The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 566

Chapter 566 The Kylin Who Recognized Someone As Its Master

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The small kylin indignantly opened its mouth and spouted out a large quantity of pink fog.


A crisp sound echoed. It was the sound of something falling on the ground. Su Yu lowered his head and looked toward it, his eyes contracting when he saw it.

The Real Spirit Dragon Veins, black metal box, Eight Directional Bamboo Flute and Underworld Pearl were all within that pink fog! The small kylin jumped out of Wu Aoyue’s bosom and landed on the ground, then pushed the pile of treasures to Su Yu’s feet with its nose. It seemed like it intended to give him all of its treasures.

At this moment, Su Yu still hadn’t come back to his senses after what just happened. He had to wonder…did this young Real Spirit just recognized him as its master?

After all, this was only their second meeting. So, he had to wonder why he had become this small kylin’s master!

“Master, isn’t this your spiritual pet?” Wu Aoyue was also dumbfounded by the sight.

After Su Yu came back to his senses, he frantically asked, “When did it appear here?”

“Just a short while ago.” Wu Aoyue didn’t how to express her current intense emotions, as this small kylin was surely no ordinary Demonic Beast! It might even have a slight trace of a Real Spirit’s bloodline!

She then added, “When it entered here, it said that it was your pet and that it had been waiting for you in the Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate Tree. But, it never expected that you would try to kill it!” Wu Aoyue smacked her lips as she spoke.

After the small kylin pushed those treasures towards Su Yu’s feet, it put on a pitiful look and crouched on the ground, then raised its head and looked at Su Yu. It seemed like it intended to let him handle it however he wanted.

Su Yu was still confused and slightly wary of it, so he asked, “Why have you recognized me as your master?”

After the small kylin heard him, it immediately stood up on its two rear hoofs, like a human, and started gesticulating with its two forelegs, uttering some incomprehensible noises. Even after a long while, it still didn’t express anything that Su Yu could understand.

In the end, it became somewhat agitated and anxious, then lowered its head and nipped its right forelegs until a bit of blood came out and spilled onto Su Yu’s body. Its blood was scorching hot, like a flame, and Su Yu felt an intense stabbing pain when it spilled onto his skin.

However, he didn’t get angry, as it seemed like this small kylin was trying to convey something to him. Just after that, he was astonished to discover that this small kylin’s blood had unexpectedly drilled into his body through his pores, then fused with his blood!

After a short while, a faint pink fog also came out of Su Yu’s body, revealing that he now possessed one of the small kylin’s characteristics! Su Yu’s body went from a physical state into an illusory state. Su Yu was quite astonished to discover that, via the small kylin’s blood, he was unexpectedly capable of possessing one of its innate powers!

However, what astonished him even more was that a fluctuation, which was buried in the deepest part of his mind, had spread at such a moment. That fluctuation had the same aura as this small kylin’s!

It was like his body had already possessed this small kylin’s aura for a long time. Su Yu felt his mind rumbling, as if a clap of thunder had struck it. He swiftly took a pink kylin scale from his space ring, and when he compared it to this small kylin’s scales, he found that it was one of its own scales!

“You were that same person inside that skeleton, who absorbed my soul energy?” Su Yu involuntarily cried out, as he was extremely astonished.

He was recalling a time when he was once teleported into a secret room of the Corpse Grassland, along with Gang Dalei, Qin Jiuyang, and Yu Chan. There was a skeleton in that secret room, which he later took out from that Silver Puppet’s body. Then, when he tore open its illusory rib, a great amount of his soul energy was absorbed, which caused him to faint on the spot!

When he woke up, he discovered that his soul power had experienced a drastic increase and his cultivation base had made a breakthrough. The only thing that remained after all of that was a kylin scale, which was lodged in the empty rib’s crack.

At that time, he was confused by all of these things. However, he now understood everything! That small kylin had been sleeping in that rib, and when Su Yu woke it up, he had formed a connection between their souls, like a master and servant relationship.

Now that he thought about it, the kylin had to be who tore a big hole in that Silver Puppet! Countless emotions were intertwining in Su Yu’s heart, as he realized that the kylin was now his spiritual pet.

The small kylin detected the changes in Su Yu’s attitude toward, but was still quite upset. Its big eyes were filled with tears, as it turned its head around, almost looking as if it wanted to separate from Su Yu. At such a sight, Su Yu could only smack his lips. He truly didn’t know what he should do now.

He crouched down and gently stroked its head, then said in a gentle voice, “I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize you. Did I scare you just now?”

When it heard him, the small kylin felt even more aggrieved, its tears continuing to flow, while it constantly gesticulated with its forelegs. Since he had now received a bit of its blood, Su Yu could perfectly understand the meaning of this small kylin’s motions.

“Are you saying that you left me alone to look for treasures for me?” asked Su Yu.

The aggrieved small kylin nodded at him and whimpered. It didn’t need to explain what had happened after that, as Su Yu had witnessed with his own eyes how it was chased and hunted, then forced to run away!

If it wasn’t for its astonishing innate gift, which allowed it to transform its body between a physical and illusory state, it would have surely met a tragic fate! After all, it had worked hard for its own master, and yet it was almost killed by him!

“Since you know that I’m your master, why did you steal my Real Spirit Dragon Veins in the Wisest Milky Way Formation?” Su Yu asked, puzzled.

The small kylin started gesticulating once again. Su Yu quickly understood its meaning this time, and his expression couldn’t help but change.

“Are you saying that you knew how important the treasure was, so you were worried that people would attack me in order to obtain it? And, that is why you stole it in front of all of them?” Su Yu was somewhat shocked.

This small kylin had stolen the treasure to distract people and divert their attentions from him! This small kylin was protecting him!

He suddenly recalled what Xia Yujing had said to him about it. As it turns out, she had been mistaken when she said that this small kylin tore open the Mountain Tumbling Formation of the Four Divisions in order to kill him!

In reality, the small kylin had sensed his aura and come over to meet him, but it had been discovered by Xia Yujing, who saw through its identity and forced it to flee.

As the small kylin knew that meeting Su Yu would just bring trouble to Su Yu, it avoided revealing itself to him. It was only after all of those matters ended that it transformed into its illusory form and entered Su Yu’s Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

Su Yu picked it and hugged it, then asked, “You truly suffered so much for my sake! Although we had a soul connection, we had barely been acquainted, so why did you do so much for me?”

The small kylin’s grief was eased. This was because it now felt that Su Yu understood its sufferings and sympathized with it. It started gesticulating with its forelegs once again.

“Are you saying that you are grateful to me because I liberated you from that seal, and that you wanted to pay me back for it?” asked Su Yu.

The small kylin nodded. Su Yu became more and more fond of this small kylin. This was because its pureness, cleverness, and mischievousness reminded him of the feeling that he had gotten when he first met Xianer.

He stroked its head and sincerely said, “From now on, this Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl can be your home. But, if you have a home, then I will deliver you back to it.”

The small kylin shook its head and gesticulated for a while, explaining that its previous master was dead, so it was now alone.

Was that so-called previous master that skeleton’s owner?

It seemed to Su Yu like his name was probably the Divine Master Tu Mo! He must have unexpectedly managed to take the young Real Spirit as his pet!

Did he also die in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion?