The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 585

Chapter 585 Divine Master Realm Bones

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Jin Chen was quite pleased by the crowd’s current expressions, so he put on a seemingly mysterious smile as he spoke. “It just so happens that I was in the vicinity when that great battle occurred, so I was able to be the first one to reach that place after the fight ended.”

What? He was the first one?

The people here couldn’t help but look toward the jade box, as almost all of them had thoroughly checked out the place where that fight had occurred, but only a few of them had managed to find anything of value.

Did Jin Cheng find some extraordinary objects there?

“It’s right, this jade box held one of the treasures that I found.” As Jin Chen opened the jade box, something flew out of it. It seemed like the object was formed by the condensation of pure lightning, and even though it was just a broken fragment, it was still flickering with lightning.

“The fragment of a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact!” someone cried out in alarm.

Semi-manufactured spiritual artifacts were treasures that only Fairy Realm experts could possess. Besides some disciples who came from great backgrounds, all of the Half God Realm experts only used ordinary divine artifacts. Thus, the fragment of a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact was a quite excellent magical treasure!

“It’s quite an impressive treasure! Isn’t it one of the most precious ones?” Mister Nan Wu was somewhat angered, as Jin Chen had dared to hide such a treasure from him.

Jin Chen bitterly smiled and replied, “A single fragment isn’t truly precious, but if there were a hundred of them…”

As he spoke, he raised up his hand and waved it, and a great number of fragments flew up into the air. There were at least a hundred of them!

Su Yu was dumbfounded by such a sight! He thought the he recognized the fragments as having come from his Cosmos Thunder Sword!

After it was destroyed by the demon, a third of the sword had been thoroughly useless, so it directly turned into nothingness. However, its remaining parts were turned into countless fragments!

Sheng Xuelian was also startled by such a sight. She immediately looked toward Xia Yujing, whose face was deathly pale, like snow.

She recognized the fragments with just one look, as those were the fragments of the Cosmos Thunder Sword! She had personally witnessed Su Yu obtaining this sword while they were traveling in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds.

This sword was a fond memory that was shared by the both of them, so she would of course recognize it!

If Su Yu was still alive, she had to wonder how his sword could have been destroyed. She then came to the realization… The sword was destroyed, and its owner was killed!

The last glimmer of hope in Xia Yujing’s heart was annihilated, along with the flickering of those fragments’ lightning. No matter how much she didn’t want to believe it, it was clear that Su Yu had died in some accident.

She saw the terrifying scenery that day with her own eyes, so she knew it was nearly impossible for Su Yu to have survived, especially while facing such a terrifying power. Her body was violently shaking and her eyes became empty, as she already lost all of her hope.

“It can’t be! He didn’t…” Xia Yujing absent-mindedly muttered, while she staggered into a mass of mist, then disappeared.

Sheng Xuelian looked at the place where the great battle between a human and a demon had just occurred. She then sighed, not even having the energy to go after her.

Su Yu detected that some mist had just flickered, so he vaguely sensed that someone had just left, but he didn’t really care about it at the moment.

“State your price.” Heiyue Langjun’s eyes lit up, as he was quite interested in this new item. After all, he rarely saw thunder artifacts!

“Yes. State the price! I also want to see what’s so special about this sword.” Mister Nan Wu curled up the corners of his mouth, while the other people also revealed interested looks.

“Ten crystals!” Jin Chen shouted out the price.

Mister Nan Wu and Heiyue Langjun furrowed their brows when they heard his words. It was obvious that they found such a price to be quite high.

If it had been an intact semi-manufactured spiritual artifact, then its price might reach even a hundred crystals or more, but what was before them was just a broken sliver, so such a price seemed somewhat expensive.

“Ten crystals…” While the pair were still hesitating, a hoarse voice suddenly spoke up.

Su Yu looked to see who had spoked, and he found that it was a man whose whole body was clad in a black robe, thus hiding his identity.

Su Yu found his voice to be quite familiar, and after he pondered it for a moment and activated his Soul Eyes to look through his black robe, he saw an extremely hideous-looking dragon’s head!

It was Gang Dalei! Su Yu was so shocked, he almost cried out in alarm. He truly never expected that he would end up meeting him here!

Su Yu considered going over to greet him, but after he thought about it for a moment, he decided to give up on the idea. This was because he was currently hiding his status, so it would be unwise to reveal himself.

After they heard the mysterious man’s bid, Mister Nan Wu and Heiyue Langjun hesitated for a while before also starting to compete for it. Their competition for it wasn’t truly intense, as Gang Dalei didn’t join in again after making he his first bid.

As such, only Heiyue Langjun and Mister Nan Wu were capable of paying such a high price and continue to bid for it. As for the elders, who were observing them from the Jiuzhou Continent’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage, they all had their own spiritual artifacts, so they weren’t interested in mere fragments.

After the pair competed for a while, Heiyue Langjun was finally outbid by Mister Nan Wu. After Sheng Xuelian announced the exchange, she looked at Su Yu with an interested gaze, “Young master, you are also someone who cultivated the thunder techniques, so why aren’t you interested in a Thunder Sword’s fragments?”

Su Yu clicked his tongue when he heard her and thought to himself, Those were objects which I threw away, so how could I still be interested in them?

However, if he had known that even his sword’s fragments would be capable of being sold for such a high price, then he would have properly collected them and hung onto them!

“Just proceed. If I’m interested in something, I will exchange it,” Su Yu calmly said.

Sheng Xuelian looked at him carefully for a long while, then continued on. “Now, Heiyue Langjun, please come over here.”

Heiyue Langjun, who had settled for the second best thing, had chosen the third bamboo flute. After Heiyue Langjun stepped forward, he took two treasures from his bosom. These were both things that he gotten from some ancient ruins, which he now began to explain…

“This first item is the Luoshen Poem. It’s rumored that this poem was written by an Almighty Divine Master via his soul power, and if someone was to pour his Vital Energy into it, then Luoshen’s phantom, who possesses the fighting prowess of someone at the peak of the Half God Realm, will appear before you! It’s a rare treasure, so I ask for five crystals in exchange for it!” he announced.

All of the people suddenly descended into an uproar. His offer and words tempted all of them, as this treasure would enable them to defeat anyone below the Fairy Realm!

“Its only flaw is that it can only be used one time each day.” Heiyue Langjun continued describing it.

Such a flaw was understandable. After all, if it could be used endlessly, then it wouldn’t be any more affordable than the fragments of a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact.

“Five crystals!”

“Five crystals, along with a crystal fragment!”

All of them started bidding for it, while taking out all of their wealth from their pockets. This was especially the case for the wandering cultivators, who all became crazy for it, almost like it was a life-saving talisman!

In the end, it was taken by a bearded, muscular man. After he obtained the treasure, he immediately left the Divine Sparrow Stage and looked for a place to hide, as he was quite prudent and cautious.

Heiyue Langjun contentedly nodded, and when he started introducing his second treasure, he looked out of the corners of his eyes, hoping that the elders from the Jiuzhou Continent would come to exchange. But, alas, none of them moved an inch.

Refusing to be discouraged, Heiyue Langjun then opened the jade box to reveal his second treasure, which was a black bone. It could be faintly seen that age had already started to show its effects on the bone. However, the bone still contained some Vital Energy, which made it appear as if it was still alive!