The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 563

Chapter 563 Dangers Abound

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Su Yu’s heart sank. There was nothing worse than what was happening at this moment!

“Give it back! How dare you touch my belongings?” The Silver Puppet extended his hands in a waving motion. Immediately, ten bloody red threads shot out and were headed for Su Yu to take his life!

The Silver Puppet’s actions were beyond barbaric. It seemed to not offer Su Yu any chance at all.

Su Yu’s eyes turned cold. Even before the Silver Puppet could do anything, Su Yu was secretly manipulating the blue pearl.

As danger approached, a bright blue light flashed before him. The blue pearl had shielded him!

The blood threads were unable to pierce through the blue pearl and were immediately deflected. However, before the attack ended, three small golden blades flashed through the space. They then fell from the sky and chopped the ten blood threads into halves.

With a whisking sound, the broken blood threads bounced back into the hands of the Silver Puppet. The Silver Puppet coolly smiled, then said, “Not only did you not beg for forgiveness, you even dared to retaliate!”

Although it is normal for any human being to act instinctively in the face of danger, for someone like Su Yu, fighting back was a conscious decision. This spelled out how clearly Su Yu was not afraid of the puppet!

“If you had not touched something that you rightfully should not have, I might have forgiven you. However, now that you have touched it, I can’t possibly let you live!” The Silver Puppet showed a murderous expression on his face.

For some unknown reason, ever since Su Yu had taken the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, the Silver Puppet had been determined to kill him. In fact, killing Su Yu seemed to be more important to it than retrieving the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl!

“Die!” The Silver Puppet shouted coolly. His entire body was covered in a bloody red hue. That was the result of countless blood threads coming out of his pores!

In that instant, the Silver Puppet looked like a flaming mountain, with trillions of blood threads spewing out from its body!

Su Yu’s heart went cold. As he started blowing Vital Energy into the round blue pearl, the round blue pearl immediately shot out a blue-colored light beam, which surrounded Su Yu.


Thereafter, the blue light beam was engulfed by a sea of blood! The endless streams of blood threads were hitting against the light beam, causing bouts of ripples to move across the surface of the light beam.

However, this was only the first wave of blood threads. Thereafter, endless blood threads were coming towards him from the back!


Not long after, repeating cracking sounds could be heard coming from the blue light beam. The cracks, which looked like strands of hair, were slowly spreading across the light beam!

Then, a single blood thread that had managed to break in through a crack headed right for Su Yu! Using the small golden blade in his hand, Su Yu quickly chopped it off! However, the blue light beam could not withstand the attacks any longer!

The small crack had slowly enlarged to the size of half of the light beam. In fact, the crack was still getting wider and wider. Now, numerous blood threads were making their ways through the crack!

In one hand, Su Yu held the golden blade, using it to sever the incoming blood threads. In the other hand, he scrunched his fist tightly, causing the air around him to once again concentrate within his palm and continuously compress.

Very soon, a round pitch-black ball the size of a pupil was rotating within Su Yu’s palm. It gave off a soft thundering sound, while it rubbed against the air around it. The numerous strands of frightening energy of compression felt as if they would explode!

Simultaneously, Su Yu’s blood was dripping from his palm. His hand looked like a mess of blood and flesh!

Also, his entire arm was giving off a cracking sound. It was the sound of his bones breaking apart under the immense pressure.

Just as the Ghost Kind had predicted, his entire left arm could possibly be disabled if he was to forcefully cast the spell a second time. It seemed like his arm was not far from being rendered useless!

Fortunately, Su Yu had some experienced training. Although his physical body was not very strong, he was still much stronger than most of his peers at his level. That was the only reason that his arm could sustain such pressure!


The light beam suddenly cracked into pieces and a sea of blood poured in! Su Yu no longer hesitated, as he flung the black ball from his palm! Wherever it passed, the space was torn into pieces.

Then, the sea of blood that covered the entire space was suddenly pierced by the black ball, which created a huge tunnel! A stream of sunlight came from above, and Su Yu felt as if he could see the sky again.

But, as time was of the essence, Su Yu did not waste another second. He stepped onto the blue pearl and followed closely behind the black ball, heading upwards. In a split second, Su Yu had managed to escape from the sea of blood and was heading straight for the opening at the roof of the Great Bone Palace!

The Silver Puppet was stunned for a while, his face revealing a surprised look. He had not expected Su Yu to be capable of such a high level of attack! Su Yu’s might was even stronger than a normal Early-Stage Fairy’s!

However, what surprised the Silver Puppet the most was the fact that Su Yu was able to carry out such an attack without being restricted by the rules of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. There were no signs of his being transported! That was what made him so unusual!

After recollecting itself, the Silver Puppet calmed down and snorted. “Thinking you can escape from me? I think you have underestimated me!”

As he spoke, his body flashed with a silver bright light, then turned into a remnant shadow. He was catching up to Su Yu in a split second!

The Silver Puppet turned its palm into a sword and sliced through the air, creating a long space crack to hit on Su Yu’s forehead. The puppet’s movement was as fast as lightning. If it were a normal person, he would have already been knocked to the earth!

However, Su Yu was completely calm. He retrieved a long sword that was covered in thunderbolts from his sleeves. He held it in his left hand and blew strong Vital Energy into it. He then waved it downwards!

All of a sudden, a humongous wave of Sword Energy cut through the space like a thunderbolt.

“A thunder-based half-manufactured spiritual artifact?” The Silver Puppet was surprised yet again!

However, he did not show any signs of fear. “The blade is indeed very strong. If it were held by a middle-stage Fairy, I might have been slightly concerned…” As he spoke, he lashed forward with his palm, without a tinge of fear!


The humongous Sword Energy suddenly turned around and was headed straight for Su Yu after being hit by the Silver Puppet’s palm! On the other hand, the Silver Puppet’s palm was completely unscathed!

The humongous Lightning Sword Energy was now moving at an even faster speed after being deflected, and it soon wrapped around Su Yu completely! However, Su Yu was not afraid at all. In fact, he let out a huge sigh of relief.

Then, the Eternal Stone King Armor suddenly appeared around his body. At the same time, the blue pearl beneath his feet once again shot out a light beam. These two layers of protection kept him enclosed within them safely.

Right then, the Sword Energy came into contact with Su Yu and caused a powerful energy on impact! The blue light beam then broke into pieces with a cracking sound!

Even the Eternal Stone King Armor started vibrating, as the demonic energy moved within it! Su Yu himself was also affected by the strong vibration. His inner strength moved about in his body, and he could taste a bloody sweetness in his throat.

However, as a result of the strong impact, Su Yu was able to escape out of the opening! That was when the Silver Puppet realized what Su Yu had done. Su Yu clearly knew that the Lightning Sword was incapable of hurting him, which was why he had purposefully used it as a lure to create the deflective power!

“You were using me?” The Silver Puppet was deeply angered. It was upset that it had been short-sighted and allowed itself to be manipulated by a junior.

As it finished asking its question, another black light went out through the opening! This only served to anger the puppet even more.

“You are all seeking death!” The Silver Puppet suddenly became furious. They were escaping right before his eyes, one after another!

The puppet’s shadow flashed, as it was about to chase after the other two escapees. Before it left, it coolly turned its head to look at the only person remaining in the space, Sheng Xuelian!

Sheng Xuelian was still standing at her original spot and did not appear to have any intention of leaving. As her eyes looked into the Silver Puppet’s, she did not show any signs of panic. She merely continued to match its gaze calmly.

Eh? The Silver Puppet was stunned. It looked deep into Sheng Xuelian’s eyes, as if it had discovered something within them. After a while, it reacted in a slightly surprising manner. “You are…”

Sheng Xuelian did not speak. She merely smiled.

The Silver Puppet showed an expression of hesitation, then mumbled to itself for a moment before speaking. “Forget it. Regardless of whether that person invited you here or not, I will let you go for now!”

After it had spoken, it left through the opening in pursuit of Su Yu and the Ghost King. Sheng Xuelian stood exactly where she was and laughed without speaking. Her eyes were filled with a deep and concealed thought…