The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 560

Chapter 560 A Solo Battle With Two Fairies

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The sudden turn of events angered Bai Yijian, who yelled, “Ba*tard, how dare you ruin my plan?”

“Brother Ghost, please help me capture this little kylin!” Bai Qi hesitates for a moment, then decided to go after the little kylin.

As this was a sealed space, even if the little kylin was an expert in evasive techniques, there was no way it could escape the Great Bone Palace. Hence, they would eventually be able to capture it!

Observing that the two men were now going to work together to capture it, the little kylin shook its tail and lifted its head proudly, then moved flamboyantly towards the top of the beast’s head. It then gathered a ball of Vital Energy and blew it into the Eight Directional Bamboo Flute!

The eyes of the beast’s head flashed with a bright green light as two beams of lights were shot outwards! Bai Yijian and the Ghost King frantically dodged it! Fortunately, the little kylin seemed to not be able to completely control the Eight Directional Bamboo Flute, and the green light beams deviated slightly, then shot upwards from the top of the beast’s head!


Suddenly, a gaping hole appeared. The hole was large enough for a person to escape through it!

The rustling sound frightened the little kylin to the point that it contracted its neck. It then cowardly swallowed the Eight Directional Bamboo Flute and was preparing to escape.

However, before it escaped, it jumped into the beast’s mouth and proceeded to swallow the Underworld Pearl! As the Underworld Pearl contained the remnant soul of the beast’s head, it it was swallowed, the beast’s bone was as good as dead!

“Hold it right there!” Bai Yijian was doubly angry now. After all, the beast’s bone was the key item that they had prepared to use to unseal the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion!

The little kylin sneered disdainfully, then engulfed the Underworld Pearl in its mouth, raised its neck slightly, and swallowed the pearl in one swift motion! Immediately after, it turned into a pink mist and disappeared!

It was only then that Bai Yijian and the Ghost King arrived. While they were occupied with chasing after the little kylin, Su Yu and Xia Jingyu had quietly made their ways to the top of the Great Bone Palace. As Xia Jingyu was very close to making her way out, the only person left now was Su Yu!

“Trying to escape? Stop right there!” Bai Yijian was frantic, his eyes filled with red. He shouted loudly and chased after them!

He had wanted to pull Xia Jingyu away from the opening to prevent her from escaping. However, Su Yu used his Vital Energy to push herself out before he could do so.

“Jingyu, get away quickly. I will find a way to meet you outside!” Su Yu said.

As he was afraid that Xia Jingyu would do something dumb, like jumping down the hole again, he summoned a pearl in his palm, then used it to seal the exit! Bai Yijian was late by a split-second, which made him both angry and frustrated!

The well-planned blood sacrifice ceremony had almost been a success. However, the appearance of Su Yu and the little kylin had messed everything up!

“My tribe’s long-cherished wish has been destroyed by you and that little ba*tard! You, don’t you dare leave!” Bai Yijian shouting angrily.

Su Yu’s pupils turned cold. Not only was he not panicked, however, he was filled with a murderous rage. “I have endured you for long enough! Without Jingyu here, I can unleash my full potential!”


All of a sudden, the blue pearl that he had used to seal the exit appeared in front of Su Yu in a flash. This was the first time that Su Yu had transferred Vital Energy into the blue pearl! Prior to this, he had always controlled it with his Spiritual Energy.

The round blue pearl emanated a light that was brighter than ever before. At the same time, Bai Yijian shouted in a low tone, “Brother Ghost, work with me, this man is behaving oddly!” Having witnessed Su Yu’s Legendary Cultivation Technique, Bai Yijian understandably cautious.

As the Ghost King stood, he seemed to be struggling with indecisiveness. Then, he eventually bit his teeth and rushed over!

“Do not worry. He would not use the sound wave Legendary Cultivation Technique for a second time this hastily!” The Ghost King took a glance at Su Yu’s right arm as he spoke.