The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 564

Chapter 564 Escaping Alive

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After Su Yu escaped from the Great Bone Palace, he started weaving signs with both of his hands. The Vital Energy in his body surged, the immediately turned into two people that looked exactly like him.

With Xia Jingyu’s help, he had managed to successfully comprehend the second level of the Second Grade Clone Technique! So, he was now able to create two clones at the same time! Moreover, these clones were both completely identical to the true Su Yu!

As soon as they had been created, the two clones took a glance at each other, then left. The true Su Yu then summoned a black flag in his palm. It was the Ice Soul Divine Dream Spell, which he had obtained while entering the eighth layer of the Divine Pavilion.

According to Lu Chuyu, this spell was one of the highest ranked dream spells of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. It was said that it could even trap an Almighty Divine Master for a while!

As his gaze flickered, Su Yu stuck the flag in the star’s surface, then started swiftly pouring his Vital Energy into it.

At this moment, a black ray soared up. It was the Ghost King!

However, he didn’t have the leisure of caring about Su Yu at this moment, as he immediately flew off in the sky. He was obviously trying to flee.

Su Yu looked at his disappearing silhouette for a while, then turned his attentions back to his task. He continued pouring his Vital Energy into the flag, and an eerie light started gradually being emitted out of it, which then turned into boundless snowy plains.

He had successfully activated the Ice Soul Divine Dream Spell! After he achieved this, Su Yu immediately flew away.

After he left, the extremely angered Silver Puppet followed him. However, when the puppet arrived at the place that Su Yu had just been, he discovered that he was within a snowy world!

“A dream spell?” the Silver Puppet’s quizzical gaze became grave, and the anger in his voice could be clearly heard. “That da*ned lad has struck again!”

When he tried sweeping it away with his eyes, his look became even colder. “This is no ordinary spell! But, as I’m a puppet, it won’t be able to trap me for long!”

The Silver Puppet coldly snorted, then sat down cross-legged. It seemed like he was trying to sense something.

Meanwhile, the true Su Yu had flown away a hundred thousand miles, ending up in a world that was filled with ruins. From those remnant ruins, it could be seen that this world was once a flourishing and prosperous place, with countless houses and a giant city. The remnants of the giant buildings alone showed the extreme wealth of the past inhabitants.

“This world is similar to the underground world in the straw hut in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl’s valley,” muttered Su Yu. That small valley in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl had also formed a world which someone could live within, which similar to this place.

When Su Yu was just about to jump down and look for a place to hide among the ruins, he suddenly noticed some oddities about them. As he was somewhat curious, he flew up till he reached the highest place in the ninth level of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.

When he looked down from there, Su Yu was quite startled. Those ruins were unexpectedly in the shape of a giant palm print!

Apparently, a giant palm had fallen from the sky, causing this civilization to turn into ruins. What’s more, it had left behind it an extremely tremendous palm print!

Su Yu was startled by this scene. He remembered that several ancient civilizations, which had similarly been destroyed by a mysterious palm, could be found everywhere in the Zhenlong Continent.

This thought then led him to recall that the remnant soul of Tian Jizi had once said that the so-called Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was just a fairy artifact, which had been destroyed in a great battle.

Was this ruin destroyed by Tian Jizi’s enemy?

What relationship did Tian Jizi’s enemy have with the owner of that giant palm print that had destroyed many ancient civilizations in the Zhenlong Continent?

Such an unexpected discovery left Su Yu lost in his thoughts.

What relation was there between the Zhenlong Continent, the Jiuzhou Continent, and the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion?

Su Yu then chose a ruin that was slightly hidden underground. He entered it and started quickly restraining his aura, converging his Spiritual Energy and Vital Energy in his Dantian, carefly to not let the slightest trace of them leak out. This way, no one would discover that a human was in the ruins.

He let out a long breath and lowered his head to look at his right hand. His blood had already cooled down, but that sharp pain was still as intense as ever, causing Su Yu to involuntarily clench his teeth.

After he examined his arm for a while, he found that his arm’s bone had been broken. Such an injury was undeniably quite grave. It was just fortunate that the injuries sustained by his internal blood energy channel and flesh weren’t severe!

He let out a breath, letting his arm hang loosely while it healed by itself. With his left hand, he took out a black scroll from his ring and buried it in the ground.

After he completed all of this, he started calculating his trip’s gains and losses. He had taken such risks and entered into the Legacy of Materials to look for the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl and collect the materials needed for cultivating the Evil Destroying Silver Eyes. It was a pity that the legendary lightning material in that place of legacy wasn’t the same Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl that Su Yu was looking for…

In fact, now that he carefully thought about it, he discovered that he had almost gotten nothing in return for taking such risks! After all, that precious treasure, the Real Spirit Dragon Veins that he had obtained through many difficulties, was unexpectedly stolen by a small kylin!

Moreover, the last one of those three black metal boxes was also stolen by that hateful kylin! Although, truthfully speaking, he wasn’t really angry at it.

After all, those Real Spirit Dragon Veins were exposed before many people’s eyes, and if only one of the people spread such news, it would be an utter disaster! Thus, when that small kyling stole it in front of all of them, it unintentionally took care of the problem, alleviating his risk of danger!

Later on, in the Legacy of Materials, he didn’t obtain any profits. Instead, he had just suffered through many dangers. Even that Silver Puppet had appeared there!

It was fortunate that he had obtained many treasures in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, which let him avert such dangers and survive till now! If he was given another opportunity to redo all of this, Su Yu couldn’t guarantee that he would still come back alive from that star’s inside!

Moreover, because of all of this, he ended up being separated from Xia Yujing. In fact, he still didn’t know where she was or whether she was safe.

As such, the one who had profited the most out of them was probably that small kylin! After all, that creature had stolen the Real Spirit Dragon Veins, a black metal box, the Underworld Pearl and that white Eight Directional Bamboo Flute!

These were all extremely precious, important, and rare treasures and were thus capable of tempting anyone! However, all of them were now being hogged by that small kylin!

Su Yu couldn’t help but laugh at himself, while thinking of such facts. In the end, he had really gotten nothing out of all of this!

Only after a long while did he manage to calm his mind and start letting his empty Dantian slowly recover…