The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 582

Chapter 582 Barbaric Appearance

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Mister Nan Wu glanced at Sheng Xuelian coolly. Although he did not speak, his message of warning was very clear… Do not interfere with that which is none of your business!

Heiyue Langjun, on the other hand, said in a direct and cool manner, “It is my business. You do not have the right to interfere!”

She was completely incapable of controlling the crowd! The rest of the people dared not involve themselves in the battle between these two. At that moment, both of the men took out their swords and started fighting one another!


All of a sudden, the bamboo label in Mister Nan Wu’s hand fell away, then flew directly towards Heiyue Langjun! The odd occurrence completely surprised Mister Nan Wu. In fact, a soul body that looked like a little ghost was actually carrying the bamboo label, rapidly flying into Heiyue Langjun’s hands!

As for Heiyue Langjun, he kept his hands behind his back. Then, out of the blue, he formed a strange seal with his hands.

Mister Nan Wu’s laughter faded away and he suddenly became angry. “You know no shame!”

As he finished speaking, a black shadow flashed across the sky. A crow covered in black flew across with supersonic speed and caught up with the little ghost to snatch the bamboo label away from it.

Heiyue Langjun laughed coldly. “Wasn’t it shameless of your follower to sneakily attack someone?” As he spoke, he rushed across the sky and slapped the Ghost Crow.

“How dare you?” Mister Nan Wu yelled coolly, while also rushing over.

However, right then, a loud thundering was heard in the skies! Somewhere far away in the distance, a stream of thunderbolts suddenly landed on the earth from the skies.

The thunder rumbled on, shaking everyone present. Such thundering even caused the little ghost and the Ghost Crow to shiver in fear! Everyone present was also shocked by the thundering, as the sky was clear as day!

How could there be thunder? They all wondered.

“Ah, look quickly! There is someone in the thunderbolt!” an onlooker commented.

For some of the people, specifically those who were trained in pupil techniques, their eyes were far more powerful than ordinary people’s. Hence, they could see that two living souls that were shaped liked humans were walking out from within the thunderbolt!

“What? There are people inside? Is there someone controlling the thunderbolt?” another onlooker wondered aloud.


As everyone stood there shell-shocked, all of a sudden, the thunderbolt that was far away in the skies landed on the earth above the Divine Sparrow Stage. Immediately, there was a bright and piercing white light and the air was suddenly filled with a burning aura.

Swiftly thereafter, there was yet another loud and booming sound of thunder that rang out! The strength of the sound caused everyone’s ears to vibrate. All that could be heard was a buzzing sound that resonated within their ears.

Those with weaker cultivations were nearly shocked to the point where they vomited blood. Even Heiyue Langjun and Mister Nan Wu, who were still fighting a moment ago, stopped simultaneously and looked towards the thunderbolt that had just fallen from the skies.

What kind of divine being has befallen us?

Entering in such a way is too barbaric!

As the crowd gathered around, thoughts whirring through all of their heads, the two figures descended from the skies out of the blinding thunderbolt. One of the figures was covered in a robe and wore a plaited bamboo hat, making it difficult to see his face clearly. His entire body was surrounded by lightning.

The other figure was a young lady in pink clothing. Her eyes were bright and as big as pearls. They were also crystal clear and shone brightly.

Her face was shockingly similar to that of Lü Chuyi’s from the Purple Cloud Palace. However, the pink-clothed young lady was a mere teenager.

In order to get there quickly, Su Yu had used the Thunder Escape technique. As such, their arrival had indeed been a tad too grand.

Everyone focused their gazes on the two people who had just appeared. They all looked at each other and wondered… Who are these two divine beings?

All of the people were also thinking that the way that the two figures had appeared was a little too barbaric. After all, they had not even considered the safety of those who were present!

Everyone felt anger in their hearts, but no one dared voice that. After all, someone who is capable of wielding such a thunderbolt must certainly have a frighteningly strong might!

“Giving out bamboo labels, are we?” Su Yu scanned his gaze around, observing the bamboo labels that were floating in the air.

He then looked towards the little ghost, which was some distance away, seeing that it was hugging onto a bamboo label rather possessively. With the wave of his hand, he ordered it, “Give it to me!”

Right then, Su Yu’s body was still emanating a lightning aura. The look that he gave it seemed to contain an intimidating thunderbolt energy. Hearing his voice, the little ghost shivered in fear. It then walked towards Su Yu, swaying from side to side, and handed him the bamboo label.

Heiyue Langjun’s expression turned chilly as he observed what was happening. “Come back!” he yelled.

However, the little ghost feared Su Yu way too much, so it turned to look at its master for a while, hesitating. However, it still gave the bamboo label to Su Yu in the end.

Heiyue Langjun was becoming angered, so he demanded to know, “Who are you? Do you not think that you have gone too far?”

Mister Nan Wu also revealed his unhappiness. “This brother, that bamboo label belongs to me. Please return it.”

Su Yu lifted his gaze and looked towards the two of them. He looked very calm.

However, Heiyue Langjun and Mister Nan Wu could sense in his gaze that Su Yu thought nothing of both of them! It was as if Su Yu was looking straight through them!

His insanely proud demeanor made the two men furious. After all, one of them was the representative for all of the wandering martial artists, while the other was the leader of the famed disciples!

Hence, their being ignored by a fellow whose origins were uncertain was an abomination! However, Su Yu was not bothered in the least by their anger. He grabbed onto the bamboo label and prepared to descend.

“Hmph, you want to leave now?” Heiyue Langjun yelled coolly as a pink mist condensed within his palm, almost like a dream. The pink mist had a strong effect. If it were imbued within his body, it would definitely cause Su Yu to enter a deep state of enchantment.

Mister Nan Wu, on the other hand, was unwilling to let Heiyue Langjun succeed first, so he too lashed out quickly and used his entire body’s physical strength to strike out against Su Yu. At that moment, Su Yu’s face turned cold. He was the one now thinking that the two of them were too barbaric!

Now that his cultivation had become much stronger, the might of his Thunder Escape technique was also much stronger than it had been before. That, coupled with the fact the he was in a hurry, caused him to be unable to control it well, which unintentionally affected the people below.

As for the bamboo label, both of the men were vying for it, yet it naturally did not belong to either of them. So, Su Yu merely took ahold of it in a nonchalant manner. He was honestly astounded that he had been faced with such hostility!

Boom. Bang.


The two of them each took one side, one on the left and the other on the right. The two Fairies who were approaching the strongest level struck out at the same time.

However, Su Yu did not budge at all. Only when the two men had come closer to attack him did he extend both of his palms. Each of his palms then started to form a ball of purple thunder, which was issued forth from a single finger on each of his hands!

Heiyue Langjun could sense that thousands of thunderbolts suddenly appeared from Su Yu’s finger. It was almost like the Heavenly Disaster, which also gave off an extremely frightening sound and aura!

Thereafter, he felt a severe pain in his chest as he was hit by a very strong thunderbolt. His entire body behaved as if it had been electrocuted and he was immediately deflected away.

Mister Nan Wu, on the other hand, experienced something different. He felt that there were countless swords of thunderbolts surrounding him, all of which had just shot out from Su Yu’s finger!

Thereafter, he felt a severe pain in the center of his palm. He looked down and saw that some thunderbolt energy had pierced through the center of his palm. At that moment, his body was also deflected away.

However, in the eyes of everyone, Su Yu had merely extended his two fingers in a casual manner and easily deflected two Top-tier Fairies!

Nobody doubted that Su Yu could have easily killed them both! He had clearly held himself back! Still, his strength had shocked everyone present, and they all began to talk at once…

“Who is he? Where did he come from?”