The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 570

Chapter 570 Fighting Two Fairy Realm Experts

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There was a tall and upright person coming out of the darkness. He had a ferocious-looking face and ghost energy was twirling around his whole body. This person was none other than the Ghost King!

However, Su Yu didn’t believe that such a coincidence could occur, where he would run into him and stumble upon his hiding place by chance! It must be known that the Ghost King had fled in another different direction.

He became somewhat tense and nervous, while thinking of this… If the Ghost King was able of easily find him, then wouldn’t it be even easier for that Silver Puppet?

The Ghost King looked at the empty place where his right arm had been and calmly spoke, “With my arm in your hand, it wasn’t difficult for me to sense your position!”

Su Yu was surprised by his words, yet was also relieved by them. In the Zhenlong Continent, to express how sincere he was in cooperating with Su Yu, and to fool the old man within the painting, the Ghost King broke one of his arms, then left it in Su Yu’s space ring. Thus, it had been extremely easy for the Ghost King to sense his arm’s location via his connection to his blood essence.

“What did you come here for? if you immediately go and hide now, you can still make it, but if you waste time until that Silver Puppet comes, it will be impossible for any of us to escape it!” Su Yu stealthily held onto his golden small sword, while putting up a calm and cool front.

The Ghost King snickered. “I obviously came to take your life! Did you assume that you could continue to live, while taking my prized objects?” These so-called objects were obviously the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring and the Mysterious Heavenly Map, which the old man within the painting held.

Su Yu’s expression was still calm, as he replied, “Take my life? I’m afraid that you still don’t have enough power for that. Unless you want to die, you should forget about it.”

The Ghost King looked at Su Yu’s right arm and sneered. “You have only one Thunder Sword remaining, along with one formation orb of the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation, so killing you won’t be difficult.”

After he spoke, the Ghost King’s body, which was as black as ink, disappeared in the darkness. His powerful body then burst out with a formidable power.

Such a powerful body had even once forcefully blocked by Su Yu’s Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters’ attack and saved Bai Qi! As such, Su Yu would be left half-dead if he even slightly collided against such a powerful body!

However, Su Yu’s expression still barely changed, as he said, “I have plenty of ways for dealing with you.”

He waved his hand, and a golden ring of light immediately shot out of his sleeves, then went after the Ghost King. Many characters and words were written in that golden ring, and after he poured his Vital Energy into it, eighteen vivid Buddha statues appeared.

The statues were reciting Buddhist scriptures with loud voices, and they were engulfed by a golden halo. The might of the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring, which was imbued with his Vital Energy, was incomparable to its past one.

Such a peerless Buddhist treasure was the nemesis of the Ghost King, who just looked on as that golden aura engulfed him. However, the Ghost King wasn’t afraid of it.

Instead, he coldly laughed and asked, “How could I not know that you had the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring? However, I’m not surprised at all by your use of such a deadly treasure.”

When he spoke, a painting appeared in the Ghost King’s bosom, and an old man, who had his hands clasped behind his back, walked out of it. The old man’s whole body was transparent, so one could see straight through him.

This old man’s soul was extremely powerful and was near the stage of turning into a physical entity. This was the soul of a Divine Master!

Su Yu had to wonder…

Who was the old man within the painting, and why did he have a soul at the Divine Master level?

After that old man appeared, he raised his hand and grabbed at the air. At that moment, Su Yu unexpectedly lost his connexion with the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring that he already refined, as it was easily taken over by that old man!

“Using my treasure to attack me? Youngster, you still have many things to learn!” The old man within the painting grinned as he spoke. “Hand over the Mysterious Heavenly Map, and I will grant you a painless death.”

Even at this moment, Su Yu’s expression was still as calm as before. “I don’t believe that you would dare to start a fight here. If we fought, the fluctuations caused by our fight would be easily detected by the Silver Puppet! If Silver Puppet comes over, then none of us would survive.”

The Silver Puppet was a blade that hung over all of their heads. However, the old man within the painting, as well as the Ghost King, just revealed somewhat odd smiles when they heard his warning.

“You are still too young and naive,” said the old man. “First, I already set a spell in those ruins, so no matter how intense our fight is, its fluctuations won’t spread outside. Second, I believe that you aren’t an opponent worthy of me anyway.”

After he finished speaking, a cold glow filled the old man’s eyes. The Ghost King revealed a fierce-looking expression we well.

However, Su Yu just smiled and replied, “I’m truly relieved by your preparations.”

Eh? The Ghost King and the old man within the painting were slightly startled and confused by his words and calm demeanor.

“You are just putting up a strong front. After all, you’ve already lost the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring, so what else could you have?” The Ghost King coldly snorted, as his body disappeared once again, like a formless wind.

Su Yu immediately turned over his hand and used his Cosmos Thunder Sword, which he waved at them. It clearly illuminated the Ghost King hideous-looking body.

The Ghost King was somewhat wary of it, but he didn’t retreat. Instead, he faced it head-on with his powerful body.

He then thrust his fist at it and scattered the sword’s energy. After just an instant, the Ghost King was inches away from Su Yu!

Su Yu moved aside and tried to dodge him, but suddenly felt a chill in his back. At the same time, he heard an ice-cold voice from behind him…

“Lad, it will end here!” The old man within the painting had taken advantage of Su Yu’s being distracted to teleport behind him and fling a deadly attack at him!

As if it was instinctive, a blue light beam flickered from under Su Yu’s feet and enveloped him. The old man within the painting calmly shook his head and said, “It’s useless. The defense of a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact can’t stop or block my attack.”

A cracking sound echoed, as that blue light beam cracked open, just like what the old man had said. That old man’s transparent palm had directly entered Su Yu’s heart.

However, a faint smile appeared at the corners of Su Yu’s mouth…


Suddenly, the entire place trembled, as four beads of different colors appeared around Su Yu’s body. They formed a ring, along with that blue bead, and enveloped Su Yu, the Ghost King, and the old man. The five colored light beams then soared up into the sky and formed a five-colored seal, which sealed all of them within it.

“Is this the complete Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation? Didn’t you have just a single bead?” the Ghost King was quite surprised by this phenomenon, and the old man within the painting’s expression gravely changed.

They had no idea that Su Yu had deliberately avoided revealing that he had the whole set of the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation in his hands! Hence, most people assumed that he had just one bead that had been lent to him by one of his sect’s elders!

Su Yu’s body flickered, then smoothly went through that seal and stood outside of it. He then calmly said, “You weren’t mistaken! It turns out that a fight between us won’t intense at all! Since you are clearly done attacking me, from now on, it’s my turn!”

A cold glow flickered in Su Yu’s eyes…