The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 579

Chapter 579 The Exchange Festival

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There was no one left on the Divine Sparrow Stage. This was because a great battle had just occurred in the Great Bone Palace, which had been followed by an even more terrifying fight, so no one had dared to stay here.

After Su Yu entered into the place of legacy, he didn’t find any trace of the Ice Soul Divine Dream Spell. He wondered whether it had been destroyed by the Silver Puppet or taken by some cultivator.

Su Yu’s body flickered, and all that filled his eyes was utter destruction. The beast bones that had been there had disappeared, along with the lightning material and the Desolate Sea Lost Pearl, which he hadn’t had enough time to take away with him before.

Su Yu was somewhat disappointed, realizing that he was too late. He was wondering who took the beast bones and the Desolate Sea Lost Pearl.

Those beast bones were the bones of an All Creation Realm beast, and they were extremely precious. In fact, if Su Yu wanted to repair his Eternal Stone King Armor, he would need exactly these types of materials.

As for the Desolate Sea Lost Pearl, it was a lightning material of the highest quality. He also needed it to refine the prototype Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal into a fairy artifact.

Thus, it was a pity that both of them had been taken by someone else. Su Yu swept his gaze across the whole place, and when he was about to give up and leave, he noticed Bai Zhe’s corpse.

It had been cut by Su Yu’s three golden swords into three pieces. Su Yu looked at the corpse. It was just laying there motionlessly.

Su Yu flew towards it and searched it, finding a blood-red gourd on which a ghost face was depicted. This was the Ghost Gourd, which was filled by the Blood Alcohol that had been refined by Bai Yijian and his son via the sacrifice of their whole clan. At that time, after Bai Zhe drank just a mouthful of it, his cultivation had drastically risen to the Fairy Realm.

Su Yu felt a chill run down his spine as he held this Blood Gourd. This was because it was filled with the blood of the whole Bai Clan!

If he wanted to increase his cultivation, he needed to drink from it, but just thinking about such a thing made him shiver all over. After all, he saw no difference between drinking human blood and cannibalism!

He suppressed his impulse to throw it away and kept it instead, even though the energy contained within it was extremely terrifying. After he observed his surroundings one last time and affirmed that he didn’t leave anything behind, Su Yu left, thinking to himself as he flew away…

I wonder how Xia Yujing is doing now? She should have been able to escape…

As he was Silver Puppet’s target, it shouldn’t have the leisure of chasing after Xia Yujing, who should have already escaped by this time. However, despite this, he was still extremely worried.

Su Yu felt quite lonely, even though he had been separated from Xia Yujing for just two of three days. However, he still felt like those several days had been years!

Now, they were both in different places and neither of them knew whether the other was still alive or not! This made him frustrated and sad!

Su Yu became lost in his thoughts and stood motionlessly for a long while, then looked at the Divine Sparrow Stage. His journey in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion would end here.

What he needed to do now was to participate in the Exchange Festival, which would eventually be held at the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. Su Yu’s gaze recovered its luster at this moment, as he was focusing on his current goal.

He needed three materials, and he had no idea where he could get the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl and the Blood of a Real Dragon, so he could only place his hope in finding them at this festival. Luckily, he still had had four days before its beginning.

After Su Yu realized that he still had four days, he flew far away, finding a safe place to recover from his injuries and wait. After half a day had passed, the sound of two people flying in the air echoed in his ears.

There were two women with beautiful bodies standing in mid-air. One of their bodies was engulfed in mist. This one had an extremely beautiful and slim body, and her face was even more beautiful.

However, her beautiful face was filled with worry at this moment. She was Xia Yujing! She had come back! After she had found a place for the Empire of Darkness’s Great Lords to settle down, she had hurriedly come here!

The White Lotus Faction’s Sheng Xuelian, who was beside her, asked, “Sister Yujing, their corpses aren’t here, so shouldn’t Su Yu have successfully escaped? As he had many treasures, it wouldn’t have been impossible for him to to do do!”

Sheng Xuelian spoke in a reassuring voice. However, her brows were still furrowed and she was still extremely worried.

Xia Yujing’s expression only became sadder, her eyes brimming with tears. She wasn’t clear how many times Su Yu had saved her, and she didn’t know how she could ever repay him.

It seemed like Sheng Xuelian was able to see through Xia Yujing, so she asked in confusion, “What’s your relationship with Su Yu? It seems like the two of you are quite close.”

Xia Yujing came back to her senses when she heard this, and she tried to put on a calm front as she replied casually, “He’s just an old friend.”

“Your old friend? I never once saw a mere friend risk his life for another so passionately!” Sheng Xuelian smiled as she spoke.

After Xia Yujing had prepared a way for retreat for the Great Lords, she had also returned the Empire of Darkness’s peerless treasure, the Feather Needle of Darkness.

As she returned it, she had even asked them to transmit some words for the King of Darkness in case she didn’t manage to came back, those words were obviously her last words, and they had been meant for none other than Su Yu.

As such, she was obviously prepared to die when coming back here, so such deep feelings and sentiments could not be explained away by something as simple as a friendship.

Xia Yujing blushed and became somewhat flustered after Sheng Xuelian had seen right through her. After collecting herself, she said, “Our relationship is really good, but it’s impossible for anything else to happen between us.”

Sheng Xuelian seemed quite interested in the subject, so she said with a smile, “It seems like you truly love him. After all, his strength and potential, as well as his good looks are all outstanding and rarely seen, so what’s strange about your loving him?”

Xia Yujing was lost in her own thoughts, so she did not reply.

“So, does Su Yu love you back? Since he risked his life for you to let let you escape first, it should be obvious that he loves you,” said Sheng Xuelian.

When she heard her words, Xia Yujing’s heart became filled with joy. However, as she recalled the happenings between them, which didn’t have the slightest bit of romance, her eyes became dimmer and she laughed at herself, feeling foolish.

Sheng Xuelian just smiled in response, while she looked at Xia Yujing with a glittering gaze. After that, four days quickly passed by…

The Divine Sparrow Stage began to be filled with people. It seemed like they had started to return, feeling that the previous dangers had since disappeared.

In fact, they were currently more than five or six hundred people on it, which was double of the amount that it had when Su Yu had first come here! Many geniuses from different factions, as well as wandering cultivators, were all gathered together.

“Young miss Sheng, can I ask you when the Exchange Festival will start?” A Half God Realm expert respectfully asked Sheng Xuelian.

After many talented experts had died or left this place, Sheng Xuelian became one of the most powerful experts. As such, she had been elected as the Exchange Festival’s host.

“Wait for just a little while longer, please. The Jiuzhou Continent’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage is being connected to this place now, and there will be many elders who will pass through it to participate in the Exchange Festival,” she answered politely.

The Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was rich with resources, and many of the old monsters in the outside world were tempted by it. Hence, they wanted to make exchanges for those treasures before the disciples returned back to their factions.

“Young Miss Sheng, can I ask whether you know which elder will come to this time Festival?” asked a disciple, his eyes filled with expectation.

Sheng Xuelian wore a faint smile and asked back, “What? Are you too impatient to exchange with those elders because you found some extraordinary treasure already?”

The expression of the person who had just been asked this stiffened. He then smiled uncomfortably and said, “Young Miss Sheng, are you cracking a joke? I didn’t pass even the five peaks, so how would it be possible for me to find a treasure?”

His outward expression was bashful, while he was inwardly quite wary and vigilant. He could sense that, at the very least, seven gazes were currently onto locked him.

The hearts of many other people, who had also wanted to question her, now shivered. They immediately decided to keep quiet and maintain low-profiles instead.


The sound of several people flying in the air echoed as a powerful aura spread out of the sky. That aura belonged to someone who was very close to breaking through to the Fairy Realm!

Many geniuses were astonished, as according to what they knew, there were only a handful of geniuses at such a level in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion! These included the Soul Seizing Palace’s Chou Zeming and the Returning Principal Faction’s Yang Yidao, the Purple Cloud Palace’s mysterious woman, Lü Chuyi, and the Red Blood Palace’s Shangguan Qinger. As such, there was no one at the peak of the Three Crystal Realm other than the four of them!

This made the crown wonder if the aura, which appeared here, was that of some powerful existence who had a fortuitous encounter and was somehow able to break through to the peak of the Three Crystal Realm!

All of a sudden, an extremely gentle-looking and beautifully feminine man in his twenties flew up. His forehead had the imprint of a black moon on it. He took his place in the middle of three gorgeous-looking women, making him appear like a bright moon that was surrounded by stars.

“Heiyue Langjun?” Some of the people immediately recognized him couldn’t help but cry out in alarm simultaneously.

Even if there weren’t four hundred wandering cultivators here, there should be at the very least three hundred and ninety one, and many of them cried out at the same time! From just their reactions alone, it was clear how famous he was!

“Even a person like him came to the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion?” One onlooker gasped, while many people clicked their tongues in wonder, talking among themselves…

“It’s said that Heiyue Langjun was fancied by one of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ three great wandering cultivators, Yang Mo, and was taken by him to be one of his official disciples!”

“His cultivation has already reached the Half-God Realm!”

“It’s also said that Heiyue Langjun was greatly doted on by Yang Mo, and he had many astonishing treasures in his hands. Moreover, it is said that he also got many precious treasures in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. So, this Exchange Festival should be quite magnificent with him here!”

Amid the crowd’s chatter, Heiyue Langjun gently and leisurely floated down to the ground. His extremely beautiful and effeminate complexion made many women blush.

Heiyue Langjun’s watery eyes, which seemed like limpid water, swept the surroundings. Then, an extremely soft voice transmitted from his throat, “Why aren’t the Purple Cloud Palace’s and the Red Blood Palace’s disciples here? Moreover, why is an insignificant disciple from the White Lotus Faction taking charge?”

The people looked at each other in dismay, not knowing how to react. How could they know that, besides Lü Chuyi, all of them had died? Moreover, Yang Yidao had even died at Su Yu’s hands!

In contrast, Sheng Xuelian’s expression was calm and peaceful, even when she heard his words.

Heiyue Langjun laughed as he continued, not waiting for an answer. “Fine, as long as you can justly and impartially uphold your position, then you can continue taking charge. If you can’t, then I will have to step in.”

Many wandering cultivators became more spirited when they heard his words. After all, Heiyue Langjun was also a wandering cultivator, so such dominating words from him let allowed them to feel more proud of themselves.

Meanwhile, the expression of the factions’ disciples became immediately tense.