The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 565

Chapter 565 Kylins Master

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After having several great fights and using his half-manufactured spiritual artifacts, Su Yu’s Vital Energy and Spiritual Energy were at an all-time low. Hence, he needed to recover quickly.

While he was recovering, Su Yu did not just laze around, however. His soul entered the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. Once he entered the Spiritual Pearl, Su Yu looked around him and contracted his pupils.

“I believe you are still here, aren’t you?”In the silence of the Jade Pearl, his voice resonated in a clear crisp tone.

There was no response for some time. Then, a shadow suddenly appeared in front of him. Within the shadow, a blurry figure of a nine-tailed fox appeared. She was the previous owner of the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl!

Ever since her first appearance, she had disappeared completely. She only showed herself now that Su Yu had called her.

“Why are you looking for me?” The White Nine-tailed Fox sounded very weak.

Su Yu’s face brightened up slightly. “Can you please tell me what kind of a relationship exists between you and the Silver Puppet?” Su Yu’s instincts told him that there was something the White Nine-tailed Fox was keeping from him.

The White Nine-tailed Fox was not surprised. “Why do you only ask now? It seems like the puppet has found you!”

“I have no relation to it whatsoever. On the day that the two Beasts of All Creations fought against each other a long time ago, I was accidentally warped into this spiritual artifact. The Silver Puppet, as well as many others, were also warped inside. At the time, I was heavily injured for some reason. Unfortunately, I bumped into the Silver Puppet and was devoured by it.”

The fox then added, “Thereafter, this Silver Puppet was hurt badly by a strong person and has since fallen into a deep slumber. It only recovered some of its Primordial Qi after you broke in. The fact that it could pursue you to the point where you would have to hide says that it has absorbed a large amount of blood essence, am I right?”

A fight? Did she mean the fight between Tian Jizi and his nemesis Xue Di?

Why were the rest of the people involved in the fight?

Su Yu was confused, but from what she had said, he could somewhat understand the various phenomena that happened in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. These creatures seemed to be the results of the many strong figures being warped in years ago. They would have left the Legacies behind, as they found no hope of escaping. The Thunder Emperor’s Legacy would be one of them!

The White Nine-tailed Fox sighed softly, then gave Su Yu advice. “You must go and hide carefully. Once I have fully recovered, the Silver Puppet will only want to run away when it sees me.Yet, at least for now, I am only a remnant soul and have no way of helping you.”

Su Yu’s instincts told him that the White Nine-tailed Fox was still concealing a part of the truth. “In that case, I am sorry for disturbing you.” Su Yu held his fists together as a sign of gratitude.

The White Nine-tailed Fox nodded her head gracefully. Her body then slowly faded out. Before she disappeared, she paused and said, “I hope you still remember my wish.”

“It was an oath that I have sworn. I certainly could not forget it.” Su Yu nodded slightly. They were speaking of the price he had to pay for having the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, which was to find the demonic fox clan and deliver a message on behalf of the White Nine-tailed Fox.

“I can part in peace now.” The White Nine-tailed Fox then gradually disappeared. The only thing that remained was an echo that passed through the valley.

The demonic fox clan? Su Yu became increasingly curious about the Jiuzhou Continent. What kind of a world is it?

The ghost clan and the demonic fox clan… How do they get along with the humans?

“Master!” Equally surprised-looking was Wu Aoyue, who rushed over.

Although they had only been apart for a day, Wu Aoyue’s aura had grown much stronger! Her Vital Energy could be seen flickering all around. This was a sign of her having recently entered the state of a Half-Fairy, as she still could not quite control her Vital Energy in a stable manner.

“Congratulations! You have broken through as a Half-Fairy,” Su Yu said with a smile.

Wu Aoyue could not help but laugh, despite her cool facial expression. She was beautiful to behold.

Not wanting to behave inappropriately, Wu Aoyue forced herself to control her laughter. She could not help but blame herself for being too comfortable around Su Yu. For a short moment, she forgot that she was actually enslaved by him. Such an act of forgetting her shameful position left her feeling ridiculous.

“It is all thanks to you, Master,” Wu Aoyue said without any facial expression.

Even though he sensed the change in her attitude, Su Yu did not take it to heart. “So, how is the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo? Has there been any change?”

Hearing this, Wu Aoyue’s facial expression became one of glee. “Master, there have been some movements!”

The Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo was a kind of Divine Wood that was rare, even in Jiuzhou. Being able to witness its revival caused an excitement within Wu Aoyue that she could not conceal, even if she had wanted to. This was because the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo that not even a Beast of All Creation would be able to grow was about to be born!

“What?” Su Yu looked surprised. This was indeed good news!

Waving his hand, Su Yu brought Wu Aoyue along and teleported to the front of the cottage’s nursery garden. As of now, the Thunder Herb had been fully harvested. The nursery garden was empty, except for the Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate Tree that was white as a feather.

The fruits had originally been plucked from the tree. Now, they had started growing again. There were three or four of the green fruits, each the size of a fist. Such a high rate of growth was flabbergasting!

In the external world, this kind of plant would take decades to blossom and bear fruit. However, in the Supreme Growing Soil of the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, these plants had blossomed so quickly!

Coincidentally, in a few days, the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion would come to an end when the Exchange Festival took place on the Divine Sparrow Stage. This would be the perfect occasion for Su Yu to make use of the fruits!

However, with the Silver Puppet on a murderous rampage, it was uncertain whether the Festival could happen successfully. In fact, Su Yu wondered how many people would actually remain alive to even be able to participle in it!

During the time of the Seventh Level Divine Vault, many geniuses from more than a hundred factions had become cordial with the Silver Puppet. Thinking about the Silver Puppet caused an uneasiness in Su Yu, like there was a knife dangling above his head.

He took in a breath softly and looked towards the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo in the nursery garden. All he could see was that two jade-like saplings had begun to sprout up.

In fact, they looked like green jade onions. They were half an inch above the ground, and their two heads peeked out slightly from the soil.

“Are these the saplings of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo?” Su Yu’s eyes were smoldering.

Once they were fully grown and plucked, they could be used to craft the remaining six golden blades. Su Yu could then finally reform the Nine Yin-Yang Sword Formation!

Its might was not comparable to that of the Nine Steel Needles. However, its explosive might would still be a sight to see!

Su Yu suddenly felt much better. There was finally one piece of good news.

However, before he could say anything, a pink light suddenly flashed by! Then, a cloud of pink mist suddenly appeared above the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, and out popped a live spirit about the size of a fist!

Su Yu was stunned for a moment. It was the Real Spirit Kylin!

When did it sneak into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl?

Right then, the little kylin opened its mouth widely and excitedly attempted to bite the newborn Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo! After Su Yu recollected himself, he could not help but laugh, even though he was angry!

Not only did it snatch his Real Spirit Dragon Vein, it even dared to trespass into his Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl and tried to eat his Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo!

“You must want to die!” Su Yu yelled.

His murderous intent could be felt, as a white layer of flames surrounded his body. He then sped towards the little kylin!

The little kylin was shocked. It immediately turned to escape! However, it was not escaping to the external world. Instead, it ran into Wu Aoyue’s bosom!

Wu Aoyue hugged the little kylin, then asked, “Master, is this not your pet? What are you doing?”

The little kylin opened its big eyes, an expression of self-pity glowing from them. It nodded its head fervently and even stood like a human, as it held its front hooves together in a gesticulating motion towards Su Yu.

It then uttered some noises that could not be understood. After a long while, it managed to spurt two discernible syllables from its mouth, “Mas…ter…”

Master? Su Yu was stunned. When had he become the master of this Real Spirit Kylin?