The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 586

Chapter 586 Cheap Sales

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“Just like you said, It is the bone of a Divine demonic Beast! It is an important material for crafting spiritual artifact treasures! This time, I’m only asking for an exchange of items. Whoever has the hair of the Yin beast, you may trade three strands of it for this treasure!” announced Heiyue Langjun.

Upon hearing his words, Many people secretly drew in a breath of cold air. Their eyes were filled with passionate looks.

There were many Divine Masters in the human clan. In fact, every faction had them. However, a Divine demonic Beast was supremely rare!

As for their bones, it was the perfect main ingredient for crafting the various spiritual artifacts. As such, these bones were priceless. Hence, the object before them was indeed a crowd-pleaser!

Heiyue Langjun had in fact encountered a great fortune. Even Mister Nan Wu narrowed his eyes. However, the entire place was silent.

The Yin Beast was a uniquely terrifying beast in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. Its cultivation was at least at the Fairy level and it had very secretive roaming patterns. Even if an Almighty Divine Master set out to hunt for it, he may not be able to capture it successfully.

The sweat and hair on their bodies contained a very strong Yin-based aura, which was ideal for crafting Yin-based treasures. Hence, when traded in the market, it was even rarer than the Divine demonic Beast’s bone! So, Heiyue Langjun’s asking price was far too expensive.

The people present understood clearly that Heiyue Langjun was not expecting any of them to pay that actual price. What he was really hoping for was that one of the many elders who were observing would respond.

However, after waiting for a long time, there was still no movement on the Jiuzhou Mysterious Heavenly Stage. Heiyue Langjun’s face turned stiff. He was clearly more than a little dissatisfied.

“Hehe, my turn.” Mister Nan Wu laughed loudly, as he was happy that Heiyue Langjun had just embarrassed himself.

Heiyue Langjun then exchanged places with Mister Nan Wu, who then announced, “I only have one treasure that needs to be exchanged.”

Mister Nan Wu immediately retrieved a huge rock from his bosom. It was the size of his palm.

There was a very strange marking of a door on the rock. The door was clearly only a marking, however it looked very lively, almost as if it were a real, functioning door!

The object caused Su Yu to shiver in surprise, as he was oddly familiar with the door! Within his soul, he had seen such a door quietly floating next to the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron!

Su Yu had discovered the door when he had entered the underground historical remains on Shenyue Island for the second time. At that time, he had to face the plaited bamboo hat man who had been sent by the Ninth Saint Master.

When Su Yu had cracked open the rock that contained the Divine Decree, he had discovered a marking of a door within it. The marking had then been carved onto Su Yu’s soul. Even to this day, Su Yu had not fully understood the door’s purpose.

“Whatever this door is meant to do, I do not know yet. However, I can promise you that this object is very precious! That is because when I found it, I discovered many spiritual artifact fragments around it! There is no way to estimate the value of this object, so how much you are willing to offer will depend on you!”

Everyone at the Divine Sparrow Stage looked at each other, none of them knowing quite what this object was. Suddenly, a transparent figure descended from within the light circle in the sky.

As soon as the figure landed, he immediately approached Mister Nan Wu and grabbed the rock from his hands to study it. His abrupt action stirred up the crowd.

Swiftly, five other Fairies’ figures started descending thereafter. They all looked focused as they hurried over and surrounded the stone. They also could not stop studying it curiously.

“The Floating Life Door! There is no mistaking it!” one of the Fairies exclaimed. They all looked at each other in amazement. “I can’t believe that such an object as the Floating Life Door actually still exists in this world!”

Floating Life Door? Su Yu was paying very close attention now.

“Yes, this door was used to summon the demon that nearly devoured all of the human clan in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands!”

Summoning the demon? Su Yu’s heart shuddered when he heard this. Having fought the demon once, Su Yu did not want to encounter it a second time! Besides, the demon that they were talking about was the real demon, not the demon that had been transformed from a single demonic hair.

Meanwhile, the Fairies kept commenting among themselves…

“That happened many years ago. No one has been able to verify who manipulated the door and summoned the demon!”

“Hehe, do we need to say more? Apart from the Lord, who else could it be?”

After a brief moment, one of the Fairies turned his gaze away and shook his head. “This is merely an image of the Floating Life Door. It’s not the real Floating Life Door. If any of you are interested in it, go ahead and exchange for it.”

After he finished speaking, all but one of Fairies left. The final Fairy remaining had been the first one to arrive. Having given it some thought, he emotionlessly returned the rock and said, “It is merely a useless and ordinary material.” Once he finished speaking, he also left the place.

Mister Nan Wu was in shock and his mouth twisted uncontrollably. The item he had seen as a treasure had turned out to be absolutely worthless!

Heiyue Langjun covered his mouth and laughed gently. “Hehe, if you think it is such a treasure, then keep it for yourself!”

Mister Nan Wu stared back at him angrily. “What is so funny? If I were ever lucky enough to acquire the real Floating Life Door, I am afraid you would not be able to laugh then!”

Upon hearing this threat, Heiyue Langjun’s face stiffened and he turned gloomy. “It is better not to make this kind of a joke. The elders certainly would not find it funny at all!”

Hearing this, Mister Nan Wu lowered his head and kept quiet. This was because many years ago, the demon had caused a blood bath in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. The demon had eaten countless humans and became their worst nightmare. Hence, this kind of joke was indeed not very appropriate.

However, Su Yu felt a stir in his heart, as he actually had the Floating Life Door!

Could I actually use the door to summon a demon and have control over him?

Thinking about this, Su Yu entered a state of shock, such that he could not even react when Sheng Xuelian called to him twice.

“Number Six! It is your turn!” Sheng Xuelian called out to him the third time.

Su Yu finally heard her, and as he walked to the front, he retrieved a middle-grade divine artifact. It was an item that he had taken from a Human King from the Soul Seizing Palace.

Once the item appeared, the interest from the crowd quickly dwindled. After all, none of them lacked divine artifacts.

Heiyue Langjun could not help but laugh in secret. He had thought this person would retrieve something dazzling. He did not expect that it would be a mere low-grade divine artifact. Many people in the crowd shared his same thoughts.

“Who wants it?” Su Yu waved the black demonic hammer in the air.

After a brief moment, a wandering martial artist who was training in the demonic techniques took out a crystal fragment. “One fragment! That is as much as I am willing to offer.”

This was a fair offer, as a middle-grade divine artifact was only worth this much. Hence, Su Yu was very happy the offer. He was pleased to see that even a middle-grade divine artifact could earn him some fragments.

Ding. Dong.

A continuous ringing sound was heard, causing the distracted crowd to react in surprise. As everyone quickly turned to look, they discovered that a bunch of divine artifacts were lying at Su Yu’s feet!

Even the lowest grade among them was a middle-grade divine artifact. Some of them were high-grade divine artifacts! While the levels of the treasures were mostly common, the vast number of them was shocking! In fact, there were at least thirty to forty of them!

There was also a great variety among the treasures. Some were of the demonic nature, while others belonged to the category of Confucianism. Almost anything that could be thought of was represented!

“Tsk, that is the Divine Flying Ship from the Soul Seizing Palace!”

“He even has Chou Zeming’s Blood Sword!”

“And the Tiger Breaking Knife from Yufeng faction’s Zhou Jin!”

“And the Returning Principal Faction’s Yang Yidao’s Fish Intestinal Sword!”

What stirred the crowd the most was the fact that all of these treasures came from every faction in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands! This was a huge point of contention! The crowd was amazed, many of them wondering how all of these treasures could have ended up here!

Even Chou Zeming’s and Yang Yidao’s treasures had ended up in this person’s hands! Everyone now looked at Su Yu as if he were a demonic beast.

“Who are you, really?” Sheng Xuelian narrowed her eyes. She was also greatly surprised!