The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 572

Chapter 572 Consecutive Plots

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“It’s a demon’s aura.” The Ghost King’s eyes widened and fear appeared on his face. Even the Ghost King himself didn’t notice that his voice was shivering at this moment.

Many black scales grew out of the soul old man’s body after his body was burned. It was like there was an ancient ferocious beast asleep within his body that was gradually awakening and emitting a terrifying aura!

The soul old man was dreading and fearing its appearance more than anyone else, so he was overwhelmed with terror. As he looked at that white flame, which gradually burned and melted his body, the soul old man clenched his teeth and started weaving signs with both of his hands.

His soul was abruptly divided into two parts, and a frail soul body, which seemed like a mass of mist, was condensed within his body. It was so weak, it seemed like even a gust of wind would scatter it.

He had used some mysterious magical ability to forcefully tear his soul apart! Such an ability truly astounded Su Yu. Thus, the soul old man’s power had surpassed Su Yu’s expectations once again.

After he divided his soul into two parts, that second soul was engulfed by that white flame, while the soul old man original soul broke free of that soul flame. The soul old man didn’t dare to relax now, so he immediately took out the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring and poured his Vital Energy into it.

Buddhist golden rays instantly shone out of it, while Buddhist scriptures sounds echoed throughout the space. As that Buddhist light shone, the black scales that grew out of the old man’s body started quickly shrinking back into his soul’s deepest part. It seemed like they were extremely wary of the Buddhist light.

After just a short moment, all of the black scales in his body disappeared. The soul old man let out a breath after he got rid of them, although there was still a trace of lingering fear in his eyes.

After he let out a breath, that old man’s expression became gloomy and he fixedly stared at Su Yu with his old eyes. He then asked, “Fool, do you know what kind of great calamity you are about to cause?”

He then added, “In the past, I fought against an Otherworldly Demon, and in order to kill it, I didn’t hesitate to sacrifice my body. In the end, I sealed and suppressed its remnant soul inside my soul, and just now, you almost set it free! Do you know how many living beings would be harmed if that demon managed to escape?”

When he heard his words, the Ghost King couldn’t help but inwardly suck in a breath of cold air. He shook his head, then uttered apologetically, “It was truly a demonic being.”

The expressions of both the soul old man and the Ghost King were informing Su Yu that the demon they were talking about was surely no ordinary existence. However, Su Yu still couldn’t help but scorn this old man’s speech.

After all, he was a person who ruthlessly attacked him and was decisively and coldly handling all of his matters and affairs! In fact, there wasn’t the least bit of mercy in his actions! So, Su Yu had to wonder how could someone like him be concerned about common people’s well-beings!

Now, he was praising and glorifying himself as someone who had sacrificed himself for the human race! In fact, this old man might have just coincidentally run into that demon and been forced to fight it, and because of that fight, his body had been destroyed and his soul got entangled along with that demon’s remnant soul!

“So what? You are allowed to kill me, but I should not harm you?” Su Yu found this idea quite laughable.

The soul old man’s expression was extremely gloomy at this moment, and he coldly snorted several times, then mumbled, “You should die.”

Then, as the soul old man weaved signs with his both hands, a blue glow emitted from his soul body. If one looked at it from afar, it would seem to him like a burning flame, but if one carefully sensed it, they would find out that it was extremely cold.

Even Su Yu couldn’t help but shiver, and he felt his body becoming colder. It was like he had just fallen into an ice bath!

What was that? Su Yu’s heart shivered, as it was his first time witnessing a living being’s soul emitting such an extremely ice-cold aura.

“Since you are also a Prodigy of Souls like me, this old man will use my origin soul ice flame to kill you! You should be proud that you are able to die within it.” The soul old man widely opened his eyes, while his body, which was engulfed in blue ice flames, flew upward.

The surrounding space didn’t experience any changes because of that flame, but all living beings in the vicinity died. That ice-cold aura had directly frozen their souls!

Su Yu’s mind and consciousness started becoming muddled, and he felt like he would shortly fall into a deep sleep. However, it was fortunate that his soul was different from ordinary people’s, as he was promptly able to respond by biting his tongue to stimulate his mind and nerves with the pain.

He was deeply shocked by this flame! At such a critical moment, Su Yu emitted the white soul flame in his body and turned it into a sea of raging white flames, which then went after that soul ice flame and collided against it.

However, what made Su Yu’s heart sink was that, when his white flame ran into that ice flame, it was like a spark running into a raging river. It wasn’t able to even slightly block or obstruct it, so it was directly annihilated by it! Their soul secret techniques were obviously not at the same level!

The soul old man calmly smiled and said, “Your soul secret technique is one of the lowest grade techniques, yet you still want to confront me? You are just making a laughing stock out of yourself!”

As the soul old man was speaking, that boundless soul ice flame swept across Su Yu like a dreadful flood. Su Yu’s soul was instantly engulfed by that terrifying soul ice flame.

Coldness, death, despair, meaningless struggle all appeared in Su Yu’s soul at once. His soul had just received an intense and powerful shock which it had never felt before.

However, Su Yu still had the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron, which had an invincible defense against soul attacks. But, before his Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron could even respond, it was frozen too!

Su Yu’s heart sank.

What kind of terrifying secret technique was this, that even the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron couldn’t cope with it?

It was the first time that his Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron had failed in blocking a soul attack. When he just had such thought this, his mind heavily shook and his consciousness started to freeze.

With his consciousness muddled and blurred, he struggled to make a move. He weaved some signs with one of his hands.

The soul old man was surprised by his actions and didn’t dare underestimate him, as he knew that this lad had many unpredictable moves up his sleeve. Thus, he flew away and retreated while keeping an eye on Su Yu.

At that moment, a claw filled with ghost energy suddenly came out from behind him and penetrated his soul body’s chest! That ghost energy possessed a powerful and intense corroding power and it swiftly devoured the old man’s soul!

The soul old man turned his head and looked in disbelief at the owner of that claw. It was none other than the Ghost King, who should have been trapped within the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation!

“You…” The soul old man was incapable of understanding what was happening at that moment, as he couldn’t fathom how the Ghost King had manage to escape!

Moreover, he didn’t understand why the Ghost King had dared to attack him! What the soul old man didn’t know was that the Ghost King had already allied himself with Su Yu back in the Zhenglong Continent. He was now just fulfilling his promise.

So, as it turns out, the Ghost King was the true trump card!