The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 562

Chapter 562 The Arrival Of A Puppet

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After the amount of time needed for drinking a half cup of tea had passed, the three of them had already fought, exchanging more than a hundred moves. Su Yu had exhausted a huge amount of his Vital Energy and physical strength, and his body was slightly wounded.

Bai Yijian’s fate wasn’t any better, and he had been struck by Su Yu’s Cosmos Thunder Sword. The Ghost King was in particularly bad shape, as he was a ghost, meaning that the thunder had a restrictive effect on him. Because of this, he had sustained much heavier injuries.

They all fought for a while, but they were unable to take each other down…

“You are no match for me, so you should go look for that Real Spirit Kylin. Otherwise, you will fail to accomplish both of your two objectives. Then, don’t say that I didn’t warn you.” Su Yu slightly retreated as he coldly spoke his warning.

Bai Yijian was sobered by his words, as his objective was also to look for that darned small kylin! As such, Bai Yijian hesitated, wondering to himself about his next course of action…

Is avenging my son or leaving the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion more important?

While he was pondering, a mocking voice suddenly transmitted across the space. “Continue fighting! Why did you stop?”

Su Yu was startled by this voice, his complexion immediately becoming quite grave. Then, when he looked at the Ghost King once again, he found that his complexion was also extremely grave, fear even appearing in his eyes.

However, Bai Yijian didn’t recognize him, so he coldly shouted at him, “Who’s your Excellency? Why are you stealthily hiding there?”

“Hiding? Hehe… I am not hiding! It’s just that you were too weak to detect my presence.” As the voice spoke, a silver light flit across the opening. Then, a person whose whole body was flickering in silver light gently fell out of it.

After Bai Yijian observed him for a while, he was startled, as he was unexpectedly incapable of sensing the person’s aura. There were just two possibilities for the appearance of such a situation.

The first was that he was incapable of detecting his aura because this person’s cultivation base vastly surpassed his. The second one was that this person wasn’t a human at all.

After he observed him for a while, he became certain that it was the second possibility. This was because, within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, Bai Yijian was the only person capable of displaying a power at the Fairy Realm, and he had never once heard his ancestors mentioning this existence, which was clearly just a puppet.

This meant that this puppet most likely came from the outside. As such, Bai Yijian would surely be unmatched when facing this puppet, which should be incapable of displaying its full power here.

His silver glow subsided, revealing a complexion which wasn’t any different from that of a real human. He wore silver clothes that fluttered in the wind.

The corners of his mouth displayed a faintly visible evil smile. “Hehe, I’m truly not a human, but just a puppet, and I truly don’t have any intention of meddling in your business.”

Bai Yijian furrowed his brows, then said, “Then, why did you come here? It’s extremely rare for a puppet like you to be able to cultivate its own consciousness, so if you don’t want it to be wiped away, quickly leave this place!”

In Bai Yijian’s point of view, if this puppet was to recklessly join them, it would be tantamount to their courting their own deaths!

“Hehe, why did I come here? Why don’t you ask the two people beside you?” He was obviously the same Silver Puppet that had chased after them from the seventh level of the Divine Pavilion!

At that moment, Su Yu’s and the Ghost King’s hearts sank. They found themselves unexpectedly corned by him in this sealed space.

Bai Yijian was inwardly startled by his words, and he squinted his eyes, then asked the pair, “Do you two know him?”

When he saw the pale complexions of Su Yu and the Ghost King, his heart slightly thumped. He had an ominous premonition, so he decisively chose to retreat back to distance himself from the puppet.

However, when he was retreating, the Silver Puppet smiled evilly. “It seems like you have already understood! Since that is the case, you must die.”


Boundless and endless blood-red threads suddenly came out of the puppet’s pores, chasing after Bai Yijian like stormy waves that wanted to engulf him. Bai Yijian’s expression changed, as he hurriedly took out a charm in a panic.

The charm burst out, releasing an aura tantamount to that of someone at the Middle Stage of the Fairy Realm. A giant shield then condensed from that charm.

This shield could withstand the attack of someone at the Middle Stage of the Fairy Realm, and it was a magical treasure which Bai Yijian was reluctant to use. However, before Bai Yijian could even relax, this shield burst open, causing a cracking sound to echo throughout the space.

That blood sea, which filled the whole sky, then engulfed him. A miserable wail could be heard coming from it.

That Silver Puppet happily groaned, as if he was thoroughly enjoying all of this. He then exclaimed, “This Fairy Realm tonic is surely extraordinary!”

His silver glow became even more resplendent. There were even signs that his cultivation base, which was at the Later Stage of the Fairy Realm, would soon break through into the Divine Master Realm!

The scene that had just unfolded, a solemn Fairy Realm expert like Bai Yijian having just died without even leaving his corpse or skeleton behind, was truly astounding!

In the aftermath, that Silver Puppet revealed an evil smile and directed his gaze at Su Yu’s body, immediately revealing an even colder smile. The puppet then said, “Lad, you are still incapable of running from me!”