The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 588

Chapter 588 Spider Puppet

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At the Divine Sparrow Stage.

As they observed the descending figure of the old man, everyone naturally stepped aside to make way for it. Su Yu’s interest was slightly piqued, as he too looked at the figure.

It was not exactly a shadow figure, but more like an imaginary thought of a figure. It seemed like, although Jiuzhou’s Almighty ones could forcefully create a gap in the sky, they still could not easily enter the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.

This was because, even if it were broken, the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was still a spiritual artifact. So, regardless of whether a person was a Fairy or an Almighty Divine Master, he still would not be able to unseal the spiritual artifact.

As such, Lü Chuyi’s experience explained everything. The only thing that remained uncertain was whether an All Creation Old Monster would be affected if he entered.

Su Yu’s mind suddenly conceived this thought. However, the thought flickered, then disappeared in an instant, as he had immediately decided against it in his heart. Besides, the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was only meant to be used by disciples who were below the Fairy level for training purposes.

Although the resources here were plentiful and may even be appealing to the Divine Masters, they were insignificant to All Creation Old Monsters. The only exception would be the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.

So, why would they personally come to a place like this?

Shaking his head, Su Yu turned towards the descending figure. Although it was only a shadow figure, its facial features were very clear. The entire body could also be seen clearly.

The old man before him wore a red robe and was surrounded by a fire star. He looked old-fashioned and did not smile at all.

“What would you like to trade for?” The pale old man asked. His pale pupils had not moved away from the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog, not even to look at Su Yu.

Su Yu laughed lightly. “What can you give me?”

The old man lifted his head slightly. This was his first time looking at Su Yu. He then retrieved a puppet from his the sleeves of his robe.

The puppet was about the size of his thumb and was shaped like a little dog. It looked very normal.

This was the first time that Su Yu had seen the object, so he could not help but feel curious. Quietly, he looked around at the others’ expressions, noticing that everyone had looks of admiration of their faces as they stared at the wooden puppet.

For people like Heiyue Langjun and Mister Nan Wu, who had considerably greater knowledge, they looked extremely surprised. It seemed like the old man had given him something far greater than anything they had expected. Hence, Su Yu figured that it must be something good!

“Deal.” Su Yu answered decisively and tossed the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog’s corpse over to the old man. The old man grabbed the corpse and directly tossed it through the gap onto Jiuzhou’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage.

“As a crafter of puppets, I need the blood essence of the universe’s spiritual beings. Although the cultivation of the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog is mediocre, it is still an extinct live spirit. As such, though it may not be of value to other people, for me, it is worth a Hell Dog Puppet!” This old man was very fair, so he did not try to cheat Su Yu.

Blood essence? Su Yu’s eyes flashed brightly as he retrieved two jade bottles. One of them contained a drop of golden bloody liquid that was filled with Buddha qualities, while the other contained a drop of black bloody liquid that emanated ghost energy!

The first was the blood essence that had been collected from the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring. As such, it was uncertain as to whether it belonged to the soul old man or someone else.

The latter was a drop of blood essence that had been taken from the Ghost King’s arm. According to the Ghost King, his blood essence had a very strong purifying effect for Su Yu, who had the Bloodline of the Evil Ghost. Thus, it could be used to strengthen his bloodline. However, Su Yu had been very cautious, so he had not used it.

After Su Yu had shown him the two jade bottles, the old-fashioned old man took a careful look at the ghost blood. Su Yu then said, “The blood essence of a Divine Master Ghost King! Although the spiritual qualities have deteriorated, they are still very valuable for you as a Half Fairy.”

Although he was moved slightly, Su Yu could tell that the old man was still not very interested. However, when the old man’s gaze swept past the golden drop of blood, his eyes slowly narrowed and his facial expression turned serious gradually.

“Could I have a closer look?” The old man eyes were fixated on the golden bloody liquid. He was clearly a little surprised.

As Su Yu tossed the golden blood over to him, he was silently thinking. Was the original owner of the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring indeed someone unusual? After all, he was certain the blood essence did not belong to the soul old man.

Looking closely at the golden drop of blood, the old man’s expression was turning stranger by the second. “Could this be the blood essence of an All Creation Buddha? Young fellow, where did you get this drop of blood essence? Do you still have the treasure that belonged to the owner of this blood essence?”


Right then, two Fairies descended from the gap in the sky.

“My friend Yu, this is not good. Even you should not break the rules!” one of them said to the old man. The two Fairy men were wearing purple clothes.

The old man, who was also called Yu old man, lifted his head coolly and looked towards the gap above him. It was as if he was looking at the many superiors above through the light screen.

He then yelled out, “You guys sure are hot-headed. Are you afraid that I would find the blood essence of an All Creation Old Monster and craft a puppet that even you would be terrified of?”

His question was not meant to sound threatening. After all, he was not breaking any rules. The two people who had come forward to stop him must have been sent by the rest of the Fairies.

The old man was a unique existence in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. Although his cultivation was not necessarily top-notch, the puppets that he created were far superior to most puppets.

It was said that the puppets he crafted were equivalent to the Divine Master’s level of battle power. Although they could not be used for very long, they stood out significantly, so nobody dared to challenge him.

The faction which he led, for this reason, was also very highly respected among the eighteen factions. As such, they were all hesitant to simply stand by and let him obtain the All Creation level blood essence in order to craft an even scarier puppet!

“My friend Yu, you have misunderstood us. We are only worried that you may accidentally break the rules and become subject to many repercussions from the many people here.” The two Fairies still held their stiff smiles. They would never admit that they had come forward after getting permission from the audience on Jiuzhou’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage.

The two Fairies then looked at Su Yu. “Little brother, we are also interested in this drop of blood essence with Buddha qualities. Could you give the blood essence to us? Consider it a favor that we will now owe you, how about that?”

The two of them were, in fact, being quite dishonest! They came in between Su Yu and the old man, playacting as if they were trying to prevent the old man from getting into trouble while they really just wanted to snatch the item for their own benefits!

A favor? Su Yu laughed coldly in his heart.

Such a lowly trick! They should be ashamed of themselves!

Their attitudes and false natures made Su Yu dislike them instantly. Su Yu laughed coolly. “I apologize to you both, but since Elder Yu saw it first, as long as he is willing to give me something I am satisfied with in return for it, the blood essence will belong to him. As for you both, please line up.”

Hearing this, all of the geniuses present sucked in a breath of cold air secretly. As he was asking two Later Stage Fairies to line up, they all thought that Su Yu surely must have gone mad!

The two smiling Fairies kept their fake smiles, just as they had before. After all, it was not appropriate for them to show their anger in such a public place. However, their eyes were emanating cold and unfriendly intentions.

“Little brother, you still do not know who we are, do you?” The two Fairies laughed lightly. Their eyes were filled with a chilly light, even though they did not look like they were smiling anymore.

Hehe, Su Yu laughed in his heart. They had falsely accused the old man for breaking the rules, but they were the true culprits!. Such behavior should be punished! However, there was no movement coming from Jiuzhou’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage.

“Who cares who you are? The item belongs to me, so I will decide its fate. When was it ever your right to intervene?” Su Yu scolded them coldly.

It did not matter how great their cultivation levels were. They were only figures that had descended as shadows! They did not even have true abilities, so why should Su Yu be afraid?

The two were supposedly well-respected, so now that they were being scolded by a younger person, they were utterly embarrassed!

“Hahaha. Well said!” Yu old man had been observing the scene coldly from the side. Hearing such words from a young person like Su Yu caused an old-fashioned man like himself to burst out laughing.

Pulling the two Later Stage Fairies aside, Yu old man looked at Su Yu while trying to contain his laughter. “I admire you for having the guts to take ownership for yourself and your belongings! Based on what you have said, if anyone in the Mysterious Heavenly Stage dares to take revenge on you, they will have to go through me first!”


At that moment, Yu old man shook his sleeves and retrieved a Spider Puppet from them. It was about the size of his palm and looked to be very intricately made. Its level was much higher than the Hell Dog Puppet’s. Even the material it was made from looked very extraordinary.

The two Fairies’ facial expressions changed. “A Later Stage Fairy puppet? Yu Old Monster, even you are capable of such generosity!”

Hearing this, Su Yu was shocked.

This Spider Puppet had the cultivation of a Later Stage Fairy?

The Silver Puppet that had caused a bloodbath in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was also only a Later Stage Fairy, and this Spider Puppet naturally has this kind of battle power?

“Elder Yu, this treasure is too precious. Although the blood essence of Buddha qualities is very expensive, it is incomparable to this puppet. Thus, I cannot accept your offer.” Su Yu returned the puppet with both of his hands.

Yu old man looked at Su Yu in a suspicious manner. “This is strange. I do not sell my puppets to just anyone. Most people could only dream of having one, yet you refuse it! I do not care if you really believe what you have just said, or if you are just doing this to win me over. Regardless, I will not take back what I have given away as a gift. You must keep it.”