumed the ten drops of blood essence. He now had, at the very least, achieved the level of an Early Stage Fairy at his peak!

“You are too weak!” Bai Zhe laughed sarcastically, while swiping his right foot around.

Suddenly, a strong wind swept across the place, spreading out in all directions and immediately extinguishing the Red Lotus Furious Flames! Seeing this, Su Yu tipped his toes slightly and backed off together with Xia Jingyu.

A strand of flame had spread to his clothes and burned away his sleeves. However, before Su Yu could recover from this, he suddenly heard a voice by the side of his ears, saying, “Your reaction is too slow!”

All that he could see was the flashing of a shadow, before Bai Zhe had arrived next to Su Yu, as if he had teleported there! Using his palm, which contained a ferocious Vital Energy, he slapped Su Yu’s forehead.

At this moment, Su Yu’s heart sank. A bright golden light flashed in his sleeves, as three small golden blades appeared right in front of him. They were all pointed towards Bai Zhe’s palm!

Bai Zhe laughed coolly, then yelled, “Fighting me is futile!”

Bai Zhe then gathered Vital Energy in his palm again, while grabbing at the same direction. In a swift motion, he had captured all three small golden blades in his hand!

He had immediately used the pulsating Vital Energy to enclose the blades, thus breaking the bond between the blades and Su Yu! In this manner, it became impossible for the blades to instantly teleport back to Su Yu’s hands! His weapons had been stolen!

Su Yu was slightly surprised. However, he also took this opportunity to distance himself from Bai Zhe.

Bai Zhe held the three small golden blades in his hands and laughed. “This is good stuff. I will not hesitate to keep these for myself! Do not hate me, as you have only yourself to blame for being too weak!”

Su Yu seemed to be deep in thought. Comparing their actual ability and cultivation, although they were both Early Stage Fairies, Sheng Ge seemed to be one notch weaker than Bai Zhe. Part of the reason for this was the fact that Sheng Ge had never truly used her Fairy fighting abilities.

There was also the difference in their rankings to consider. Sheng Ge was only an Early Stage Fairy. Bai Zhe, on the other hand, was at the peak of an Early Stage Fairy. That was a stark difference that could not be ignored.

Seeing how erratic Bai Zhe was behaving at the moment, Su Yu appeared to be very calm as he asked, “Are you very strong? Without the boost from your tribe’s blood, you are merely one of my defeated opponents. As such, I do not know where you find the courage to judge other people for being weak!”