The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 58

Chapter 58: The Final Match

Su Yu already knew that Dong Lin would be indifferent towards him.

However, as fellow Holy Talents who were striving for the Holy Crown on behalf of the Third Prince, he still challenged Su Yu stubbornly, despite Su Yu's obvious exhaustion. Did he not think of the Third Prince's situation? Su Yu's victory or defeat concerned the Third Prince's life as well.

At the root, Dong Lin's heart was only concerned with his honor. He was not concerned about the Third Prince's safety! Su Yu, however, was extremely restless he was running out of time!

After Dong Lin, there was still Chong Nanfei who could fight with Su Yu for at least an hour. There were only three hours left!

Su Yu pointed to Dong Lin, "Get out now, I will have a duel with you!"

"Humph! What are you? Are you even worthy of having a duel with me?" Dong Lin leaped into the arena, his eyes filled with disdain.

"Make your move! Your winning streaks will come to an end now. I am the only person worthy of being Du Yuntian's opponent!" Dong Lin clasped his hands behind his back and stood up. He was extremely arrogant!

Su Yu detested Dong Lin. Even though Du Yuntian was arrogant, he had the ability to back up his overconfidence. Du Yuntian had a cultivation base of Level Six Upper Tier, which surpassed the cultivation base of the rest of the Holy Talents.

Dong Lin, however, lacked self-knowledge despite his arrogance. Even though he was defeated after two moves by Du Yuntian, he still could not admit to any faults. Instead, he remained arroganthe was indeed difficult to deal with!

Only a punch could bring a person like Dong Lin to their senses!

Seeing that Su Yu had not made any moves, Dong Lin got impatient.

"Forget it. I will make my move instead and send you out of the arena! Nine Pulses Incredible Sword!"

Layers upon layers of vital energy were emitted from Dong Lin's body. They covered his nine fingers, causing his fingers to be shaped like nine incredible swords which attacked Su Yu from above!

His attack was ruthless, heartless, and grim.

A strong aura in the air caused the hairs on Su Yu's forehead to rise, and his deep eyesas dark and complex as the galaxies aboveto shine brilliantly.

"Purple! Star! Thunderbolt!" Su Yu's eyes were cruel. A palm, clad in a purple thunderbolt, was directed towards Dong Lin!

Lines of thunder arched up and down, emitting a destructive energy.

The thunderbolt was incredibly intimidating and terrifying to observe. Such power could easily level the world within moments, and Su Yu controlled it with a single gesture!



Dong Lin's nine incredible swords were thoroughly dissipated by the thunderbolt, which could destroy everything!

A pair of fists which carried a raging thunderbolt landed on Dong Lin's face fiercely!

Titter, titter

At that moment, Dong Lin's face was burned, and a wound erupted with overflowing blood. A burning smell seeped from the injury. The extreme pain sent Dong Lin into a shrieking fury, as his face swelled to the size of a pig's skull.


Su Yu used Purple Star Thunderbolt again and attacked Dong Lin's chest. This time, when the attack landed, Dong Lin's flesh instantly became disfigured.

Dong Lin was sent flying, and he landed beneath the arena.


The violent shock caused Dong Lin to spit out a mouthful of blood. He was actually defeated after two moves!

Su Yu looked at him with disgust. "You are nothing special! You are ignorant, and your arrogance is extremely stupid."

Su Yu had no more time left to waste fighting with Dong Lin. Hence, he had to reveal his Saint Level cultivation technique earlier than intended!


Dong Lin was furious, as he spat out another mouthful of blood. He looked at Su Yu, enraged and extremely astonished at the same time.

Those frightening fists had actually stripped him of his ability to counter attack! What type of cultivation technique was that?

At the distinguished guest's platform everyone, except for Fang Yun, revealed a surprised and bewildered expressioneven they were unsure of what type of cultivation technique Su Yu had just used.

"Thatcan it be a Saint Level cultivation technique?"

"Apart from the Royal Family who keeps a book of Saint Level cultivation techniques, who else possesses a Saint Level cultivation technique?"

The Fiery Minister's eyes were filled with astonishment for the first time. That was actually a Saint Level cultivation technique!

It was rumored this type of cultivation technique could only be comprehended by one or two geniuses within ten thousand geniuses. As for those martial artists who were slightly less talented, they would require many years to successfully comprehend a Saint Level cultivation technique.

Su Yu, a Royal Family representative, had actually managed to comprehend a Saint Level cultivation technique? Even Du Yuntian had not managed to comprehend a Saint Level cultivation technique, yet this unknown person had managed to do so?

The Fiery Minister's heart felt unpleasant. He looked at Su Yu coldly. "He is still just acceptable. It is just a superficial comprehension of a Saint Level cultivation technique."

A few of the inspectors were surprised. Even though Su Yu had managed to comprehend a Saint Level cultivation technique, he only got a mere "just acceptable?" Moreover, Su Yu's comprehension of the Saint Level cultivation technique was not just surface level. Looking at its level of comprehension, it was extremely close to Stage One Lower Class!

Everyone in the Holy Arena, including Du Yuntian, could not compare to Su Yu's comprehension level.

Shouldn't the Fiery Minister have a limit in his biases? However, the inspectors could not do anything about the Fiery Minister. What could they do to himhe had both position and power.

Even if it were reported to the Holy King, the Fiery Minister would take advantage of his old age to be unreasonable and make a scene. Hence, the Holy King might not punish him.

"Seven consecutive wins! Su Yu, seven consecutive wins!!" The referee shouted excitedly.

With nine consecutive wins, the Holy Talent would become the Holy Meet's kingSu Yu was only two steps away!

The referee noticed Su Yu's poor condition, however. Su Yu's stamina had decreased by seventy percent. To make matters worse, his next match was against Chong Nanfei. With his original stamina, combined with Purple Star Thunderbolt, Su Yu would have been able to win against Chong Nanfei easily. Now, however, in Su Yu's current situation, he might not even defeat Chong Nanfeinot to mention Du Yuntian, the strongest martial artist.

Su Yu shot a glance at the battle preparation area where only two people now stood.

"Brother Chong, please have a duel with me!" A few hours ago, Chong Nanfei was unsatisfied, and he had threatened to have a rematch.

Chong Nanfei's gaze was complex. He stood up and sighed, "I do not like to take advantage of someone's poor situation. This match, I will give up."

Although he did not know why Su Yu was in such a rush, he was indeed unwilling to take advantage of Su Yu in such an exhausted state. As he spoke, he shot a glance at Dong Lin, his eyes filled with disdain. Chong Nanfei looked down on people like Dong Linarrogant, conceited and narrow-minded fools.

Su Yu was full of gratitude. "Thank you, Brother Chong, for granting my wish!"

Su Yu had not overexerted himself. For the six consecutive matches, he had used his pupils effectively and as little as possible. Still, he was extremely exhausted, and his stamina was depleted. Combined with the intensity of the upcoming battle, Su Yu was at a critical point. Only the referee, the closest individual to Su Yu, noticed the way his legs and arms trembled with exhaustion.

However, Su Yu's eyes were filled with joy. Because he had worked so hard, he now faced the final match with Du Yuntian with two hours left! Two hours was more than enough for him to finish up this last match!

"Su Yu, eight consecutive wins!" The referee declared solemnly.

The next match would be the ninth match! It was the battle for the Holy Crown!

Would Su Yu defeat Du Yuntian and obtain the crown?

The audience was absolutely still. They silently looked at the purple-shirted young man who had managed to defeat eight geniuses from the empire in one shot. The fighting purple-shirted shadow who refused to give up had stolen their hearts!

Su Yu suppressed his unusually weak condition and glared at his final opponent, Du Yuntian!

The Holy Meet had reached its final match!

The lives of the Third Prince and the Duke of Xianyu depended on this match, as well as his own. If he won, he could bring hope to a desolate situation. If he lost, the three of them would be killed and buried following the Holy Meet.

While the Holy Meet continued, two young men disguised themselves as they left the capital and headed toward a deserted region. One of the young men was a Level Six Peak while the other one was a Level Five Peak.

If Su Yu were there, he would recognize both of them, as they were Bai Qixiong and Bodyguard Chen. They had chased after him for one thousand miles, intent on killing him. The First Prince would have also recognized them, as they too posed a threat to his life. They had both survived the fury of the First Prince and Su Yu, however, and now they escaped the imperial capital with joined hands.

"Brother Bai, I will always remember this great favor of yours in my heartI will repay you one day!" Bodyguard Chen did a cupped-hand salute and expressed his gratitude.

Bai Qixiong gestured his hands in disapproval indifferently. "It's fine. Both of us are destined to a life of wandering, it is natural for us to support one another."

On that day when the First Prince gave Bai Qixiong the order to kill Bodyguard Chen to keep him quiet, Bai Qixiong realized he himself might one day be discarded by the First Prince as well.

"First Prince, do you really think you are the only intelligent person in this world?" Bai Qixiong hummed. "Since I helped you try to assassinate a Holy Seal bearer, it is natural for me to predict you would want to silence me as well. Did you think I would let you get your way so easily?

"And did you really think I wouldn't know that the technique you told me to comprehend was a Saint Level technique from the Royal Family? You would have never allowed me to live after reading that book."

As for bringing Bodyguard Chen along with him, Bai Qixiong had not done so out of good will. Once the troops who would surely pursue them caught up, Bodyguard Chen would be useful in dispersing the enemy. Besides, Bai Qixiong could still kill Bodyguard Chen once they passed the border!

They have headed the mountainous forest; it was difficult to enter and difficult to navigate, but they had no choice if they wanted to escape the empire.

Bai Qixiong's forehead suddenly twitched. When he turned and looked back, his pupils shrunk and his face paled!

"Grand Master!" Bai Qixiong gasped, his heart frozen and his face extremely pale!

The bottom of Bodyguard Chen's feet shivered, and he was overwhelmed with grief and terror. "The First Prince's Master Lord Grandmaster!" He cried, his voice wavered.

It was uncertain when, but a red-robed old man had appeared behind them strangely. Their faces turned gloomy, and their mouths wore cold smiles.

"Haha! Two small childrendid you think you could escape from the First Prince's palm?" The Grandmaster smiled without emotion. "In the imperial capital, there were too many witnesses. I could not make any moves, so I kept tailing both of you. Now that both of you have come to a desolate and uninhabited land, both of you have chosen a peaceful, quiet, and well-situated place to die."

Had the Grandmaster really been secretly tailing them?

Bai Qixiong's throat was blocked. At that moment, any attempt to retreat would be meaningless. The First Prince had decided, Bai Qixiong must die!

A cold light flashed through Bai Qixiong's gaze. He attacked!

His palm was not directed at the Grandmaster, however. Against a strong martial artist of Level Seven Peak, it was difficult for Bai Qixiong to even defend himself against one finger of the Grandmaster!

The person he attacked was Bodyguard Chen!


Why would Bodyguard Chen guard himself against Bai Qixiong, his companion!? Bodyguard Chen's back was hit by Bai Qixiong's palm, and he spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot. His body was sent flying towards the Grandmaster.

"Stop struggling!" The Grandmaster was filled with disdain. He casually swung the sleeves of his robe, and Bodyguard Chen was hit a second time in the air, causing him to be sent flying in a different direction. He landed on the floor heavily, fainting on the spot. It was unknown whether he was dead or alive.

Bai Qixiong took advantage of the distraction. He clenched his jaw and used all his vital energy to escape!

"Wouldn't it be funny if I actually allowed you to escape?" the Grandmaster laughed with a sinister tone. He snapped one of his fingers and released some vital energy, which was directed towards Bai Qixiong!


The vital energy was as fast as lightning. Without any time to react, one of Bai Qixiong's legs was hit by the vital energy and blood started to stream down from his wound. He tumbled onto the floor.

The Grandmaster's body was electric. He approached Bai Qixiong, his eyes filled with dense murderous intent as he aimed his palm at Bai Qixiong's head.


At that moment, a shadow leaped out from the deserted forest.

Looking at his posture, the figure was in a rushit had been a pure coincidence for him to come across this scene.

"Eh? You areBai Qixiong?" That person actually recognized Bai Qixiong, he was somewhat surprised to see him.

Bai Qixiong raised his eyes, astonished. "You are Qiu! Chang! Jian!"

A tall young man wearing white clothes with a handsome, fair face had come from the forest, trailed by a whistling echo.

He had dashing eyebrows, star-like eyes, and a bored look. He did not appear to be a martial artist. Moreover, he did not look swift and fierce, he seemed like a normal young man.

The Grandmaster's cold eyes shone brilliantly as he observed Qiu Changjian. The murderous Grandmaster glared gloomily. "Kid, you showed up at the wrong place at the wrong time!"

The Grandmaster could not allow any witnesses, it must not be known to the world that the First Prince had ordered any assassinations, especially two or three of them.


The Grandmaster snapped one of his fingers and vital energy pierced through the air. He shot the vital energy towards Qiu Changjian's head!

Qiu Changjian's eyebrows twitched. "Humph!"

His lightly swung his sleeves towards a place a few feet away. Though sudden and random, several streams of vital energy were immediately channeled into one rush! Qiu Changjian's attack was majestic and vast, like the roar of a tsunami's violent waves!

The Grandmaster's stream of vital energy disappeared completely in a flash! The force of Qui Changjian's vital energy did not decrease. It slammed into the Grandmaster!


The Grandmaster opened his mouth, spat out a mouthful of blood, and was sent flying. He landed heavily on a big tree a hundred feet away. His face paled. His gloomy eyes were replaced with a look of astonishment. "You Level Nine!"