The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 561

Chapter 561 Killing Bai Zhe

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As Bai Zhe glanced over, he could see that Su Yu’s palm had not stopped bleeding. Su Yu had clearly been badly injured.

However, Su Yu was oddly calm. “Hehe. Whether you are able to kill me is still undetermined, as it could really go both ways. However, your dearest son will definitely die at my hands today!”

As soon as Su Yu finished speaking, he yelled softly, “Slash!”

As if on cue, the three little golden blades that were previously snatched by Bai Zhe suddenly freed themselves through a burst of Vital Energy. To prevent the golden blades from being snatched, Su Yu had imbued them with a stream of Vital Energy earlier on. As such, he was now able deliver an attack on his enemies unexpectedly!

Bai Yijian’s facial expression changed drastically, as he stared angrily at Su Yu, as if he was about to explode. “No!” he shouted.

Bai Zhe’s face also darkened. The distance between him and the blades was too close for him to have time to enact any protective barrier!


After a soft, whizzing sound, Bai Zhe’s heart was penetrated. Thereafter, a golden light flashed by close to his neck. Another blade had circled around his neck and sliced it off!

The final golden blade pierced through his skull, which then fell to the ground. Bai Zhe was dead, so there was no saving him now!

“My son! Zhe!” Bai Yijian let out a loud cry, as killing intent filled his eyes quickly. It was as if he had turned into an angry spirit!

“I will tear you apart!” Bai Yijian let out a low growl, sounding almost like a wild beast.

Su Yu replied coolly, “You had no qualms with killing other people mercilessly. However, now that it is your son’s turn to be killed, do you think you deserve to be angry?”

“I do not care. I will tear you apart!” Bai Yijian growled yet again, this time in a louder, more deafening tone.

A thunder sword suddenly appeared within Su Yu’s palm. It was covered in green thunderbolts and emanated a terrifying aura!

The Fairy-level White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog within the underground lava must have been killed by the identical Cosmos Thunder Sword! Although his Vital Energy was insufficient for him to conjure a sword with this equal level of power, he still had a single Vital Energy Crystal’s worth of energy. As such, the might of that would still be significant!

“Be careful!” Bai Qi barely had enough time to remind Bai Yijian, who seemed to have lost his mind.

However, based on Su Yu’s calculations, it did not matter if Bai Yijian had lost his mind or not. Even if he had not, he would surely not be be able to dodge such an attack! Su Yu blew Vital Energy into the Cosmos Thunder Sword and stroked it through the air!


It was as if a thunderbolt had just travelled by! At the same time, a bright white light flashed, while a humongous wave of sword energy cut through the space!

Bai Yijian could not defend himself in time, as the sword energy instantly hit him. As he cried out in pain, his chest was cut open. Flesh and blood were spilling out in all directions, and his entire body was roasted to a black hue by the high temperature of the thunderbolt.

A single strike from the sword had caused him such severe injuries!However, the injured Bai Yijian immediately retrieved a medicinal pill and shoved it into his mouth.

His body started recovering at a shocking pace. In the blink of an eye, his body had fully recovered to its original state!

Other than the mental strain he had experienced, there was no way to tell that he had just been struck by a thunderbolt! The effect of the medicinal pill was similar to that of the Flesh Regeneration Elixir from Zhenlong Continent.

The only difference was that this medicinal pill took effect almost immediately. Hence, its level seemed to be much greater than that of the Flesh Regeneration Elixir!

Su Yu was shocked at first. However, he soon became relieved, as if he understood something…

As he knew that the descendants of the guards had stolen a massive amount of legacies, Su Yu feared that the medicinal pills would have already been all looted by them. Based on the capabilities of Tian Jizi, leaving this kind of medicinal pill behind was nothing to be surprised about.

In this case, the situation had become slightly more complicated, as there was no way of heavily injuring the opponents in a short amount of time. So, it was even harder to kill them!

However, they could not do anything to Su Yu for the time being. So, Su Yu held the Cosmos Thunder Sword in his hand, while the round blue pearl was beneath his feet. Now, he could both attack and defend himself!