The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 559

Chapter 559 Appearance Of The Kylin

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Bai Yijian looked stern. He turned coolly towards Bai Zhe and said, “Get rid of her!”

Bai Zhe nodded, a similar look of hatred appearing in his eyes. After all, when he was in danger, this woman had tried to stop his father from rescuing him repeatedly, so she deserved to die!

Bai Zhe lifted the Eight Directional Bamboo Flute and began to blow Vital Energy into it. The low note was accompanied by a murderous undertone, which flowed out from the flute with a chilly aura.

The reviving beast’s head began shooting out two bright beams of green light from its blazing jade green eyes of the Will-O’-The-Wisp! The light beams were aimed right at Shangguan Qinger!

Shangguan Qinger’s facial expression changed dramatically, as she frantically retrieved the golden puppet. The puppet emanated the aura of a Divine Master and protected Shangguan Qinger, who was behind it.

After she braced herself for a while, Shangguan Qinger felt slightly confused, as the collision between the light beams and the stone figure never occurred! So, she took a peek from behind the puppet, seeing that the green light beams seemed to have disappeared!

It seemed like she had successfully dodged the attack. However, she noticed that Su Yu and Xia Jingyu were looking with shock and deep pity!

Drip. Drip.

All of a sudden, dripping sounds were heard. They were coming from beneath Shangguan Qinger’s feet. She lowered her head to have a look, and when she did, her body disappeared!

All that was left were her legs, her arms, and her head, which was connected to her arms by a layer of skin. Apparently, the light beams had ignored the puppet and directly hit Shangguan Qinger, causing her body to dematerialize!

Her pupils darkened and eventually turned black. She then lost consciousness. As such, a fairy had just been killed in a matter of seconds!

Moreover, the green light beams had caused a crack in the indestructible Great Bone Palace! As Bai Zhe saw this, his spirit soared.

His pupils were filled with hatred, as he suddenly glared towards Su Yu’s direction and said, “Su Yu! It is your turn!”

Su Yu’s heart sank, while he replied, “Jingyu, back off!”

Bai Zhe’s target was clearly him and not Xia Jingyu! Xia Jingyu’s beautiful face did not show any signs of panic. Instead, she was as calm and composed as always.

Neither did she back down. Instead, she moved closer to Su Yu’s side, her arms right next to Su Yu’s.

She beamed up at him with a calm smile, then said, “Nothing will keep us apart. I will never bid you farewell!”

In the face of death, she felt an unexplainable sense of freedom. Her lips curled up at the sides of her mouth as she smiled. However, her face also showed a tinge of sadness and regret.

She then said, “Perhaps, this is another kind of ending…”

She knew that she would not be able to accompany Su Yu for the rest of their lives, at least in this world. However, if they both died, at least they would be together in death. Perhaps this was the best and most humble outcome that fate could offer her.

The sentimentality in her words had touched Su Yu deeply, causing his heart to sink even further. He wondered how he could ever deserve Xia Jingyu’s feelings for him.

“Hmph, you two are still being romantic in the face of death? Fine, let me grant you your wish of becoming a ghost couple!” Bai Zhe shouted coolly, as he was annoyed at Su Yu and Xia Jingyu’s calmness.

Bai Zhe lifted up the flute and was about to blow Vital Energy into it, when a pink-colored mist suddenly appeared above Bai Zhe’s head. Two pink and soft-looking hooves surfaced from the mist and, without any reservation, stepped unforgivingly onto Bai Zhe’s face!

“Ouch!” Bai Zhe had not expected that, so he voiced a loud cry of surprise.

As he was about to yell angrily, he suddenly felt that his hands were empty! After taking a look, he discovered that the Eight Directional Bamboo Flute had disappeared!

Some distance away, a small and cute pink kylin was holding the Eight Directional Bamboo Flute between its teeth, while hopping around excitedly. It was the Real Spirit Kylin!

Ever since it had made its way here, there was neither sound nor sight of it. No one had expected that it would suddenly barge in at such a crucial moment! Moreover, no one had expected that it would snatch away the crucial Eight Directional Bamboo Flute!