The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 556

Chapter 556 A Show Of Might

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In terms of true capability, Bai Zhe was definitely no match for Su Yu. He was merely someone of a lower stature, who was intoxicated by a rare success.

Bai Zhe laughed in a ridiculing tone. “So what? If you are strong, you are strong. If you are weak, you are weak. Likewise, if you had such treasures, I would not say too much about those either.”

Unexpectedly, Su Yu nodded very seriously. “Alright, since you have said as much, I will give you what you want.”

Bai Zhe’s ridiculing expression gradually faded. He was not sure whether to believe or to doubt what Su Yu had just said.

He then asked, “Do you still have treasures to protect yourself? As a disciple of the Returning Principal Faction, what benefits has your faction given you? Even if you were sent here as a special agent, the treasures they have given you are beyond preposterous!”

Su Yu had not received any treasures, so he calmly held his palms together and looked blankly at Bai Zhe. “You have misunderstood. I do not need to use any other treasures to defeat you!”

As soon as his palms came into contact with each other, the air surrounding him felt as if it were being compressed by something very strong! In the tightly sealed space, the air started gathering within Su Yu’s palms very quickly. This made the entire external environment suddenly turn into an unbreathable vacuum!

Bai Yijian and Shangguan Qinger, who were engaged in a fight, both showed signs of surprise, especially Shangguan Qinger, who said, “The Legendary Cultivation Technique? That requires a high level of maturity!”

As an unofficial disciple of a Beast of All Creations, she was no stranger to the Legendary Cultivation Technique. In fact, she was once gifted a page of the remnant passage!

It had been very difficult to understand and was not something an ordinary person could imagine or comprehend. In fact, even under her master’s guidance, she had barely reached the preliminary stages of its mastery. If she wanted to progress another notch, it would take her at least three years of strenuous training!

However, Su Yu, who was not even a well-known disciple, had actually managed to cultivate a significant level of maturity! Even an old and strong fairy, who had achieved the Fairy level for many years, might not have been able to cultivate such a significant level of maturity!

As Su Yu was not even that old, one had to wonder how in-depth his level of cultivation was…

His action had thoroughly surprised Shangguan Qinger, who swore that there were no more than ten people like Su Yu, who could cultivate the Legendary Cultivation Technique to a significant level of maturity at such a young age! As for the other ten people, each of them were strong Divine Masters, who would become future head of factions!

Bai Yijian was equally surprised. He had been in the practice of comprehending the Legendary Cultivation Technique for many years, yet he was only able to comprehend it at a rudimentary level. He wondered what kind of abilities Su Yu have had that would allow him to gain such significant progress.

Simultaneously, he felt a sense of danger in his heart. His facial expression also changed, as he realized that… Bai Zhe is in danger!

The only thing he was certain of was that the might of Su Yu was not something that his son could stand up against!

“My son, Zhe! Run away, quickly!” Bai Yijian shouted angrily, as he shoved Shangguan Qinger aside and dashed towards Su Yu.

His heart was beating wildly. He could not believe that Su Yu had hidden so much of his frightening might!

Not only would his son be defeated, it was very likely that Bai Yijian himself would also be crushed under the might of Su Yu’s Legendary Cultivation Technique! After all, in terms of battle power, he was much more formidable than Shangguan Qinger! Bai Yijian could not believe that he had let his own son fight against such a terrifying opponent!

As he was rushing to save his son, Shangguan Qinger expressed her immense joy. “Haha. Bai Yijian, you old thief! Are you trying to run away? You wanted to kill us, and now I will make sure that you have to watch your son be killed!”

She shook her sleeves and retrieved yet another silver chain, which she used to ensnare Bai Yijian.