The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 581

Chapter 581 The Fight For Bamboo Flutes

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The Exchange Festival was methodically carried out on the Divine Sparrow Stage, and as expected, the exchanges were done in private. Although some good treasures would appear from time to time, when compared to the great number of people who were present here, they seemed to be quite scarce.

Almost all of the people here were waiting for the follow-up exchange, and their gazes would occasionally look up to the opening in the sky. They were all wondering if, at this moment, some powerful elders were observing them…

After half an hour, the personal exchanges were still being carried out, but the time which the Jiuzhou Continent had allowed them was just half a day. Hence, they knew that they mustn’t tarry for long in this section.

“Sirs, you only have one minute left,” Sheng Xuelian reminded. She then looked toward Xia Yujing.

Xia Yujing’s absent-minded gaze was looking far off in the distance. She had never felt this empty.

She was like this because her heart felt like it was breaking, and all of her thoughts were with that person who she knew was still alive in one corner of this world. Thus, she was using her own eyes to enjoy this world’s beautiful sceneries for him.

However, she still felt a boundless loneliness overwhelming her heart. She was at a loss, feeling as if her life just lost all of its color.

However, she still had a slight hope that her beloved Su Yu hadn’t died. She decided to believe that he had successfully escaped the Silver Puppet’s hunting. This was her sole hope.

After the amount of time needed for drinking a half cup of tea had passed, the private exchanges came to end. At that point, all of the people calmed down and became filled with expectation.

The next section would be the most important section of the entire Exchange Festival. In fact, it was the section that the Jiuzhou Continent’s elders might participate in!

Sheng Xuelian swept the surroundings with her gaze. She then revealed a faint smile and said, “Now, the second section of the Exchange Festival, the public exchanges, will begin.”

Sheng Xuelian took a great number of bamboo labels, then inscribed a number on each of them with her Vital Energy. She numbered the labels from one to nine hundred, which was exactly the number of participants.

“All of you need to take a bamboo label, then line up according to your number. When it’s your turn, you will need to take out the treasure that you want to exchange and mention what you want to exchange it for. If someone here has the treasure that you want and is willing to exchange with you, then he can directly exchange with you at that time.”

Sheng Xuelian waited for a moment, then continued. “If there are too many people competing for the same treasure, then the one who offers the treasure with the highest value will win. These are the rules, and all of you are forbidden from violating them! Moreover, if someone dares to threaten, coerce or steal during this exchange, there will be dire consequences!”

Sheng Xuelian’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was still intimidating. After all, the success of the Exchange Festival was dependant upon its participants maintaining order and following the rules.

For this reason, anyone who dared to force someone into exchanging something that they did not want to was heavily punished upon their return to the Jiuzhou Continent’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage. In fact, some people had once dared to openly rob disciples in the Exchange Festival, and all of them had ended up being killed by some of the factions’ elders!

So, in a sense, this current Exchange Festival was even more strict than some of the Exchange Festivals that were held in the Jiuzhou Continent! For this reason, even if Sheng Xuelian didn’t warn them, the disciples here wouldn’t dare to violate these rules, as both history itself and their own elders had already warned them of the terrifying consequences!

In this exchange, having a higher ranked position wasn’t necessarily good. This was because if they were among the first people, then there would be no way of judging the treasure that they took, since there would be nothing to compare it with. As such, they might end up suffering a loss in the end. Hence, the best place to be was from the sixth place and above.

“The sixth bamboo label is mine, who dares to fight me for it?” Heiyue Langjun motionlessly stood in his place and spoke out in his soft voice.

Mister Nan Wu chuckled as he replied with his own question. “Well, I want the sixth bamboo label, so, who will take it for me?”

Upon hearing their exchange, the expressions of all of the people changed. Then, a quick-witted wandering cultivator, who just retreated back from the fights, decisively threw away the bamboo label that was in his hand.

He threw it away because there were two top Half Fairy Realm experts vying over the sixth bamboo label, which was the exact one that he had just had in his possession! After all, he didn’t want to offend Heiyue Langjun or Mister Nan Wu, so he could only throw it away.


The body of a pretty woman flickered, then she flew away, taking that bamboo flute with her. She then said with delight, “Langjun, I took it for you…”


As she spoke, she felt a powerful strength transmitting from her back, as someone’s palm slapped her away! Then, this maid of Heiyue Langjun spouted blood and was sent flying!

Moreover, the sixth bamboo flute in her hands had been stolen from her. The person who had made such despicable sneak-attack was actually a disciple from a famous faction!

“Mister Nan Wu, I’m Jin Chen from the Yellow River Faction.” Jin Chen, who was a sinister-looking man, presented the bamboo flute that he had just snatched to Mister Nan Wu.

Mister Nan Wu laughed happily. “You did well.”

“You dared to sneak-attack her!” Heiyue Langjun’s gaze flickered, and he turned into a light beam which charged toward Jin Chen.

Mister Nan Wu was still smiling as his whole body’s blood and energy surged out and an extremely powerful and dreadful power surged through his internal blood energy channel.

It then turned into a physical strength which came out through his palm. Meanwhile, a formless physical power, which had a slightly red luster to it, rushed out at Heiyue Langjun, who was walking over.


The pinkish fog that was now surrounding Heiyue Langjun flickered, then was deflected away by a powerful strike. However, that strike still managed to slightly obstruct him.

Jin Chen took this opportunity to hide behind Mister Nan Wu, and although he was quite nervous, he still revealed a firm and decisive look. He had clearly offended Heiyue Langjun because he took the sixth bamboo flute for Mister Nan Wu!

Heiyue Langjun’s gaze flickered in an ice-cold glow, as he turned his attentions to Mister Nan Wu, who was now protecting the silly flute stealer! “Fine! Let’s see what power someone like you, who just broke through to the peak of the Half Fairy Realm, has!”

Mister Nan Wu loudly asked, “Do you think I’m afraid of you?”

Sheng Xuelian slightly furrowed her brows when she saw that the two men were about to fight. “Stop! don’t disturb this Exchange Festival,” she commanded them.