The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 578

Chapter 578 Repressive Punishment

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Using his hand to sweep across the silver material, Su Yu wiped out the Silver Puppet’s remaining consciousness. At this point, the Silver Puppet had become a mesh of lifeless silver material.

This kind of metallic material was rare and difficult to acquire, so naturally, Su Yu would not let it slip by so easily. As he was searching around its body, Su Yu unexpectedly discovered a ruler. It was the Six Directional Ruler that was used by Bai Yijian!

It contained the Divine Decree of Tian Jizi and was capable of predicting an enemy’s attack! Moreover, it could add protective measures to defend against the attack. It was truly miraculous!

Since Bai Yijian had been swallowed by the Silver Puppet, this treasure naturally had fallen into the hands of the Silver Puppet. Now, it belonged to Su Yu.

Su Yu could not help but feel giddy. Although Su Yu did not have a real need for any protective treasures, he knew that Xianer and Xia Jingyu certainly did.

Once he was done searching, Su Yu placed the silver material into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. He then began to search the floor.

After searching thoroughly, Su Yu finally found the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring that had been retrieved by the soul old man. Having experienced a grueling battle, the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring had become significantly darker in tone. This revealed that it had lost quite a bit of its Spiritual Qualities.

After finding it, Su Yu finally stopped searching. He lifted his gaze and looked towards the Ghost King and asked coolly, “Why have you not left yet?”

The Ghost King then lifted his head and looked towards the opening in the sky that was a short distance away. He smiled bitterly and answered, “If I could leave, why would I be here, risking to appear in front of you?”

“What are you trying to say?” Su Yu’s eyes flashed.

The Ghost King laughed bitterly. “That opening requires someone with Fairy abilities to pass through. Now that my power has decreased significantly, I was hoping that you are able to give me a hand!”

Hearing this, Su Yu was not moved. “Why should I help you?”

“Hehe, of course I would not ask for your help and offer nothing in return. Tell me then, what is it that you want?” the Ghost King asked.

Su Yu finally smiled. “That is more like it! Okay, I want two things! Firstly, the Buddhism Relic! Do not tell me that you left it behind at the Zhenlong Continent with the ghost clan, as I won’t believe you!”

Hearing this, the Ghost King froze. He had explained to the soul old man that he had left the Buddhism Relic behind at the Zhenlong Continent. However, Su Yu was clearly doubting the truthfulness of his statement.

After hesitating for a moment, the Ghost King reluctantly nodded his head. “Alright, as long as you help me get out of here, the Buddhism Relic is yours!” The treasure was indeed with him after all, as he was only fibbing about having left it behind!

Su Yu, however, was not done with his demands. “Secondly, give me a cultivation technique that is capable of controlling ghosts! As the Ghost King, you are very familiar with ghosts and have far more knowledge than the human clan. Don’t tell me that you don’t have it!”

The Ghost King’s face sank. “Are you trying to control me? How dare you ask me for a technique to manipulate ghosts? Young man, what do you think I am?”

Su Yu laughed loudly. “If I had wanted to use you, why would I even waste time blabbering with you now? Based on your current state, it would not be very difficult for me to capture you!”


Su Yu gave the little kylin a look, and the little kylin understood him immediately. Suddenly, the little kylin emitted a flow of energy from its mouth.

From the flow of energy, a small figure appeared. It was Sheng Ge!

Her face was filled with dirt and her facial expression revealed slight emotions of hatred and anger. Sensing that she had been moved outside, she immediately suppressed her emotional looks and pretended to be congratulatory.

Seeing this, the Ghost King let out a sigh of relief. The Heavenly Ghost had nearly caused a catastrophe, after all! The Ghost King had observed this and understood the meaning that Su Yu was trying to convey.

“So, that is the real reason! Although I do not have manipulative techniques, I do have experience with disobedient youngsters! I have some knowledge on how to train them to be obedient. If you do not look down upon my notes, you can read them.” The Ghost King said.

He then took out a jade pendant, placed it against his forehead, and transferred some consciousness into it. The consciousness contained the methods for controlling ghosts that the Ghost King used himself.

Su Yu accepted it eagerly and placed it against his own forehead. His expression was one of great satisfaction.

Sheng Ge was observing what was happening. Hearing that Su Yu wanted to find ways to fully control her, she felt a surge of anger in her heart and was deeply unhappy. However, she managed to conceal her emotions very well. Yet, Su Yu was still able to sense the flash of hatred in her eyes, so Su Yu’s own eyes turned cold in response.

“Alright, hand over the Buddhist Relic, then I will send you off!” Su Yu said.

The Ghost King nonchalantly retrieved a jade box. This box contained the golden and shiny Buddhist Relic. The density of the Buddha was far greater than the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring!

“This jade box contains a thread of my consciousness. If I were to manipulate it with a thought, the consciousness would cause an explosion. Then, the Buddhist Relic would be destroyed!” The Ghost King tossed the jade box over to Su Yu.

“How can I be sure that you won’t cause it to explode once you have returned to Jiuzhou?” Su Yu asked him.

The Ghost King chuckled. “You do not have to worry about that. Jiuzhou is incapable of penetrating the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. Therefore, once I return to Jiuzhou, I will not be able to connect with the consciousness on the jade box. When that happens, you can easily wipe away the consciousness.”

After hearing his words, Su Yu checked the box thoroughly. Once he was certain that the consciousness could indeed be wiped away, he finally relaxed a bit.

“Sheng Ge, come over here!” Su Yu extended his palm, sacrificed a drop of his own blood essence, then infused it with thunderbolt energy. Thereafter, he combined the two and used the concoction placed a mark on the center of Sheng Ge’s forehead.

Although Sheng Ge instinctively resisted this, once her gaze met Su Yu’s cold stare, she bit her teeth together and endured the mark to be placed on her forehead.

Immediately, a fresh red mark appeared between her brows. It was like a cloud of fire, and it gave her already cute looks an added energy of vibrancy.

“Go ahead, lend him a hand and send him to Jiuzhou!” Su Yu waved his sleeves and ordered her coolly.

Sheng Ge’s eyes flashed brightly. Her eyes were filled with excitement, despite her emotionless face. She then shouted, “Yes, Master!”

Once she finished speaking, she grabbed the Ghost King and headed for the opening in the sky. After half an hour, the opening that the demon had blasted through had closed up significantly. Now, it only one person could pass through through it.

Sheng Ge’s ghost energy vibrated greatly as she tossed the Ghost King into the opening with a single move. The light screen flashed as the Ghost King successfully passed through!

However, just before passed through, the Ghost King turned back to look at Su Yu with a deep gaze. His look was hard to read, and Su Yu couldn’t tell if it was revealing a sense of gratitude or something else entirely.

The Ghost King said once again, “It is better if you leave the Zhenlong Continent as soon as possible, or else it will all be too late!” As he finished speaking, he disappeared completely within the light screen.

After he had departed, Sheng Ge’s eyes flashed brightly. She then tried to enter the opening and follow after him!

Su Yu yelled coolly, “I knew it!”

As soon as he had finished speaking, with a single thought in his heart, he caused the cloud of fire in the center of Sheng Ge’s forehead to began to burn! The pain that this inflicted upon her soul caused Sheng Ge to yell painfully and fall from the sky.

However, Sheng Ge gritted her teeth and said, “Ah, this must be the Great Blood Thunder Technique used to control ghosts! Unfortunately, I have also used this technique before, so I already have the technique to overcome it!”

As she was a ghost, Sheng Ge also understood the Fire Cloud Seal and knew how to control it! As such, Sheng Ge channeled all of her ghost energy to the center of her forehead.

Her ghost energy then engulfed the entire cloud of fire! Although the thunderbolt in the cloud of fire was very quickly being melted away by the ghost energy, it could not be done fast enough.

While enduring the excruciating pain, Sheng Ge used the little time that she had left to rush towards the opening. As he was watching her, Su Yu’s facial expression did not change.

He then asked, “Have you forgotten something?”

Her soul still contained the Great Thunder Heart Technique that Su Yu had planted within her! Hence, all Su Yu needed to do was manipulate it with a single thought, then he could destroy her soul!

However, Sheng Ge did not seem afraid. Instead, she revealed a cunning smile and said, “Go ahead and try me!”

Su Yu’s heart and whirred, but to his surprise, he could not connect with the mark left by the fusion of her soul and the thunderbolt!

“Hehe, I have been through catastrophes that you can’t even imagine! You are too naïve to believe that you can dominate me with a mere soul mark!” Sheng Ge laughed for a long while before pointing towards the center of her forehead with a finger.

She then removed the entire mark of the cloud of fire, as well as the mark in her soul! With a crushing sound, she destroyed the two marks with all five of her fingers.

This lady had experienced a great ordeal. For an ordinary person, implanting a seal would have granted them absolute control over another’s soul. However, in Sheng Ge’s case, she had already devised ways to break free from it!

She had hidden her motives all this while, pretending to obey Su Yu. Now, she was ready to fulfill her plan and break free! In fact, she was almost able to return to Jiuzhou!

However, Su Yu, who had stayed on the ground was calm and composed, asked coolly. “Am I really naïve?”

Sheng Ge’s heart thumped. She had a bad feeling about this, as his words and manner sent chills down her spine.

Right then, she felt an excruciating pain in her head, and a layer of white flames started emanating from within her soul! Her soul was being burned by the soul flame!

Crying in pain, Sheng Ge fell to the ground! When her body hit the earth, a giant pit was formed.

Blood was gushing out from her mouth and her body was experiencing great spasms. She yelled out in pain, “Stop it! Stop it right now! I admit that I was wrong!”

However, Su Yu was not moved at all. He just stared at her coldly and said, “The Great Blood Thunder Technique is no ordinary blood thunder. It also contains my soul flame, which I inserted into your mind! So, it seems like your vast experiences are still not sufficient to thwart me!” Su Yu said coolly.

Thereafter, Su Yu waved his hand and removed a big portion of the soul flame from within Sheng Ge’s body. However, there was still a small flame burning within her soul.


With the flash of a bright golden light, Su Yu tossed the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring towards her, which then entrapped her. Immediately, he threw her into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

Using his thoughts, he sealed her in a corner of the mountains and forced her soul to be continuously grilled by the flame. All this while, Sheng Ge was in great pain. Her face turned white and she begged him continuously, “I dare not do it again. Please let me go, Master!”

Although she looked very pitiful, Su Yu did not show her any compassion. His gaze was calm as ever.

He then said, “Think about what you have done. We will talk when you are truly ready to call me your Master.”

Hearing this, Sheng Ge stopped begging. She immediately fell into a fit of tears. “How dare someone like you try to enslave me? Just wait until my Master finds you. He will make you wish you were dead!”

Master? Oh? Su Yu did not know that Sheng Ge still had another master.

“Hehe, it will be good if he can find me. Then, I can completely destroy the relation between you two!” Su Yu said.

Based on Su Yu’s current might, Sheng Ge could not really offer him much help. The reason he tortured the girl was to punish her for her carelessness in dealing with the demon during the Great Battle. She had nearly got all of them killed, which greatly angered Su Yu!

After such an emotional interaction, Su Yu decided to rest for a while to recover. At this point, the Silver Puppet had died, the descendants of the guards had become extinct, and he had just overcome the most frightening demon!

Su Yu felt an immense pressure lift off his chest, which allowed him to finally relax. With a long sigh of relief, Su Yu stood up, locked his gaze onto the five peaks, and soared into the sky!