The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 587

Chapter 587 The Arrival Of A Fairy Realm Expert

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The appearance of such a grand number of magical treasures meant that their owners were already dead. If they had just ran into some mishaps, and one of their magical treasures was picked up by a mysterious youngster, then it might just be because he was lucky, but if all of their treasures to have been picked up by him, there was only one explication for it. It must have been him who killed all of them!

While the crowd descended into a chaotic uproar, Su Yu’s expression remained calm. He then said indifferently, “Calm down.”

His words contained some of the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters’ might, which imbued them with a great pervasive power that caused the crowd to quickly settle down.

“It isn’t important who I am, and it doesn’t really concern you whether or not those treasures’ owners are still alive. Now, you have only one matter to care about, and that is deciding if you want one of those treasures. If you do, then take out your crystal fragments! The price of a middle-grade divine artifact is a single crystal fragment, while a high-grade divine artifact costs three crystal fragments. First come, first served!” Su Yu announced.

All of them were startled by his words. One quick-witted person quickly responded, “I want the Blood Sword and the Fish Intestinal Sword! I will give you six crystal fragments for them!”

After they heard him, all of them immediately returned to their senses. After all, the death of those people truly didn’t matter to them, as what was important to them now was the fact that they had an excellent opportunity to obtain such famous treasures!

People were especially excited about Chou Zeming’s and Yang Yidao’s treasures, as they were two famous outer sanctum disciples, so their magical treasures were surely worth a great deal. As such, many people started fighting over those particular treasures. In the end, Su Yu got forty crystal fragments for the treasures, which was tantamount to four crystals!

The expressions of many of the elders from the famous factions, who were sitting on the Jiuzhou Continent’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage, were quite unsightly. This was especially the case for the Soul Seizing Palace’s elders.

This was because Chou Zeming had been ranked tenth in the outer sanctum disciples’ ranking. He was one of the people that they had sent to look for the Divine Master Tu Mo’s remnants. Now that they saw his magical treasures being sold here, they knew that he must have been killed.

Gu Taixu’s gaze became somewhat ice-cold. He then looked at Lü Chuyi and asked, “He even had some treasures from the Returning Principal Faction. Is it possible that he killed his own faction’s disciples?”

He was clearly starting to become suspicious of Su Yu. Lü Chuyi also felt that something was amiss about all of this.

After all, it was fine if he had killed them, but the fact that he still dared to brazenly come and sell their objects in front of their own factions’ elders was a bit much…

Isn’t he afraid that they would think that it was him who killed their disciples?

After all, when his trip to the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion came to an end, he would be teleported back here, and who would protect him from the angered crowd then?

Lü Chuyi started suspecting his status as a disciple of the Returning Principal Faction for the first time.

“Hehe, what an excellent disciple! He killed even our Yufeng faction’s disciples.” The pretty eyes of a woman flickered with a cold glow, as shehad just seen Zhou Jin’s black knife, the Tiger Breaking Knife, among the magical treasures.

Similar angry comments echoed throughout the crowd. As Lü Chuyi saw how upset the crowd had become, she didn’t know what she should do. She couldn’t decide if she should protect Su Yu or not, since he really had made a grave mistake.

Meanwhile, on the Divine Sparrow Stage…

After everyone had finished competing for the treasures, Su Yu contentedly collected his forty crystal fragments.

“Alright, as I have sold all of my divine artifacts, I will now present you all with something else.” As Su Yu waved his hand, three golden and resplendent fruits, each within a jade box, appeared before them.

“These are twenty-year-old Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranates, and the price is three crystals for each of them. This price isn’t open for discussion, and again, it is first come, first served!” After Su Yu finished speaking, all of the people stared at the treasures in disbelief.

They were astonished because once an Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate matured, they were usually immediately eaten by wild beasts, so it was usually impossible for one of them to safely grow for twenty years! In fact, never once had an Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate that was a day older than twenty years appeared in the market!

The Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate could temper and refine one’s spiritual energy, and the older it was, the stronger its effects were. It was even said that, after consuming an Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate, one directly reach and break through to the Two Crystal Half Fairy Realm!

Such effects were truly extraordinary. Hence, everyone was scrambling for a chance to snag them! Seven or eight people swiftly shot forward and fought for the three Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranates.

Even Mister Nan Wu and Heiyue Langjun were tempted by them, but they didn’t go to fight for them because they had to maintain their dignity. In this way, Su Yu smoothly got nine crystals!

“Cough, cough, you are getting too close to me.” Su Yu waved his sleeves at the encroaching, greedy crowd.

Hearing his snobby words, all of the people only became more spirited, while they fixedly stared at Su Yu. Many of them even came over and surrounded him, trying to get as close to him as possible, just in case Su Yu brought out another treasure.

Gu Taixu, who was on the Jiuzhou Continent’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage, slightly curled up the corners of his mouth as he looked at Su Yu. “They are such low-quality trash.”

The other Fairy Realm experts didn’t object to his statement. In fact, they tacitly agreed with his words.

At this moment, Su Yu, who was on the Divine Sparrow Stage, said, “For the following objects, yell out your bid after carefully observing them.”

At that moment, a purple creature that was about the size of a thumb flew out of Su Yu’s hand and floated in mid-air. It was an extremely hideous-looking worm, which emitted a ferocious aura.

“The corpse of a Fairy Realm demonic beast! Is it even intact?” someone from the crowd cried out in alarm.

“I want it for three crystals!” someone else shouted out.

“Get lost! You are making a fool of yourself by proposing such a low price! Even the corpse of the most inferior Fairy Realm demonic beast costs more than ten crystals, and this worm is extremely rare! I mean, it’s obviously a Fairy Realm worm, which only exists within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion! Naturally, its price should be much higher that that! I want it for fifteen crystals!” It was unknown who issued this bid of fifteen crystals.

Su Yu smiled, as he was quite satisfied with this price.

“I want it for sixteen crystals,” Heiyue Langjun embarrassedly jumped into the bidding war.

Mister Nan Wu’s gaze flickered as he looked at the corpse of the worm. “I want it for seventeen crystals.”

The two of them clearly had forgone their dignity in order to join the bidding. This was because they knew that if the worm was sold in the outside world, it wouldn’t be sold for a price as low as ten or twenty crystals, but would cost dozens of crystals! Hence, even if they didn’t use it, they could still take it back to the Jiuzhou Continent and sell it for an easy profit.

“Nan Wu, how many crystals do you have?” Heiyue Langjun coldly sneered. “You shouldn’t carelessly bid such high prices! If you are incapable of paying for it when the time comes, you will be publicly shamed!”

Mister Nan Wu chuckled in response. “You should just pay attention to your own wallet, as I’m determined to get it!”

“Fine! I want it for eighteen crystals.” Heiyue Langjun increased the price once more.

Mister Nan Wu also continued to increase his bidding. The two of them continued this pattern until the bid had reached twenty-eight crystals. In the end, Heiyue Langjun could no longer continue bidding, so he was defeated by Mister Nan Wu.

Su Yu, who had smoothly gotten twenty-eight crystals in the sale, was quite overjoyed! This profit, along with the thirteen crystals that he had gotten just before, added up to forty-one crystals! The great amount of Vital Energy contained within such a great number of crystals should be enough to save Ling Xiaotian!

Gu Taixu, who was on the Jiuzhou Continent’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage, slightly furrowed his brows. “He’s quite lucky, and he found a poisonous worm’s corpse! However, he’s still just trash in my eyes.”

At this moment, Su Yu waved his sleeves and said, “I still have another object, so please make way for it.”

After they made a place for it, a giant toad appeared.

Heiyue Langjun’s eyes lit up. He then shouted, “Brother, I want this Fairy Realm demonic beast.”

Mister Nan Wu’s cheeks became red, as he was upset. He also wanted this creature, but all he could do now was helplessly look on, as purchasing the poisonous worm had already consumed all of his savings!

However, at this moment, a flurried shout was heard coming from the opening above them. “Wait! I want to have a look at this demonic beast.”

All of the people were startled, as they saw a Fairy Realm old man descending down from the opening. Apparently, a Fairy Realm elder had unexpectedly been attracted by the treasure as well!

Gu Taixu was also startled. He asked, “Is that the already extinct White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog? It has somehow managed to attract the Old Monster Yu’s attention!”

As Gu Taixu looked at the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog, he became incapable of uttering the word trash once more. The expressions of the other Fairy Realm experts also slightly changed, and many of them commented on the present scene….

“If it isn’t taken by that Old Monster Yu, I will take it!”

“Considering Old Monster Yu’s temper, I won’t dare fight him over it.”

It seemed like Old Monster Yu was quite revered among them. Even though his cultivation was just at the middle stage of the Fairy Realm, even a later stage Fairy Realm expert wouldn’t dare provoke him.