The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 583

Chapter 583 The Beginning Of The Exchange Festival

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Shock appeared on Sheng Xuelian’s face, and as she observed Su Yu, confusion appeared in her eyes. Even she didn’t know where the dark-clothed youth had come from!

It was only Xia Yujing who seemed to remain calm. She could faintly feel a familiar aura coming from his body. It was Su Yu’s aura.

However, when she saw the beautiful woman standing beside him, her eyes became dim. Su Yu wasn’t acquainted with this woman.

However, this youngster’s appearance had still given her another glimmer of hope, so she focused most of her attention on him.

“Do you still have any objections?” Su Yu looked at the two of them and spoke calmly.

Heiyue Langjun was overwhelmed with shock, as in their confrontation a moment ago, he felt like he was just some ant being stepped upon by a great elephant. There was a great disparity between him and this person who was now before him!

Mister Nan Wu was both shocked and bewildered, as this guy’s immortal level of cultivation technique was truly astonishing. However, for some unknown reason, his instinct was informing him that all of this was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to this mysterious expert’s powers.

The two of them became somewhat afraid of him, so they distanced themselves from him immediately. Neither of them dared demand the bamboo flute!

Su Yu averted his gaze from them as he gently floated down. He then sat cross-legged in a corner of the Divine Sparrow Stage, accompanied by the small kylin.

All of the people present could clearly feel that the corner that he was sitting in had instantly become the Divine Sparrow Stage’s center. Sheng Xuelian averted her inquiring gaze from him and waited for a moment.

She then spoke in a clear voice, “Since the conflict has now come to an end, let’s start the public Exchange Festival!”

What all of them didn’t know at this moment was that, in the opening that led to the Jiuzhou Continent’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage, which wasn’t any different from the Zhenlong Continent’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage, there were many experts standing there. Each one of them was an expert who was at least at the Fairy Realm. There were even several Divine Masters among them!

Lü Chuyi, who once shared an intimate night with Su Yu, was among this group. Lü Chuyi was sitting cross-legged in a corner of the Mysterious Heavenly Stage. Her eyelids were shivering, which revealed how restless she was at the moment.

“What’s bothering you?” A gentle and concerned voice transmitted in her ear.

Lü Chuyi’s eyelids shivered for a moment before she opened her eyes. Pain and hate, along with some other indescribable emotions flickered in her eyes for a moment.

As she raised her head, an elegant and handsome face was reflected in her eyes. Suddenly, her ice-cold face became slightly flushed.

“It’s nothing, Brother Taixu,” said Lü Chuyi in a soft voice. Her eyes were clearly filled with deep love for this man.

If Su Yu was here, then he would surely realize that the elegant-looking youth before her was Lü Chuyi’s beloved, whose name she had shouted when he took her first time from her.

Many experts, who were beside them, looked towards the couple. They all revealed envy-filled gazes, commenting on the handsome pair…

“The heavenly daughter, Lü Chuyi, and the dragon among men, Gu Taixu! The two of them are both geniuses, which may appear only once every thousand years in our Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands! They both reached the Divine Master Realm in just twenty years, and Gu Taixu even reached the later stage of the Almighty Divine Master Realm! In fact, he has already started to prepare to break through to the All Creation Realm.”

“It’s truly the case, the two of them are a match made in heaven, and they are definitely suitable for each other.”

“I heard from the Purple Cloud Palace’s ancestor that Gu Taixu’s teacher, the True Man of the Purple Cloud, is preparing to personally hold their wedding! That will surely be one of our Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ grandest occasions.”

As she overheard their discussion, Lü Chuyi felt her heart warming up in delight. However, when she recalled that virginity had already been spoiled, her heart shuddered and her eyes dimmed.

“Dear, you have already stagnated in the of the early stage of the Almighty Divine Master Realm long enough, and you need to calm your heart in preparation for breaking through to the middle stage, so you mustn’t let yourself become preoccupied with distracting thoughts, as they will only make it more difficult for you to break through!” Gu Taixu spoke to her in a gentle voice, a trace of displeasure flashing through his eyes as he looked at Lü Chuyi’s odd state. He didn’t like the fact that she was hiding something from him.

At this moment, the several Fairy Realm experts who were watching the Exchange Festival began talking among themselves…

“Thunder Escape! Isn’t this the Thunder Emperor’s secret technique?”

“Did someone finally find the legacy of the Thunder Emperor?”

The Thunder Emperor was somewhat famous in the Jiuzhou Continent, so his secret technique, the Thunder Escape, was immediately recognized by several of them.

‘The Thunder Emperor?’ Gu Taixu softly muttered his name, although he didn’t seem too interested in the matter.

Just after that, all of the Fairy Realm experts were startled, as they all felt like they all looked at Lü Chuyi and Gu Taixu at the same time.

Eh? Gu Taixu furrowed his brows, then asked the group of gawkers, “What are you looking at?”

When they heard him, those Fairy Realm Experts were shocked speechless. All they could do was step aside collectively to make way for him to pass. It seemed like they truly feared angering him.

Gu Taixu was slightly displeased by their behavior, but his expression was still calm as he strode forward. As he walked, he looked at the Divine Sparrow Stage through a giant light screen.

Gu Taixu was carelessly sweeping his gaze across the crowd. He saw Su Yu, who had easily forced back Heiyue Langjun and Mister Nan Wu, and calmly started assessing him. Then, he suddenly stopped and his brows became furrowed. This was because his gaze had just fallen upon ‘Lü Chuyi’, who was beside Su Yu.

“Do you know this punk?” Gu Taixu looked at Lü Chuyi with a warm gaze.

Lü Chuyi was startled by his words, so she stood up and came over next to him to look toward the Divine Sparrow Stage. Her pupils contracted instantly, and hatred welled up in her heart as her gaze fell upon Su Yu. However, her hatred was quickly overwhelmed by pain and agony.

She was incapable of forgiving him, but she was also incapable of truly hating him. However, as she continued looking on, she discovered that a beautiful woman was standing beside him. The woman looked just like her, and besides the fact that she seemed younger and her bearings were somewhat different from her, they were exactly the same!

“This…” Lü Chuyi was startled and wondered why there was a woman that so closely resembled her here. Moreover, why was she with Su Yu?

When she stealthily snuck a peak at Gu Taixu, she found that his complexion was quite unsightly. His cold stare was fixed on Su Yu.

“Brother Taixu, he’s just a Returning Principal Faction’s disciple who I once met. We traveled together for a while. That’s all. There is nothing between us,” Lü Chuyi said weakly.

She then slightly pursed her lips. She was determined that, no matter what, she wouldn’t dare reveal the fact that her virginity had already been taken by this very man! If this matter was revealed, then her Brother Taixu would no longer love her!

“Eh, then what’s the deal with that girl?” Gu Taixu squinted his eyes as he questioned her. All the while, he was wondering…

How could a man bear the fact that some stranger had a woman, who looked so similar to his fiancee, following him?

Lü Chuyi stared at the woman for a while, and her eyes slightly lit up when she saw through her. “It seems like she’s just a spiritual beast that is proficient in shapeshifting, and she just took on my likeness.”

Strange feelings welled up in Lü Chuyi’s heart as she spoke…

Why did Su Yu make such creature take my own appearance, then let it follow him around everywhere?

Is it because he fell in love with me after the night the we spent together?

As she thought of such a possibility, the resentment that had been hidden in the deepest part of Lü Chuyi’s heart somewhat lessened. Although he took her virginity, he didn’t seem to be some heartless man, especially since he had even made some creature take her own appearance after she left!

Women were such strange creatures! They could hate a man for their whole life, yet they could still suddenly forgive him!