The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Consecutive Defeats and the Proud Martial Artist

Zheng Yilin's smile stiffened as he tried to suppress the anger in his heart.

Zheng Yilin had not yet settled the score with Su Yu regarding the dubious event with Su Yu and Xia Jingyu on the same bed. However, at the moment, Su Yu was extremely arrogant and he had humiliated Zheng Yilin in front of the audience.

His muscles became stiff as he laughed; "Haha, your level of confidence is remarkable. As a martial artist, you must always be full of confidence. This quality of yours is commendable"

With cold eyes, Su Yu berated Zheng Yilin; "You are very talkative! If you want to fight, make your move now. If not, get out of the arena!"

Su Yu's mind was focused on saving the Duke of Xianyu. He must take advantage of every minute and every second, and he could not stand Zheng Yilin's false pleasantries!

Zheng Yilin could not fake his kind manner any longer as Su Yu publically berated him. His face turned red, then green. His expression gradually turned grave, and he stopped concealing his cold attitude. "Know your place! Let me, your Senior, teach you respect!" He said harshly.

Zheng Yilin shifted one foot forward, his body like a tiger tensing.

In a split second, a layer of harmonic rhythm circulated around his body, causing his body to look distorted and strange.

"Five Lights Ten Fists!" Zheng Yilin roared as he punched forward ten consecutive times.

When combined with the Holy Decree, the light from every punch kept appearing, then vanishing.

One punch was aimed towards Su Yu's chest. But, in a split second, that punch was redirected towards Su Yu's arm instead! Each punch appeared and disappeared mysteriously, making it difficult to anticipate where they would come from!

Su Yu's purple-colored clothes moved calmly. Within his deep eyes, his pupils turned crystalline!

The moment the ten punches came towards him, Su Yu started to move!

"Tempest!" Against the Holy Decree, Su Yu only used a medium level cultivation technique at Stage Three Top Class!

Thump, thump, thump

In that short moment, Su Yu gave ten kicks, each accurately aimed at Zheng Yilin's punches as they appeared and disappeared mysteriously!

It was as if in Su Yu's heart, he knew where all the punches of Zheng Yilin would come from.

By predicting where they would appear, he could accurately deflect all of Zheng Yilin's punches!

Rumble, rumble, rumble

Ten sounds reverberated within the arena.

Zheng Yilin's harmonic rhythm was dissipated by Su Yu!

"You! How is it possible?" Zheng Yilin's grave expression turned to that of astonishment.

Chong Nanfei was only able to defend himself against three of Zheng Yilin's punches. However, Su Yu saw through his Holy Decree and had easily defended himself!

Naturally, Zheng Yilin did not know that, in order to save time, Su Yu had used his sight-skills.

Without a doubt, Zheng Yilin's Five Lights Ten Fists was extremely mysterious. When slowed down, however, that mystery quickly dissolved.

Normally, Su Yu would not display his time-slowing sight-skills, as he wanted to strengthen his own abilities through difficult trials. But in such an urgent situation, he would not miss any opportunity to save any time.

Ignoring Zheng Yilin's astonishment, Su Yu approached him. As per before, Su Yu only used a medium level cultivation technique which was at Stage Three Top Class.

That medium level cultivation technique was more than enough to defeat Zheng Yilin!

Zheng Yilin was both shocked and furious, and he demanded an answer from Su Yu! He had managed to hone his medium level cultivation technique to Stage Three Upper Class, but Su Yu's cultivation technique was at Top Class.

Although Zheng Yilin's cultivation base was higher than Su Yu, Su Yu had an extraordinary, superior body. In the clash, due to those differences, Su Yu had the upper hand!

Rumble, bang, bang

Zheng Yilin retreated repeatedly as Su Yu fought against him. He caused the audience to be dumbstruck!

Was this person still the same Zheng Yilin who defeated Chong Nanfei with one move? In front of Su Yu, he could only barely defend himself!

Zheng Yilin was both humiliated and furious. He was actually inferior to Su Yu!

All along, Zheng Yilin felt that Su Yu could not withstand more than a single blow from him. If he were serious, he would defeat any opponents easily and naturally. Therefore, he had never taken Su Yu seriously.

However, when he fought Su Yu for the first time, he found that Zheng Yilin was actually inferior to him!

The huge contradiction between the past and the present made it difficult for Zheng Yilin to accept the harsh and cruel truth!

In particular, he found it especially difficult to admit he had been defeated in front of Xia Jingyu!

With both of Su Yu's legs, Tempest made Zheng Yilin look as if he came out of a land of snowhis body was covered with ice and frost, and he was chilled to the heart, bones, and soul.

"Get out" Zheng Yilin opened his mouth and gave an unsatisfied roar!


At that moment, Su Yu's kick, covered with ice and frost, landed on Zheng Yilin's mouth mercilessly.


Zheng Yilin gave a fierce and horrible shriek. His mouth, which was open, was frozen stiff. The saliva in his mouth turned into ice, and his cheeks filled with snow.

Another powerful kick landed on his face even more mercilessly, and Zheng Yilin was thrown from the arena!

Three moves!

Su Yu had only used three moves against Zheng Yilin!

When Zheng Yilin was thrown off the arena, he was both humiliated and furious; "You"

Su Yu's eyes were cold: "Looks like you don't have the right to advise me. Your Holy Decree was not impressive, and it was inferior to a medium level cultivation technique."

When Su Yu saw Zheng Yiling's Holy Decree, he was unimpressedthough, he wasn't entirely sure why.

He felt that Zheng Yilin's Holy Decree was prosaic and not very rhythmic. Su Yu did not understand why he felt this way. Could it be because he had also managed to comprehend the Holy Decree?

Zheng Yilin's face was boiling hot. A moment ago, he said that he would advise Su Yu. In the end, though, he was inferior to one of Su Yu's medium level cultivation techniques!

As he was filled with humiliation, he subconsciously looked at Xia Jingyu.

He saw that Xia Jingyu had a genuine smile. When she looked at Su Yu her clear eyes were full of admiration.

As though she felt Zheng Yilin's eyes looking at her, Xia Jingyu shot a glance towards him, shook her head lightly, and looked somewhere else coldly.

Her gaze said everything without uttering a single word; she was telling Zheng Yilin that his Holy Decree was nothing special, as it could be overpowered by a medium level cultivation technique. Even so, he still dared to bring up a presumptuous request.


With his body already injured, Xia Jingyu's delicate expression dealt him a psychological attack that caused him to spit out a mouthful of blood. Zheng Yilin fainted on the spot out of fury.

Zheng Yilin, the number one martial artist in Xianyu prefecture's martial arts training institute, was completely defeated!

Many people looked at the purple-shirted silhouette in the arena and they quivered in fear.

"The victory goes to Su Yu!" The referee was astonished. A medium level cultivation technique had actually defeated the Holy Decree. Something so unimaginable had actually occurred, live in front of his eyes.

Although the audience was amazed, the people from the Sanctuary looked unimpressed.

"There are many types of Holy Decree. There are assault types and auxiliary types. Zheng Yilin's Holy Decree, bending the light to create an illusion to defeat the enemy, is an auxiliary type Holy Decree. It is not very powerful and, once the enemy understands the illusion, it loses all power. It was normal for him to be defeated." The Fiery Minister said.

"As for Su Yu, his levels of abilities are acceptable." The Fiery Minister looked at Su Yu.

A few inspectors nodded their heads secretly. Even though the Fiery Minister's assessment of Zheng Yilin was a bit undervalued, they could not deny that Zheng Yilin's Holy Decree was not as strong as they expected.

The Holy Decree was something essential to becoming the Holy King. However, many martial artists greatly believed in the abilities of the Holy Decree. They thought that by mastering the Holy Decree, they would be invincible. However, little did they know that the Holy Decree was split into different grades, like all techniques.

Zheng Yilin's Holy Decree was overrated; it could be said that Zheng Yilin took his Holy Decree too seriously.

The referee measured Su Yu's energy and found that he was slightly exhausted.

Tempest only used a bit of Su Yu's stamina. His crystalline eyes would quickly tire him out, however.

This was the reason why Su Yu did not often use his crystalline eyes. The move used a lot of stamina; unless it was a critical situation, he would not use it.

"Su Yu, from now on, you are the arena defender. According to the rules, after every match, you can rest for two hours. You now have two hours to prepare for your next match." The referee reminded him out of goodwill.

Su Yu took a deep breath, and his chest expanded and contracted as his body calmed. After he breathed, Su Yu gestured his hands in disapproval; "No need!"

At the edge of the arena, Su Yu looked at the battle preparation area and his eyes swept across the eight remaining Holy Talents.

"You, come up!" Su Yu followed the levels of abilities and chose a martial artist that was Level Six Lower Tierhe was the number one demon student of a martial arts training institute in one of the prefectures.


His opponent leaped into the arena, full of confidence: "Su Yu, everyone says that you are a black horse. I don't believe that a black horse like you will be stronger than me!"

"Thunder Dragon's Fist!" A medium level cultivation technique at Stage Three Upper Class!

Both his fists were as fierce as a water dragon, rising from the sea!

It was a top medium level cultivation technique!

"Tempest!" Su Yu was expressionless as he confronted his opponent tenaciously.

Rumble, bang, bang


With one kick, his opponent's fists were frozen with ice.

With the second kick, his opponent's body became numb and sweaty.

With the third kick, his opponent was thrown off the arena!

His opponent was defeated by three moves!

Even though he had a cultivation base of Level Five Lower Tier, Su Yu had suppressed a demon student at Level Six!

"Su Yu, two consecutive wins!" The referee declared.

With that, Su Yu's calm eyes did not waver in the slightest bit. Instead, he was full of anxiety!

The whole process of the battle and the referee taking down the comments of the inspectors and the Fiery Minister took an hour. This long-winded procedure had caused Su Yu's heart to feel restless!

After two consecutive matches, Su Yu was only left with eight hours!

He still had seven opponents. Every opponent that he faced was stronger and stronger!

Even though he felt slightly exhausted, Su Yu did not have a second to stop and rest.

"You, come up!"

The referee was surprised. Anyone who fought three consecutive matches would have their stamina depleted by a fair amount. Why was Su Yu in such a rush?

A few people started to realize something was wrong. It seemed as though Su Yu was rushing for timehe even refused to rest!

Only the First Prince knew what was happening, and he grinned; "Everything is under control. Su Yu, let's see how I'll torture you to death!"

The third match!

"Seven Slithering Steps!"



Su Yu, three consecutive wins!!

The fourth match!

"I don't believe that I will lose to you. Let's see how much longer you can last!"



Su Yu, four consecutive wins!

The fifth match!

"Humph! You had better rest up. I don't wish to fight with someone so exhausted it's unfair!"



Five consecutive wins!

Su Yu had achieved five consecutive wins. He only lacked four more consecutive wins before he could become the current Holy Meet's king and obtain one of the Holy King's wishes!

Five hours remained before the execution of the Duke of Xianyu!

But Su Yu was exhausted. His face was pale and he puffed and panted heavily.

The audience was confused and concerned. With a huge depletion in his stamina, the more he fought, the weaker he would get; Su Yu's abilities would get weaker and weaker.

In addition, every opponent he faced was stronger than the previous one, and Su Yu's hope of continuing his consecutive winning streak started to look farfetched.

"Is he crazy? He has already won five consecutive matches!"

"No idea, he seems reckless."

The referee could not take it anymore; "Su Yu, rest for two hours immediately!" He demanded.

Su Yu gestured his hands in approval and breathed deeply. He dragged his exhausted body to the edge of the arena and pointed at the sixth person; "Xia Jingyu, let's have a duel!"

He had no time! There was no time left!

The Duke of Xianyu was going to be executedhis heart burned with fire and he was extremely restless.

Apart from Su Yu, Xia Jingyu was the only person who managed to fight into the top ten, even though she had not achieved Level Six yet.

This meant that Xia Jingyu had certain strengths that surpassed a normal person, and her abilities were outstanding.

In Xia Jingyu's clear eyes, she saw Su Yu's exhausted body. Even though he was weak, he still pushed himself.

That anxious, stubborn, and restless nature of his touched Xia Jingyu's heart.

Was it worth doing all this for his gratitude? Xia Jingyu felt that it was not worth it for Su Yu to torture himself so.

However, in her heart, Xia Jingyu was extremely delightedas she had met a friend who valued relationships as highly as he valued his own life.


Xia Jingyu leaped into the arena and she looked at Su Yu profoundly. She then revealed an encouraging expression.

After which, she turned around, leaped beneath the arena of her own accord and returned to the battle preparation area, without ever acknowledging what she had just done.

The referee was dumbfounded; "Xia Jingyu surrendered of her own accord. Su Yu, six consecutive wins!" He declared.

Su Yu's heart warmed. Adoration welled up in his heart for Xia Jingyu, as well as immense gratitude.

It was Dong Lin's turn.

Dong Lin's eyes overflowed with anger and dissatisfaction.

The moment Dong Lin had lost to Du Yuntian was the same moment where Su Yu defeated Chong Nanfei.

This implied Dong Lin was inferior to Su Yu!

In particular, he noticed that the Third Prince had placed all his expectations on Su Yu. All those expectations should have belonged to him, Dong Lin!

His head was burning with anger and dissatisfaction.

In actuality, when comparing raw ability, Dong Lin was stronger than Chong Nanfei.

After all, he had honed his medium level cultivation technique to Stage Three Top Class and his advanced level cultivation technique to Stage One Lower Class, while Chong Nanfei's medium level cultivation technique was only at Stage Three Upper Class.

"Su Yu! I will have a duel with you! I want to see how you are stronger than me!" Dong Lin stood up abruptly, eyes filled with disdain.

Su Yu only has a mere medium level cultivation technique at Stage Three Top Class. How can he match me?