The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 575

Chapter 575 The Unparalleled Might Of A Demon

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Su Yu sucked in a breath of cold air.

Is this a demon? He is completely different than those so-called demonic cultivators!

As Su Yu averted his gaze from him, the scaled old man’s purple eyes, which flickered like lightning, looked at Su Yu and the Ghost King. When he looked at him, Su Yu’s whole body stiffened, and he became incapable of even moving an inch.

Then, his whole body Spiritual Energy and Vital Energy stagnated, making him incapable of revolving them. This was also the case for the Ghost King, which caused deep fright and terror to appear on his face.

“The demon has awakened! That old ba*tard liberated that demon from his soul before his death.” The Ghost King’s voice was shivering.

“Hahahaha!…” The scaled old man started laughing. His laughter was irritating and extremely unpleasant.

“I should thank you, as it was because of you that the old bastard liberated me before his death, and it was only by condensing his dispersed soul that I was able to take form in this world.” This demon’s voice was hoarse, and his devilish purple eyes were flickering in an ice-cold glow.

The Ghost King, who was fixedly staring at him, said in a deep voice, “Since that’s the case, then why don’t you let us leave? You won’t gain anything by killing us.”

The demon coldly laughed, then said, “As a member of the ghost clan, can’t you understand that my demon race’s members are existences which are capable of strengthening themselves by swallowing all of the world’s living beings?”

“You are my first tonic after awakening, so you should be proud.” The demon coldly laughed.

Swallowing living beings to strengthen himself?

Su Yu’s heart sank, and he couldn’t help but bitterly smile. At first, it was a Silver Puppet that came at him, and now it was a demon! He was truly annoyed by these disasters which keep befalling him.

However, Su Yu would still not give up. His body flickered as he flew out several miles in mere moments.

However, the demon just coldly laughed, while two of his black scales flew out of his body and revolved in the air for a moment. They then shot towards Su Yu and the Ghost King. One of those scales traveled several miles in just an instant, soon reaching Su Yu’s back.

Su Yu’s heart intensely thumped, and he crazily poured all of the Vital Energy that was remaining in his body into the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation. That dim five-colored light screen burst out with resplendent lights once again.

However, Su Yu saw that the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation wasn’t able to block it for even a moment, as it immediately burst open! That black scale just continued on, ramming into Su Yu’s chest.

However, he didn’t feel any pain like he had expected, that scale just stuck onto his body and started quickly multiplying. After just a single moment had passed, Su Yu’s whole body was covered in black scales!

Moreover, his body’s cultivation, as well as his blood and flesh, were being absorbed by those scales. The scales were swelling and contracting back and forth as if they were worms, and the sight of them was truly horrifying.

Su Yu was greatly alarmed when he felt that his cultivation, as well as his blood and flesh, were quickly being absorbed. Without giving a second thought to it, Su Yu’s whole body flickered with lightning and he turned into a mass of lightning, then teleported away. What he had just used was called the Thunder Escape!

When the lightning appeared, the black scales seemed like they had just run into their nemesis, and they all came left him. However, the scale that flew out of the demon’s body was attached to Su Yu’s body, and it was still absorbing his cultivation, as well as his flesh and blood!

Su Yu’s heart sank when he discovered that he was incapable of teleporting more than several miles, despite the fact that his Thunder Escape should have allowed him teleport a hundred thousand miles! The surging demonic energy here had clearly affected his teleportation capabilities.

He gazed at the Ghost King and saw that he had grown much taller. He was both startled and angered by this, while he was also focused on frantically trying to get rid of the scales on his body.

However, those scales were closely stuck on him and were unceasingly devouring him. As such, his tall body was quickly withering. In fact, just a single scale could put both Su Yu and the Ghost King into quite a precarious situation.

The demon then scoffed, “So, now you are considering fleeing? It’s too late.” The demon’s body then suddenly shook, and ten scales fell out of it. It then turned into ten black lines, which flew in the air and shot into another distant space.

A figure suddenly appeared, seemingly out of thin air. The figure wore silver clothes and had handsome features. It was none other than the Silver Puppet!

Its hand was holding Su Yu’s clone. It had found out Su Yu’s position by using the clone, meaning that it might have already been present when Su Yu was fighting the soul old man! However, if it was, none of them had managed to discover it, as it was hiding.

Different from its usual self that always wore a cold smile, the current Silver Puppet revealed a wary look for the first time. It then swiftly retreated back and soared up to one of this place’s high peaks. It then flew toward the opening that led to the Jiuzhou Continent.

It had clearly given up on Su Yu and chosen to escape. However, those ten scales were faster than it had expected, and it was already covered by them before it managed to reach that opening.

In just a moment, the Silver Puppet lost most of its cultivation, which was nearing the Divine Master Realm, and it dropped into the middle stage of the Fairy Realm.

The Silver Puppet was horrified by this, and it shouted out in a sharp voice, “There is no feud between us, so why do you want to kill me?”

Panic and alarm were apparent in its flickering gaze. A demon had unexpectedly appeared!

As it shouted in a low voice, red threads, which covered the whole sky, shot out of the Silver Puppet’s body, expelling those ten scales. However, countless tentacles came out of those scales, and they drilled into the Silver Puppet’s pores, continuing to devour him.

Fear and panic appeared on the Silver Puppet’s face, and the blood threads in its body burst out like an erupting volcano. A sea of blood, which covered the whole sky, then soared up and rushed toward the opening.

The sky was dyed in peculiar interchanging black and blood-red colors for a moment. After those ten scales lost track of what they were attached to, they returned back into the demon’s body.

The demon curled up the corners of his mouth and revealed a cruel smile. He then said, “Humph! Even a trifling puppet dare to try escaping from my grasp?” While he was speaking, his body disappeared from its former place.

As the giant sea of blood was rushing toward the opening, the expression of the Silver Puppet, which was hiding within that sea, was quite unsightly, and it was exerting all of its power to fly into that opening.

However, a black ray flickered at this moment, and the demon, who was clasping his hands behind his back, stood at the opening and blocked it. The Silver Puppet was overwhelmed with shock, but since the exit was so close, it clenched its teeth and controlled that sea of blood, sendinging it rushing towards the opening.

That demon coldly scoffed at him. “Do you only know such pathetic moves?”

The demon extended his palm and waved it towards that sea of blood, then clenched his hand. That sea of blood, which filled the sky, seemed like it was held by some invisible giant hand, and it started being absorbed into the demon’s palm immediately.

After just a moment, the sea of blood disappeared, and only the Silver Puppet was left, still held by that palm. The Silver Puppet’s eyes were filled with shock and deep fright.

Su Yu looked at the scene in alarm. He was shocked that such a terrifying existence like the Silver Puppet could be this easily defeated by the demon! His heart sank down even further at this moment.


As a devilish ray of light flickered, the demon, who was holding the Silver Puppet like how someone would hold a weak chick, returned back to his former place.

He sized the puppet up for a while, then nodded and said, “You are still acceptable, although your absorption ability is too inferior. However, I can still use it.”

The Silver Puppet was overwhelmed with horror at this moment, wanting to fight back and struggle. But, it was already incapable of controlling its own body.

The Silver Puppet was just like a toy in front of this demon, unable to fight back. As such, the Silver Puppet felt remorse, shock, and regret.

The puppet had obviously had many opportunities to leave, but yet it still persistently chased after Su Yu to kill him. This had caused it to meet the demon, which was even more terrifying than itself! Even the puppet’s consciousness might be wiped out by this demon!

However, the demon didn’t immediately swallow the puppet. Instead, he swept his eyes over Su Yu and the Ghost King with his cold gaze.

The Ghost King’s tall body was just a pile of bones now, and his aura was already quite feeble. As for Su Yu, he had just one scale left on his body, and his lightning had protected him from it, so he hadn’t experienced any major damage.

“I should first deal with you before properly torturing this puppet!” The demon waved his hand at the Ghost King.


As a loud sound echoed, the Ghost King shrieked as his body turned into blood and flesh, which then splattered everywhere. The Ghost King had just been killed!

The scales, which were covering his body, started crazily revolving around the splattered blood and flesh, then cleanly devoured every inch of him before returning into the demon’s side. The demon’s aura immediately strengthened.

“It’s your turn.” The demon’s cold gaze turned to Su Yu as he raised up his hand and waved it at him.

Su Yu felt like his body had suffered an unimaginable oppressing force that seemed like it would cause him to shortly explode. His heart was intensely thumping and he clearly felt death approaching.

He shouted in a low voice as a longsword that was flickering with lightning flew out of his chest. After this Cosmos Thunder Sword appeared, it turned into an arc of lightning that attacked the remaining scale on Su Yu’s body.

The Thunder Sword contained dense thunderbolt energy, which was incomparable to the thunder that was cultivated by Su Yu himself, and when that black scale suffered such an intense lightning attack, it immediately fell off of him, then quickly dimmed and fell on the ground. It was as if it had just died!

After he got rid of that scale, Su Yu attacked with his sword as he retreated back. In this way, he was able to escape from that terrifying oppressing force!

The demon coldly smiled, then said, “A semi-manufactured lightning magical treasure! That is truly the bane of demons! But, it’s too weak!”

After saying this, the demon raised up his hand. Instantly, the Thunder Sword in Su Yu’s hands seemed like it had been caught by an irresistible suction force, and as it flickered, it flew right into the demon’s palm!

A sizzling sound echoed as the Thunder Sword’s lightning came into contact with the demon’s scales. A layer of black demonic energy then rose up! The demon wore a faint cold smile as he clenched his fist…


The Cosmos Thunder Sword then exploded into countless pieces, each flickering with lightning. Seeing that his sword was destroyed, Su Yu’s complexion was pale.

“Do you have another lightning magical treasure? If so, why don’t you use all of them?” The demon then raised up his hand once again and waved it at Su Yu.

In such a precarious moment, Su Yu surprisingly became calm, as he was now resigned to his fate. So, he coldly replied, “It’s still not over. Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture, open up!”

As Su Yu shouted, he waved all of his fingers, then started quickly weaving signs. However, nothing happened.

The demon slightly furrowed his brows, as he was bewildered by Su Yu’s actions. However, after a moment, he abruptly looked under his feet. There, he saw rubbles of a ruin that had formed a space that was a perfect hiding spot!

There was a black scroll coming up from that underground place, which came flying out of it. The scroll then slowly began to open up…