The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 580

Chapter 580 Mister Nan Wu

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The few proud geniuses of their factions had disappeared. Meanwhile, a wandering martial artist had shocked the entire audience!

Right then, a loud laugh came from beyond the clouds. “Hahaha, the Exchange Festival of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion has always been controlled by my faction’s disciples! Since when has it become a place for a wandering martial artist to steal the spotlight?”

The crazy laughter was accompanied by a very strong aura. Within the aura, a beast-like barbaric aura had also been hidden.

If one looked closely into the aura, a curly-haired, bearded man could be observed! He was dressed in a straw-like shirt and wore a bamboo hat. The aura emanating from him was very strong. He had reached the level of three Vital Energy Crystals!

“It’s Mister Nan Wu from the Tiexuan faction!” one disciple exclaimed happily. “My God! Before he arrived here, he was only at the level of two Vital Energy Crystals! Did he really already break through to the level of three Vital Energy Crystals?”

Although Mister Nan Wu had only recently broken through, so his abilities may not be as strong as Heiyue Langjun, he still had a Ghost Crow at two Vital Energy Crystals of a Half Fairy level, which he had raised from a young age! Coupling that with his famed upbringing, his abilities were certainly not to be underestimated!

Hence, if the two were to engage in a real battle, he may not necessarily lose to Heiyue Langjun! Moreover, Mister Nan Wu was a famed disciple, who had quite a number of treasures with him.

This was because each time he had achieved a breakthrough, he acquired more fortunes. Thinking of this, Heiyue Langjun’s face darkened slightly and he displayed a marked demeanor of unfriendliness.

He then issued a challenge, “Why don’t we compare who is stronger once the Exchange Festival begins?”

“Hahaha…” Mister Nan Wu laughed without speaking, a disdainful look filling his eyes.

After an hour, people started rushing over. Then, as time went on, the Divine Sparrow Stage was filled to the brim with onlookers!

Right then, a black figure rushed in from the skies. The person was covered in a long black robe and his body emanated a bright light that blurred the vision of all those who tried to look at him!

Everyone could see that he was a Fairy with two Vital Energy Crystals! As such, his appearance attracted quite a lot of attention from the crowd, many of which voiced their shock and awe…

“Who is this person? Why have I never seen him?”

“It looks like he could be a wandering martial artist!”

As the crowd started commenting on him, Heiyue Langjun and Mister Nan Wu observed him for a while before nonchalantly looking away. The only person who continued to stare at him was Sheng Xuelian, who had revealed a shocked look.

Even if Su Yu were here, he would not be able to identify the man that stood before him. He was Gang Dalei, who had parted with Su Yu when they were at the Thunder Emperor Mountain!

It had only been two months since they had met, but in that time he had managed to break through as a Half Fairy with two Vital Energy Crystals! Before this, he was only a mere Half God!

After half an hour, it appeared that no one else would be coming, so Sheng Xuelian’s gaze turned back. Immediately, she saw a lady who was covered in a mist of water.

“Little Sister Jingyu, how has it been? Did Su Yu show up?” Sheng Xuelian asked.

Xia Jingyu raised her head to look around at everyone present. She was clearly nervous and was looking for Su Yu. But, she did not see him.

If Su Yu did not participate in this Festival, it was very likely that he had been defeated. Thinking of this, she shook her head.

She appeared to be rather fatigued and weak. In fact, no one had any idea how she had managed to survive the last four days.

Every moment that passed made her chest feel even more tight and uneasy, as if a huge rock had been placed upon it. She could neither eat nor sleep peacefully, let alone sit still. It was a pitiful sight.

Now, the only possible Exchange Festival where Su Yu would appear did not bear his shadow. A sense of foreboding in her heart was growing more deep-rooted by the second.

Being questioned continuously by Sheng Xuelian, she finally could not hold it in any longer, as a single teardrop rolled down her cheeks. Her shoulders shook lightly as she whimpered. “Brother Yu… where are you?”

Her voice was pitiful. Sheng Xuelian was stunned and let out a soft sigh. She then turned her attention towards the sky.

At that moment, a loud booming sound had suddenly come from the top of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. All that could be seen was a very huge opening in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, which then immediately started to close up again!

Right then, a halo suddenly flew over and held itself against the closing gap. Amazingly, it managed to keep a very large radius of the gap open.

“I can only maintain the opening with my treasure for half a day. You must all complete the exchange within that time!” A loud and clear voice came from beyond the sky. The voice contained a very strong might, which caused everyone to look towards it respectfully.

“It is the Purple Cloud Palace’s Divine Master Elder, the Yin-Yang old man!” Somebody managed to identify the master’s origins from the large halo treasure and his voice!

Sheng Xuelian lifted her head and took a glance upward before speaking. “The Exchange Festival is beginning now. In the first round, there will be free trading! You may now retrieve the most valuable item you have acquired. Everyone may trade freely with one another. Jiuzhou will not do anything to interfere.”

This round was the grandest round of all! As soon as she spoke, the eight or nine hundred people present started retrieving some of the treasures that they wished to trade. Everyone then began haggling with one another.

Although this was the simplest method, it was also the least effective, as the barter system required immense luck for one to acquire what he wanted through trading in a short amount of time.

In fact, without a feeling of certainty, no one would dare to bring out their biggest treasures in public. Therefore, this was often a very time-consuming round.

Meanwhile, ten thousand miles away, in a well-hidden forest, Su Yu was sitting with his legs crossed. Leaves and dust fell from his body. His eyes were shut tight and he was barely moving. In fact, he looked like a statue!

All of a sudden, Su Yu slowly opened his eyes. His eyes shone with a gloomy light at first, then gradually began emanating a bright light essence. Finally, his eyes shot out a scary and blinding light!

His entire aura had clearly recovered to its peak. Not only that, but his second Vital Energy Crystal was beginning to show signs of crystallization!

If he continued to train religiously for several more days, he would surely be able to achieve the Half Fairy level with two Vital Energy Crystals. It seemed that after several great battles, Su Yu had benefited greatly. If he experienced a few more similar great battles, it would be even easier for him to break through further!

Su Yu was very pleased with his current rate of recovery and the changes within his body. Looking at the weather, while calculating the time with his hands pinched, Su Yu’s faced changed suddenly. He then said, “Oh no, the Exchange Festival has already started!”

He shook his robe to remove the dust on his body. Then, after giving it some thought, Su Yu decided to get rid of the clothing from the Returning Principal Faction that he had been wearing.

After all, at the Exchange Festival, there would be many strong people from Jiuzhou observing. There might even be high-level people from the Returning Principal Faction. If he came dressed as a fake disciple, he would surely be discovered immediately!

Flipping his palm, Su Yu retrieved a black coat and put a straw hat on his head. This made his appearance rather ordinary.

Simultaneously, a mist of light flashed by his side, and the little kylin jumped out from within it. It then turned into the appearance of Lü Chuyi.

Su Yu then covered it in a silk towel and brought it with him. With such a clever disguise, surely nobody would be able to recognize him!

“Let’s go to the Exchange Festival!” Su Yu flashed a smile and took off with the little kylin by his side.

His mind was thinking only of the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl and the Blood of a Real Dragon. Su Yu was willing to pay any price to obtain them!