The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 569

Chapter 569 Underworld Refinery

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Even if it was of the lowest grade, the silk that the worm secreted would still be extraordinary. While it might not be of use to Su Yu, at least Xianer, Xia Jingyu, and the Duke of Xianyu would find it valuable.

Wu Aoyue agreed with this opinion, so she retrieved a huge container and placed the worm within it, determining to feed it regularly. However, both she and Su Yu did not notice that the moment she put the bowl with the pictures of demonic beasts away, the second picture brightened up for a brief moment, only to fade away again…

Su Yu finally had time to sort through the four treasures that the little kylin had snatched earlier. When Su Yu held the Real Spirit Dragon Vein in his palm, he felt joyful.

This type of silk yarn treasure was Su Yu’s best offensive treasure. Even more wonderful was the fact that no one else knew that the Dragon Vein had been returned to Su Yu.

He then turned his attention to the Eight Directional Bamboo Flute, which was capable of controlling souls and had a very strong deadly energy. Su Yu had personally witnessed its frightening might.

Unfortunately, he could not complete the set with the Six Directional Ruler. The Eight Directional Bamboo Flute and the Six Directional Ruler would have complemented each other so well, as one was used for offense and the other was perfect for defense, respectively.

The Underworld Pearl was next. It had been sealed, along with the Desolate Sea Lost Pearl, in the final place of Legacy. It contained the thunderbolt energy, which could allow a prototype fairy artifact to be developed into the next stage. This was actually the first time that Su Yu had heard of the Underworld Pearl, so he had no idea how effective it was.

“The treasure of the Ghost World, the Underworld Pearl!” Wu Aoyue looked over, following Su Yu’s gaze, her pupils filled with surprise and shock. “Could it be that Master entered the place of Legacy of Materials that was protected by the descendants of the guards?”

Su Yu asked her in return, “Why do you ask? Do you know about the Underworld Pearl?”

Wu Aoyue was tongue-tied, but was finally able to stammer out, “Everyone in the Jiuzhou Continent knows about it! There was a great war between humans and the ghosts about a century ago. The Master of the Ghost World had released five treasures that had been refined with the Underworld Pearl. None of the Old Monsters from the Jiuzhou Continent could defend themselves against it and were all killed as a result. If it were not for an emergency in the Ghost World, which caused the great army of the Ghost World to retreat, I am afraid our Jiuzhou Continent would have been completely destroyed by the Master of the Ghost World!”

Hearing this, Su Yu’s eyes brightened.

Was there such a great war between the humans of Jiuzhou and the ghost clan? And, was the Underworld Pearl really this powerful? Surely there was not only one All Creation Old Monster in the entire Jiuzhou Continent!

“This Underworld Pearl must have been left behind by the Master of the Ghost World when he was surrounded by the All Creation Old Monsters. From the looks of its might, it may have deteriorated significantly and would not be as strong as it used to be,” Su Yu observed aloud.

After all, if the Underworld Pearl had been in its prime, Tian Jizi would not have faced such a terrible fate.

“Do you know about the details of the great war?” Su Yu then asked.

Wu Aoyue shook her head. “The great war was very elaborate, as it involved the entire Jiuzhou Continent. I would not be able to recount every single detail for you. The one thing I do know is that nearly half of the almighty humans were wiped out. All of their Primordial Qi was also greatly affected. The master of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, Tian Jizi, was unfortunately struck down while fighting the Master of the Ghost World. Even his Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion fairy artifact was destroyed and floated into the void.”

She then added, “I’m not certain how many of the strong ones died or went missing, but they were all sucked into the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.”

Eh? Su Yu raised his eyebrows. Something is not right! After all, Tian Jizi had died at the hands of Xue Di, not the Master of the Ghost World!

“If you are interested, you could have a look at the literature that recalls it. However, the more secretive news reports would only be available within the bigger factions’ archives. The Purple Cloud Palace would have it!” she offered.

Su Yu was deep in thought as he nodded his head and said, “Yes, please continue talking.”

Naturally, he would not go to the Purple Cloud Palace, as he was too concerned about Lü Chuyi! After all, she was the outside sanctum elder of the Purple Cloud Palace!

How could I face her?

“What is the use of this Underworld Pearl?” Su Yu curiously tried to pick it up. However, to his surprise, he could not even lift it! The little pearl felt as heavy as ten big mountains that were stacked on top of each other!

Wu Aoyue covered her mouth as she laughed. She then said, “It looks like you have discovered its use! It sure is heavy! In fact, the Underworld Pearl is the most condensed object in the entire world!”

She then continued to explain, “It would require a strong person, who was well-cultivated in body training techniques, to move it! The fact that the little kylin was able to bring it here should attest to its extraordinary abilities!”

Su Yu suddenly realized something… Could it be that the reason the central star in the Wisest Milky Way Formation was so heavy was because of this Underworld Pearl?

This object was so heavy, it could even crush an All Creation Old Monster! Thus, it was quite odd for Su Yu and the little kylin to be able to move it!

“The pearl contains the blood essence of the Master of the Ghost World. Even an All Creation Old Monster would not be able to refine it for its own use. I advise Master not to waste your time on this! Even if you were able to refine it, you would need to cultivate a strong body to make it work properly,” Wu Aoyue explained.

The Underworld Pearl was a treasure of the Ghost World that could be seen, but not touched. Hence, it was practically useless.

Is that so? Su Yu caressed his chin and placed his palm over the Underworld Pearl. With a thought in his heart, he summoned forth a silver charm, which appeared in the heart of his palm and began turning slowly. Not long after this, a black-colored ghost energy that contained a bloody scent slowly seeped out from the Underworld Pearl.

Wu Aoyue was stunned. She immediately reacted by asking, “Erm… The mark has been lifted! What did you do?”

The amount of shock she had just experienced was even greater than when she had discovered the existence of the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl! After all, this was supposed to be a treasure that even an All Creation Old Monster could not refine, yet Su Yu was able to lift the mark!

After a moment, Su Yu removed his palm. He looked slightly pale and very exhausted.

He was also very surprised. He had tried to use the Milky Way Star Sand to purify the pearl, intending to remove the mark as a way to get rid of the contaminants.

However, the Milky Way Star Sand was only capable of removing one percent of the contaminants, and it had already used up a large amount of his mental energy. Now, he felt more tired than ever.

No wonder it is a treasure of the Master of the Ghost World! It could even withstand the might of an emperor-based saint artifact!

Su Yu was secretly surprised. It seemed like refining the entire Underworld Pearl would take at least three full months, even if he worked at it day and night! Su Yu’s pupils shone with excitement and expectation, and he wondered what kind of might the pearl would hold once it was fully refined.

Even if it was in a deteriorated state, surely it would still have a very strong might! As such, the rewards of the recent events would be immeasurable. Moreover, it was all thanks to the little kylin!

“For now, stay in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. I still need to deal with a very strong enemy. So, it would be unwise for you to show yourself,” Su Yu said to the little kylin.

The little kylin was slightly dissatisfied. However, it nodded its head obediently, then tugged at the lowest end of Su Yu’s pants with its two hooves. This was a signal for Su Yu let it out as soon as possible.

Su Yu smiled and looked at the final treasure, the steel box. The box had also been snatched by the little kylin.

After a moment of thinking, Su Yu decided to wait until he could find Xia Jingyu to open the box with her. Su Yu then exited the space and returned to his physical body.

He had already rested there for two hours. As such, the injury on his right arm seemed to be recovering fine, as were his bones.

After all, as he had broken through as a Half-Fairy and acquired Vital Energy, his healing abilities had improved tremendously! In fact, it seemed like it would take less than half a day for him to fully recover!

However, right then, Su Yu felt a pain in his chest. His facial expression changed slightly, while he asked, “It managed to break free from the formation so soon? It even killed one of my clones?” Su Yu’s clone was linked to him telepathically, therefore, he could naturally sense it after it had been destroyed.

According to his plan, the Ice Soul Divine Dream Spell should have been able to trap the puppet for a day. If he were lucky, it would have been trapped until the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion ended.

However, Su Yu did not expect it to break free in merely two hours! It had even managed to discover one of his clones!

It looked like Su Yu could not leave yet, as the chance of him being discovered was too great. Suddenly, Su Yu felt a warning in his heart…

He immediately stood up and looked into the darkness, his eyes contracting as he spoke, “How did you find me?”