The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 576

Chapter 576

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Chapter 575 – Great Sun Punishment Fairy

Strands of black flames emanated slowly from the within the scroll, causing the demonic energy to move away frantically. The black sky had suddenly disappeared, and the world seemed bright once again.

Also, the ground had melted into pools of lava, and all of the mountains and plants had been badly burned. In fact, as the scroll opened, the flames continued to spread from the wasteland to the five peaks, then from the five peaks to the entire space beyond.

When the scroll was only half opened, the Eighth level of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion had already become a world of flames! The demon, who had been at the center of the flames, had not expected this at all!

“Flames of the Heavenly Disaster?” The demon’s face revealed a look of shock. “How is this possible? What kind of scroll is capable of sealing the Flames of the Heavenly Disaster?”

The Heavenly Disaster contained a special type of thunder, which was known as disastrous thunder. Likewise, the Heavenly Disaster also contained flames known as disastrous flames.

The disastrous flames were in fact sealed within the Great Sun Punishment Fairy’s Picture! This Fairy level cultivation technique allowed the user to engulf all of the flames in the world and then use them at will!

Manipulating this scroll required Vital Energy, which was why Su Yu was only able to use it now. When he had chosen to hide from the Silver Puppet in this place, he buried the scroll beneath the ground in preparation to launch an against the Silver Puppet. Unexpectedly, it had instead been used against the demon!

“Open!” Su Yu yelled in a low tone, causing the scroll to successfully open halfway!

A ball of black flames then floated upwards! Oddly, although the surrounding area was flaming hot, the black flame itself emitted no heat whatsoever.

Despite this, the demon looked very frightened. Instantly, the demon flew off to get away from the disastrous flames. His purple eyes were filled with a frightful bright light.

Su Yu then, with a thought in his mind, caused the black disastrous flames to quickly catch up with the fleeing demon. Sensing that the disastrous flames were getting closer, the demon had a very frightened expression on his face. He shouted loudly, “Stop it! I will let you live. Stop it now!”

Su Yu was emotionless. With a single thought, the disastrous flames caught up with the demon.

The demon’s face darkened significantly. “You deserve to die!”

Then, in the heat of the moment, the demon grabbed against the air. The Silver Puppet, who was dominated by him, suddenly flew to block the flames.

The Silver Puppet’s eyes rolled around crazily. It was extremely frightened and shouted at Su Yu angrily, “You darned b*stard, stop it now!”

The only reply it received was Su Yu’s cold words. “All of you, die!”


The disastrous flames exploded! It looked like the sun was exploding. Endless black flames were shooting across the sky in all directions. Anything that came into contact with them was burned into oblivion.

The vast space had literally been burned into ashes and the sky was filled with purple flames. Then, a pitiful cry was suddenly heard. It had come from the Silver Puppet, who was caught within the brightly burning flames and was rapidly melting away!

The Silver Puppet’s body was supposedly made from a very strong material that not even Lü Chuyi could break through. However, its body still slowly melted away into liquid silver, just like normal steel. The Silver Puppet’s consciousness was even burned into a comatose state!

The demon, who was hiding behind it, did not fare any better. In fact, 99% of his entire body of black scales had been melted away, revealing his translucent soul body beneath. At this moment, his soul looked very thin and weak.

His Primordial Qi had clearly been greatly damaged, thus weakening it significantly. However, he had still managed to survive!

If not for the Silver Puppet’s very strong body material, which he had used to block most of the flames, the demon would have been directly killed by the Fairy level cultivation technique! Now that he had survived, Su Yu was in big trouble!

The black scroll gradually closed up and landed back in Su Yu’s shaking palm. Su Yu’s was shaking slightly as a result of his using up most of his strength.

Having been through many extreme battles, Su Yu not only used up his Vital Energy, but even his physical strength had reached its limits. Moreover, Su Yu’s right arm had been broken during the fight in the Great Bone Palace and still had not yet recovered.

Now, he did not even have enough Vital Energy to manipulate the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture. Moreover, the demon had not died!

The demon panted as bouts of black demonic energy evaporated from above his face. He was shaking all over and looked absolutely devastated.

His purple pupils were still filled with the remnants of fear after having just cheated death. Immediately, his purple eyes started to emanate anger and a murderous intent.

He then said, “Alright, alright! You have managed to push me into a corner. You should be proud of yourself! If only you had another Fairy to help you, then I might actually have died at your hands. However, now…” As the demon spoke, he emanated a strong murderous energy.

Although he had stayed alive, his Primordial Qi had been affected greatly. He was not even comparable to a Fairy anymore!

Su Yu said coolly, “A Fairy? Hehe, I happen to have one!”

His arm flashed with a green light, and a little girl in a pink robe appeared. Her long eyelashes were like thin fans flapping about. They made her big eyes stand out, almost in a legendary manner.

Her small face and cute nose, coupled with her pink lips, looked exquisitely lovely. Her manner and aura were especially extraordinary! She possessed a strong and lively Vital Energy that could only belong to a Fairy!

The demon froze and looked very unpleasant. Su Yu had unexpectedly called out a Fairy, which was something that the demon was not prepared for at all.

“Sheng Ge, kill him!” Su Yu shouted, while pointing at the demon. The cute little girl was naturally Sheng Ge!

She had been resting in the mountains, when she was suddenly called out by Su Yu. Receiving this order from Su Yu out of the blue made her frown with anger. However, she immediately remembered that she was his slave, so she suppressed her anger and unwillingly focused her attention on the devil.

At first glance, she nearly wanted to run away. She then sucked in a breath of cold air, as she realized that the demon was very weak and looked devastated.

Simultaneously, she noticed that the demon was holding a mass of blurry silver in his hands. When she focused her gaze more closely, she took in another cold breath. “Is that the Silver Puppet?”

Her heart was greatly shocked. She couldn’t believe her eyes, as she was staring at such a frightening and evil object.

How could it have been burned into a bunch of steel waste?

Who could have done this?”

As soon as she took a glance at Su Yu, who was behind her, she immediately moved her gaze away. In her heart, she knew that Su Yu was indeed very powerful. However, they were at the same level, so surely he could not possibly be this strong!

“Do you need me to repeat what I said?” Su Yu frowned. He had only just dominated this little girl, and she seemed to be quite unruly and disobedient so far.

Sheng Ge looked at Su Yu emotionlessly and replied, “It will not happen again.”

As she finished speaking, she turned into a cloud of ghost energy and rushed over to the demon.


Sheng Ge used her palm to condense the Spiritual Energy that was surrounding her into a huge mark of a palm, then slapped it downwards. With the demon being in such a weakened state, he was unable to handle it, and as the mark of the palm landed on the floor, the remaining black scales on his body were all peeled away, revealing his weak soul within.

Before he could take a breath, Sheng Ge was coming at him again. She opened her little mouth and breathed out a corrosive ghost energy.

The demon’s soul was engulfed by it, while he let out pitiful cries. His soul was being corroded by the ghost energy! The demon’s soul then tumbled around on the ground as he continued to yelp.

“Kill him quickly! Do not show mercy!” Just as Sheng Ge was feeling proud of herself, she suddenly heard Su Yu’s urgent command.

Sheng Ge knew that it was indeed time to end the demon’s life! However, right then, the yelping sound on the ground stopped all of a sudden!

The demon, who was clearly in pain just a moment ago, had suddenly regrown the black scales on his body! Taking a closer look, it could be seen that, throughout the ordeal, he had never let go of the Silver Puppet. Now, the smoky aura around it had dissipated completely!

As the Silver Puppet had swallowed a lot of blood and flesh for its cultivation, all of the energy it had stored up was now fully absorbed by the demon! In the blink of an eye, at least seven-tenths of his body had regrown black scales!

The devastating state of his body had also regenerated! A frightening aura was now slowly emanating from his body!

The demon stood up once again and flicked away the dust from his body. His purple eyes were filled with a playful yet cold expression as he said, “What a shame. Your slave was dumb enough to not end my life as soon as possible, so she has now given me the chance to recover!”

Su Yu blinked coldly. If only Sheng Ge had killed him earlier! Even after Su Yu had commanded her forcefully, she had not taken him seriously!

It was this kind of attitude which caused the change in circumstances and allowed this frightening demon to regain his power. Feeling the suffocating evil energy, Sheng Ge felt like she had just awakened from a dream. Now that she was facing a formidable opponent, her heart was racing.

“Now, you will have no more opportunities!” The demon laughed teasingly and disappeared in a flash.

Sheng Ge’s face changed suddenly, then she turned and tried to teleport away! However, the scary power of the demon was beyond Sheng Ge’s expectations, as before she could move, her neck was grabbed by a frightening demonic claw that was covered in scales!

All the energy in her body had been sealed up, so she could neither move nor fight back! Sheng Ge suddenly became very scared and her heart beat wildly. This demon was too frightening!

She felt a deep regret in her heart for not listening to Su Yu! Now, she had caused her own life to be in peril!

“Once I swallow you, I could recover nearly one-tenth of my strength,” the demon said coolly.

The scales on his body suddenly flew out in a circle and shot towards Sheng Ge. Once they latched onto Sheng Ge’s body, it would only take a few breaths’ time for them to suck her energy dry!

Sheng Ge was panicking. Her mind finally became fully aware of what was happening and she felt intensely regretful.

Su Yu stared at him coldly, yet the demon just kept laughing coldly. He then said, “There is no need to rush. Once I suck her dry, I will accompany you. Then! We! Shall! Play!” The last few words were spoken through gritted teeth. It could be seen how much he hated Su Yu.

All of a sudden, it was as if the universe had roared and the sky was blown apart, as a very loud and clear sound reverberated through everyone’s ears. It was a strong virile energy that could even deter demons!

The demon’s hand froze as his face suddenly changed. He then said, “That is disastrous thunder!”

Su Yu’s face relaxed somewhat, as his expression changed into one of relief. “The final trump card made it in time after all…”