The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 557

Chapter 557 The Ghost King Strikes

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Shangguan Qinger laughed coolly. She then turned towards Su Yu and said, “End this battle quickly. Kill that little thief!”

Su Yu nodded his head slightly. All of the air in the space had already become concentrated within his palms. Moreover, the space surrounding his body had become an air-tight vacuum, such that not even a sound could penetrate it.

The compressed air in his palms was visible to the naked eye. As it became increasingly compressed, it turned from an initial cloudy green to a darker green color. It then turned from dark green to dark grey. Finally, once the air was compressed to the size of a thumb, it suddenly became a dark black color!

Within the black compressed air, there were rumbles of thunder, which had formed from the highly compressed state of the air and the collisions between the air particles. The destructive power contained within the small ball of air was something that had never existed before!

Seeing this, Bai Zhe’s facial expression froze completely. He felt chills throughout his body and could not take his eyes off of the round, black ball.

Bai Yijian shouted angrily for a few moments. However, within the space of vacuum, not a single sound was heard. As such, all he could do was look on helplessly, while his son faced the destructive and compressed air that might even destroy Bai Zhe himself!

Su Yu’s palms vibrated slightly, while little streams of fresh blood starting flowing from his fingers. The strongly compressed flow of air within his palms was a significant burden. This was because the blood in his body had been highly pressurized and was now leaking out from his pores.

However, his eyes were filled with excitement. After all, this was the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters from the Upper Tier Article! Its might was even scarier than he had imagined! As such, even a Middle Stage Fairy would be concerned about it!

“Are you ready?” Su Yu lifted his head and glanced at Bai Zhe. As Su Yu smiled, he threw the compressed air ball towards Bai Zhe.


The black ball rolled forwards, tearing the space apart as it went! Wherever it crossed, the space became broken into pieces!

Bai Zhe was clearly terrified. As he was frightened beyond measure, he immediately opted to escape!

However, he felt hopeless, as the small black ball seemed to have a very strong awareness. It locked onto him and chased after him unforgivingly! Within a breath’s time, the small black ball had caught up to him!

In that instant, the small ball released layers of thunder. At the same time, a frightening aura of destruction emanated from within the black ball!

The destructive force instantly turned a large area of space into broken pieces, together with Bai Zhe, who was engulfed within it!

Bai Yijian’s pupils enlarged, as he suddenly felt a great emptiness in his heart. He was aware now that his son had just died!

Shangguan Qinger seemed extraordinarily happy. As she sensed that the beast’s head was beginning to weaken, she let out a long sigh of relief.

It seemed that they had been able to turn things around at the most crucial moment. This was because the beast’s head had nearly recovered its cultivation as a Divine Master, and would have had its remnant soul’s consciousness awakened!

If that were to have happened, they would have all died here. It was a close call indeed!

However, Su Yu did not show any facial expression of joy. Instead, his face darkened. “Why are you doing this?” he asked angrily.

His unexpected question stunned Shangguan Qinger for a moment. She turned to look at the space which had just been broken into pieces. What she observed there caused her pupils to contract.

All she could see was a giant body that was standing within the broken space. The figure was covered in a pitch black color. It had a green face and fangs. Both its eyes were blood-red, almost the color of lit lanterns, and its back was covered with a pair of black wings. It was a shocking sight!