The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 571

Chapter 571 Birth Of The Devil

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“Capture!” As he shouted with a low voice, Su Yu placed his palms together and caused the Seal Cage to contract.

In one swift movement, the cage had contracted itself into a very small space, trapping the two within it. The Ghost King’s face sunk, and he appeared to be in an awful state.

“You are very good at hiding your treasures! Even on the many dangerous occasions in the past, you never used this treasure!” he exclaimed.

Su Yu had been walking on a tightrope when he faced the Silver Puppet at the seventh stage of the Divine Pavilion, as well as during the great battle in the Great Bone Palace. However, he had not revealed this treasure, even under those dire circumstances. As such, one could tell he indeed had ulterior motives.

Su Yu did not respond. Instead, he held his palms closer together and continued to contract the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation forcefully!


The Ghost King yelped in pain, as the bones in his arm were being crushed by the pressure! The space had suddenly contracted three more inches!

The Ghost King and the soul old man were compressed together, and the contraction was still continuing. It seemed like Su Yu was going to kill them both by pure compression!

Yet, the Ghost King was still hanging on, albeit with great difficulty. Although he had a strong body, he could only slow down the force of the compression, not stop it.

This increased strength and power was all due to Su Yu’s successfully cultivating a single Vital Energy Crystal. If he could condense all three of his Spirit Energy Crystals into Vital Energy Crystals, he could easily crush the Ghost King to death with a single flip of his palm!

The soul old man held a steady facial expression. It was the same strong will he had shown since the beginning.

Only when the light screen had tightened up around him did he ask softly, “Is this your final trump card?”

As he spoke, the soul old man extended a single finger and tapped against the Five Colored Veils of Light. A vortex appeared in the oddly strong Five Colored Veils of Light, which was big enough for a single person to pass through it!

His body then turned into a green smoke and flowed outside gradually. As the vortex closed up, the Ghost King was the only one still trapped within the cage.

“Simple tricks. This is child’s play,” the soul old man said coolly.

Su Yu was surprised but not shocked by his escape. Although the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation was formidable, it did not have the ability to trap souls. Therefore, it was unable to trap the soul old man within it for long.

Moreover, the old man was a strong soul of the Divine Master level! As such, Su Yu had already prepared himself for such shenanigans. As soon as the old man appeared outside of the cage, he used the Thunder Sword in his hand to strike out, thus creating a crescent thunderbolt! When used against a soul, the thunderbolt posed a very significant threat!

“The Thunder Sword?” The soul old man still looked calm and unperturbed. He immediately lashed out with his palm in return, and the huge crescent thunderbolt suddenly dissipated like smoke!

Su Yu was shocked. Even a top-tier Early Stage Fairy like Bai Yijian would be cautious in the face of such an attack. Yet, the soul old man was able to deflect it with a single strike of his palm!

Su Yu’s heart sank. He had underestimated the soul old man. After all, his remnant soul was still of a Divine Master level and was indeed very strong!

“Your might is impressive. Show me what other skills you have. Do not hesitate to use everything you have. Once I attack, you won’t have another chance!” the soul old man said coolly.

Su Yu suddenly felt troubled. He manipulated the Vital Energy in his body and imbued it into the Thunder Sword. He then lashed out with it three times.

Three thunderbolts quickly combined to form a mighty beam of sword energy! Everywhere it passed, a loud booming resounded in the air. The entire earth was compressed, and even the ultimate spell formation was vibrating greatly!

Yet, the soul old man still remained unruffled. Facing the ferocious sword energy calmly, he extended his entire palm and grasped after it in the air. All of a sudden, the entire space suddenly tightened, as if it had been grabbed by something very strong.

Thereafter, the space directly surrounding the Thunder Sword Energy suddenly contracted even more! The humongous sword energy was then swiftly compressed down, until it was only about one inch in length!

When the Thunder Sword Energy finally reached the old man, it became then shrunk down to the size of a candle’s flame! The soul old man then used two fingers to pinch it and easily extinguish the flame.

He shook his head lightly and said, “Such poor tricks. It seems like this is all you have got. If that is the case, it is my turn to send you on your way!”

Having extinguished the flame with ease, it was difficult to measure the difference in might between Su Yu and the old man! However, Su Yu was not disappointed. Instead, he let out an extended laugh that hinted at a deeper meaning.

Hearing the eerie laughter, the soul old man raised his eyebrows immediately. He felt that something was very odd…

Right then, he felt a searing pain in two of his fingers! When he realized what was happening, it was already too late!

All that could be seen was that flame that was the size of a candle, which the old man had extinguished earlier, had rekindled and was silently burning his fingers! The flame quickly spread across his entire finger and nearly burned it to a transparent state!

It was the soul flame of the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog! Once the flame started burning, it quickly spread throughout his entire palm!

The soul old man’s initially calm expression quickly turned into one of shock. “The soul flame?” As he shouted in surprise, he quickly shook his hand, hoping to get rid of the flame.

However, his palm had already become very weak and thin. In such a short duration of time, the white flame had caused very significant damage!

“Were you distracting me by concealing the soul flame in the Thunder Sword, even through multiple attacks?” The soul old man’s expression darkened. He could not believe that this man had actually used the flame that was his biggest weakness!

Su Yu just smiled in a way that hinted at a deeper meaning. The soul old man’s pupils contracted slightly. For the first time, he seemed deeply concerned. This young man was even more difficult to deal with than he had thought, as all of his tactics were layered and difficult to predict!

Just as he was raising his guard against Su Yu, a white flame appeared out of the blue and quickly surrounded him! The space where the flame had appeared was exactly where he had first extinguished it!

From the dented space, a white colored light flame was spilling out. It looked like a volcano had just erupted!

This was the real killer move that Su Yu had been preparing for! Although his first attack looked like it would not cause much harm, it was the one that contained the real killer technique!

When the sword energy was struck out by the old man, the soul flame had secretly been hidden inside the dented space. It then was able to explode when the opponent least expected it! As for the second Thunder Sword Energy and the weaker white flame, those were actually pre-planned distractions!

“What?” The soul old man’s facial expression changed drastically. He was unprepared for the white flame that soon engulfed him. His entire soul body had been transformed into a burning figure!


His soul was burning with sizzling sounds. As he shouted angrily, the old man’s soul was hastily disappearing.

He shouted out in a furious tone, “You have done something incredibly dumb! Retrieve this flame quickly! Is it coming out?”

It? Who is it? Su Yu was stunned by his somewhat confusing words.

The Ghost King was equally confused. But, soon after that, he seemed to sense something, and he started to speak. “This aura is…”

The soul old man was actually slowly disappearing into oblivion! However, something even more odd was happening. From the abyss of the oblivion, a black scale was slowly appearing, and a frightening aura was emanating from the top of it!

It was a kind of aura that was as strong as the Silver Puppet’s! In fact, it was even more intimidating than the Silver Puppet’s!