The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 567

Chapter 567 Ancient Spiritual Worms

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There was no way of knowing the answers to these questions. The only thing that Su Yu knew was that this young Real Spirit, which every All Creation Old Monster could only dream of having, had now become his pet!

However, after giving it some thought, Su Yu said, “If there is nothing else that you need to accomplish, stay in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. Until you grow strong enough, your appearance will put you in great danger!”

As it was a young Real Spirit, once it appeared before humans, its only fate was for it to be pursued and captured. Hearing this, the little kylin was slightly dissatisfied. After all, it had an innate desire to stay active and did not like the idea of staying within the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

Rolling its eyeballs, the little kylin leapt from Su Yu’s body. The pink mist around its body shone brightly.

In a split second, the figure of a lady walked out from the mist of light! The lady had a beautiful face that did not belong to the human world. Hers was a suffocating kind of beauty.

“Xia Jingyu?” Su Yu was shocked!

The lady who had walked out of the mist of light looked exactly like Xia Jingyu! The beautiful face, coupled with an inextinguishable aura, was eerily similar to her in every way!

The only difference was that Xia Jingyu’s beautiful pupils had been replaced by a pair of purple pupils that belonged to the little kylin. Matched with Xia Jingyu’s facial features, there was an additional sense of mystery.

Su Yu was stunned. Only when the little kylin had thrust itself into Su Yu’s arms did he realize what had happened and uncomfortably pushed the little kylin away.

“Coughs… Why did you turn yourself into this?” Su Yu asked.

As the little kylin was still unable to articulate itself clearly, it used its two hands to gesture. It meant to say that it was naturally good at transforming itself, such that normal people would not be able to distinguish between the real and fake forms.

However, Su Yu was concerned about something else at the moment, so he asked more specifically, “What I meant to ask was, why did you use Xia Jingyu’s appearance?”

The little kylin oddly tilted its head to the side and gesticulated further, revealing in an unclear manner, “Master…in your soul, this is the most… memorable… person…”

Su Yu’s heart beat wildly, and he lost all of his senses on the spot.

The most important person in his heart was Qin Xianer! Or was it? When had it become Xia Jingyu?


Su Yu was frantic. He could deceive himself, but not the little kylin! Based on its senses, the kylin had discovered that Xia Jingyu was more memorable than Qin Xianer in Su Yu’s soul. Therefore, it had turned itself into Xia Jingyu’s doppelganger!

After a long moment of silence, Su Yu showed a bitter emotion that could be observed by the change in the corners of his mouth.

When the hills are all flat and when the Heaven and Earth combine, not until then will I part with you… When he heard this in his mind, he felt a change in his heart. I should have known….

He had to ask himself if the most important person in his heart was truly Qin Xianer. Also, he had to wonder if he never really had feelings for Xia Jingyu. In fact, it was not that he did not have feelings for her, but that he would not admit it.

But, between Qin Xianer and Xia Jingyu, who do I really love?

It was such a difficult question to answer. His heart was only big enough to accept one person. If he admitted feelings for one of them, there would not be enough space for the other.

All along, he had thought that the person within his heart was Qin Xianer. However, the truth was that Xia Jingyu had always been the one!

Had he truly loved Xianer? They were engaged within days of knowing each other. Thereafter, they parted ways and only had a brief reunion before being separated again.

Until today, he had never properly spoken to Xianer. The thing that had kept them together was the contract that officially connected them as fiancé and fiancée.

It was Qin Xianer’s humble reliance on Su Yu and her thoughtfulness that had touched him so deeply. It was also Su Yu’s tender love and sense of responsibility towards her that had cemented the relationship.

However, Su Yu now realized that his sense of responsibility and need to protect Qin Xianer were greater than his romantic feelings for her. As for Xia Jingyu, Su Yu felt true emotions of love.

There were many times that she had faced death willingly for his sake, which touched him deeply. She had been with him through thick and thin. All the while, Xia Jingyu appeared soft and gentle, but she was really strong and resilient!

If Qin Xianer’s feelings were the kind that flowed gently and made someone love her tenderly, then Xia Jingyu’s feelings were the kind that brought forth waves of emotions that were eternally unforgettable.

The bitterness in the corners of his mouth spread as he admitted his true feelings for the first time. This was thing that he did not want to face most!

“Master, what is the matter? If you are not happy, I will change my appearance.” The little kylin could not understand Su Yu’s expression.

Its body flashed. This time, it turned into a likeness of Qin Xianer. They looked supremely alike. Even its facial expression was a perfect imitation of Qin Xianer’s.

Su Yu remained silent for a long while. His joy of acquiring the young Real Spirit as his pet had diminished. After he recollected himself, Su Yu looked at the little Kylin and said, “I think it is best if you change your appearance again.”

The little kylin murmured in acknowledgement and obediently changed into another human form. This time, it turned into a likeness of Lü Chuyi!

How could it be her? Was she next in line after Qin Xianer in my heart?

After a brief moment, Su Yu understood that his feelings for her were more of an apologetic nature than one of romance. Among these ladies, Lü Chuyi was the only one that Su Yu could not keep his mind off of.

More importantly, Su Yu had taken away her first time, despite her having someone else in her heart. Su Yu felt very guilty for his actions towards Lü Chuyi, which is why he could not stop thinking about her.

“Do you want me to change again?” The little kylin blinked its big purple eyes as it gesticulated with its hands. It behaved mischievously, which was the complete opposite of Lü Chuyi’s cold demeanor.

“Forget it. You can stay this way. However, if you can help it, do not leave the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.” As Su Yu gave his order to the little kylin, it laughed happily and approached closer to him, looking at him endearingly.

Su Yu helplessly pushed it away and changed the topic. “Oh yes, why did you jump towards the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo? Do you like eating this kind of spiritual fruit of the universe?”

He guessed that a mysterious creature like the Real Spirit might have an unusual diet. However, the little kylin shook its head, then pulled Su Yu along as it moved towards the front of the nursery garden. It then pointed to the sapling on the right.

Su Yu was confused. Upon closer observation, he noticed that the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo on the right had a slightly darker tone.

The little kylin gesticulated thereafter. Finally, Su Yu understood it and asked, “What you mean to say is, there is a pest that has grown inside this sapling?”

The little kylin nodded its head and opened its mouth widely as if it was ucking in air. The shapeless sucking force contained a power that could not be felt. It went through the sapling without hurting it, then reached somewhere deep below the ground.

All that could be seen was a pink mist that flashed brightly. Then, a worm the size of a grain was suddenly sucked out from the silver-colored sapling. It was round and was crawling on the ground. It looked like it had just had a feast.

“Even the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo can breed pests?” Su Yu was rather surprised.

The seed of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo was known to be extremely tough, after all. So, he had to wonder what kind of worm was able to dig into the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo and absorb its essence.

Observing the weakened Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, Su Yu could not help but feel angered. He lifted his leg and was prepared to step on the pest to kill it!

It was such a strange worm. If it were allowed to reproduce in the nursery garden, Su Yu was worried that all the plants they planted in the future would be destroyed.

“Please stop, Master!” Wu Aoyue called out urgently after giving it some thought.

As she spoke, she ran over with a box made out of jade, then placed the worm inside it. After observing it for a brief moment, her facial expression suddenly became unsettled.

“Master, please wait for a while. Let me check the literature on it. I recall seeing this in the literature, and it looks to be one of the ancient spiritual worms!”

Ancient spiritual worms? It would appear that the two seeds of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo had indeed existed for some decades. The worm had also appeared very unexpectedly. Before this, no worm had existed in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

Could the ancient spiritual worm have been in a deep slumber within the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo all this time?

Could it be that, since the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo had finally sprouted, it was awakened?