The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Billowing Dark Clouds

Qiu Changjian's eyes darted back and forth between the Grandmaster, Bai Qixiong, and the unconscious Bodyguard Chenthe scene was highly suspicious.

"Tell me, what's going on?" Qiu Changjian faced Bai Qixiong, his expression cold.

With one look, Bai Qixiong was shaken. His eyes stung, and he was unable to look Qiu Changjian in the eye! Bai Qixiong wanted to run and hide but, under the direct gaze of Qiu Changjian, his courage to lie about the situation completely vanished! Even a monarch never made him feel such pressure!

As he realized what was going on, Qiu Changjian's eyes darkened; "Follow me!"


Qiu Changjian swiftly flew to the imperial capital!

At the imperial capital's Heaven's Prison, there was a middle-aged man in a cell. He had a haggard appearance and messy hair. The prisoner was also missing his right arm. With his head slightly raised, the man gazed up at the distant skies through the Heaven's Prison skylight.

"Xianer and Yu-er should already be settled, by now." The Prisoner's appearance had changed much from his former self; now, he had a kind and grateful expression.

He was the Duke of Xianyu! His formerly magnificent and eminent appearance no longer existed; only a thin, hollow, desolate, and lonely shell was left.


The cell door lock was broken. The cruel, steel-faced prison warden entered, followed by two burly men.

The Duke of Xianyu, expressionless, calmly turned around. His voice was hoarse but calm; "You finally came, let's go!"

The First Prince would get rid of him sooner or laterit was only a matter of time; he'd long awaited and prepared for this day. With Xianer and Su Yu safe and sound, he was at peace and could calmly meet his death.

Amidst the boundless dark night, the imperial execution ground was lit by moonlight and dim stars. The Duke of Xianyu knelt on the execution stage, his expression calm and his eyes tranquil.

"Duke of Xianyu is guilty of conspiracy and rebellion. This is a monstrous crimehe is to suffer the capital punishment of beheading tonight!" The judge grimly pronounced the verdict. After a slight pause, the judge spoke again; "Any last words?"

Though the Duke of Xianyu had been reduced to a lowly prisoner, his aristocratic bearing and demeanor was still alive and had not diminished in the slightest. His head slightly upturned, the Duke of Xianyu gazed at the starry sky; "Last words? Tell the First Prince that, someday, someone will take his head for me!"

The Duke paused, then continued with a grateful smile; "Throughout my grand life, one of my proudest achievements was not my power, but the betrothal of Xianer to Su Yu. His unwavering loyalty is like a mountainone day, he will return to the imperial capital, and he will avenge me!"

The Duke of Xianyu firmly believed the words he spoke!

The judge scoffed; "Shameless boasting! This judge will behead you today and tomorrow, we will behead Su Yuyou all conspired to commit treason and murder of the royal heir, and therefore you all deserve to be put to death!"

The detached expression of the Duke of Xianyu slightly froze; "Su Yu?"

If they were able to threaten to put Su Yu to trial the very next day was Su Yu in the capital?!

The executioner sneered; "Duke of Xianyu, you still do not knowyour son-in-law is at the Holy Meet, attempting vainly to seize the Holy Crown so he may save you."

"What?" The unshakable Duke of Xianyu's eyes widened!

The sudden news struck the Duke's heart like a bolt of lightning. To save him, Su Yu came all the way to the imperial capital? Did he not know that, with his strength, going against the imperial power could only lead to death? Did he did not know the imperial capital was the First Prince's stronghold? Su Yu would never be able to escape! His plan to take first place at the Holy Meet was hopelesswhy would he attempt something so insane?!

The Duke of Xianyu was intensely moved. His aged body trembled as tears streamed from his eyes! The Duke of Xianyu's lips quivered as he was overcome with gratitude and tragic sorrow.

The Xianyu Prefecture was a thousand miles away from the imperial capital; Su Yu must have hurried to travel that distance in order to make the Holy Meet in time. Had he hungered? Did he manage to rest while on his way to the capital? Had he been cold at night as he rushed to save him, the Duke of Xianyu?

And, now, Su Yu was herefighting to save the Duke's life in the Holy Meet...

As his thoughts circled, the Duke of Xianyu felt guilty and indignant. His chest strained with self-blame; he had once implicated Su Yuhe had incriminated that child! He thought Su Yu would avenge him, but he didn't think that Su Yu, in order to save him, would unexpectedly come to the imperial capital without a second thought!

"Yu-er...You...Why are you so foolish? Does this weary old body deserve you?" The Duke of Xianyu faced upwards and howled with grief as tears streamed down his cheeks.

The judge callously yelled the command; "Chop!"

The executioner raised a great saberits cold blade emitted a bleak aura in the forlorn moonlight!

"Yu-er! You must survive!" The long saber dropped. the Duke of Xianyu, tears streaming, howled in desolation.

A head, cut clean at the neck, flew through the air in a poignant arc.

At the Holy Arena, the ultimate fight carried on! Su Yu and Du Yuntian! One was an unknown, the other was widely renowned. Su Yu was exhausted, and Du Yuntian was on top of his gameno matter who was stronger or weaker by skill alone, it seemed that the ending was determined long before the battle had even begun.

Du Yuntian held a cold long sword in his arms, his eyes icy cool; "You were able to get to this point, not bad. But it stops right here!"


The long sword in Du Yuntian's hand came out of its sheath like a cold bleak ray of light piercing the dark sky. Su Yu comprehended a Saint Level technique, and therefore Du Yuntian saw it as appropriate to finally draw his sword. But! Du Yuntian only drew his swordhe did not attack!

"A Streaming Cold Sword!" Du Yuntian's long sword cut downward. The sheen of the sword's light was chilly and ominous, like midnight snow. The sword gracefully streaked across the air, aimed straight for Su Yu's heart!!

All the inspectors paled simultaneously. The Holy Meet Congress expressly stipulated that it was strictly prohibited to kill another competitor. But, with this maneuver, Du Yuntian was evidently in contempt of the Holy Meet's stipulationDu Yuntian was about to publically murder Su Yu!

The Fiery Minister's aged, crusty face slightly trembled before it immediately regained its cold indifference; "The sword has no eyes, why fuss over nothing? Du Yuntian has his own discretion!"

Besides Fang Yun's secret feeling of surprise, the other twelve inspectors were alarmed and trepidatious; where was the discretion in Du Yuntian's stance? It was clear that he wanted to kill Su Yu! The Fiery Minister was rather excessively biased. In order to defend Du Yuntian, even the rules were disregarded! However, the twelve inspectors kept quiet out of fearthey did not dare object.

Fenglin Empire's Holy Meet had historically been the Fiery Minister's responsibility; he was powerful enough to cover the sky with one hand. If the Fiery Minister really wanted to, he could cease all events with a single gesture. The twelve inspectors, though they could not bear to stand by uselessly, were trapped. They only cast sympathetic looks toward Su Yu.

This was a match with an inevitable outcome, long ago determined; Su Yu should not have come to the imperial capital.

The Streaming Cold Sword's lethal power was truly awe-inspiring! Su Yu's pupils dilated, his heart grim. Su Yu had already predicted this moment would occur.

Su Yu had amazed the world with a single brilliant featthis was bound to fluster the First Prince. In order to eradicate any future potential trouble, the First Prince would absolutely never allow him into the Sanctuary. It was inevitable that the First Prince would have Su Yu put to death in the arena.

Su Yu glanced at the fiery Minister out of the corner of his eye. The Minister did not seem to have the slightest inclination towards stepping into the fight. Su Yu felt his chest tighten with a cold chill. The Minister had openly bent to the will of his associateshe viewed the lives of those around him as insects!

"Purple Star Thunderbolt!" Su Yu struck furiously.


The violet thunder arc pounded the air with destruction!



The two were both directly hit. Du Yuntian stood still, but Su Yu fell back by three steps. On both of his fists, there were tiny traces of blood. Du Yuntian's cultivation base could absolutely suppress Su Yu! At the same time, Du Yuntian only had a superficial comprehension of Purple Star Thunderbolt; as Stage One Lower Class had not been achievedthough its might was still greatSu Yu was unable to make up for the disparity.

Du Yuntian was in disbelief. He was confident that a single sword would destroy Su Yubut it only caused the opponent to fall backward by three steps, and it only left his two fists with just a trail of blood.

His eyes suddenly turned cold. Du Yuntian's cold expression was thoroughly murderous; "The next sword will bring you death!"

"A Streaming Cold Sword!"


The air exploded; the cold sword in Du Yuntian's hand radiated brilliant white light!

Like a ball of sun, it radiated dazzling colorsit was too painful to look at.

The thirteen inspectors simultaneously paled and gasped, "Advanced Level cultivation technique, complete success!"

The Fiery Minister's indifferent eyes revealed gratification; under his guidance, Du Yuntian's rapid progress towards comprehending Advanced Level cultivation technique was to be expected. The next step was to instruct him to comprehend the Saint Level cultivation technique. The Fiery Minister was very pleased with the imperial appointed disciple. Meanwhile, the sword headed straight for Su Yu's head!

Feeling the intense pressure of the moment, Su Yu's eyes suddenly turned cold. Lightly breathing, he fell into a wondrous state. At that moment, it was as if he'd entered a paintingSu Yu was one with heaven and earth, fused together with nature and all living things. In the spectator's point of view, that purple figure looked as though it had broken away from the material world in order to become part of a picturesque realm.

Su Yu raised his finger high and then lightly drew in the air. This one finger moved as if to break the sky into piecesto be free from the shackles of heaven and earth. With one gesture, Su Yu appeared to shatter mountains and rivers and pierce the vault of the sky. His finger moved very slowly, contrasting sharply with the startling motion of the Streaming Cold Sword.

Su Yu's finger came into contact with the sharp point of the Streaming Cold Sword! The heaven-cleaving sword unexpectedly whimpered under this one finger!

Thud, thud, thud

Du Yuntian fell backward three stepshis eyes filled with deep horror! This was Holy Decree! The twelve inspectors and the Fiery Minister were simultaneously stirred! With Zheng Yilin's holy decree, their expressions had remained flat and uninspired. But they were moved by Su Yu's holy decree!

"Another holy decree comprehender!"

"What a powerful holy decree, far surpassing Zheng Yilin's grade!"

The Fiery Minister's aged face looked grave; such a powerful holy decree was extremely rare. How did Su Yu manage to do comprehend it? After a moment, the Fiery Minister lightly snorted; "It's merely superficial skill; the level of maturity is average!"

The veins in the heads of all the inspectors throbbed; such a powerful holy decree, yet he still called it average? All the inspectors were less than impressed in regards to the Fiery Minister's heart. In order to favor his imperial appointed disciple, he discarded his self-respect and lied through his teeth.

If there had been no absolute suppression of cultivation base rank, the Fiery Minister's precious disciple may not have been able to withstand one move from Su Yu hands.

Thud, thud, thud

Su Yu fell backward five paces with the taste of bile in his throat! Even by using the most powerful holy decree, Su Yu still could not defeat Du Yuntian! With the absolute suppression of the cultivation base and the Advanced Level cultivation technique cultivated to top class, Su Yu had encountered an unprecedented enemy!

Feeling the acute pain in his hand, Du Yuntian was furious; this was the first time a peer had fended off his most powerful strike!

"I'll see how long you can hold on!" Du Yuntian roared and attacked first.

He'd seen that Su Yu took a hard blow just now. On top of that, Su Yu's use of the Holy Decree placed a huge physical burden on his body; Su Yu was physically exhausted, it would be difficult for him to continue combat!


Du Yuntian charged once again to cut down Su Yu! Su Yu's pupils flashed and an invisible sword headed toward Du Yuntian!

"Diabolic Sword!"


The diabolic sword sank into Du Yuntian's mind. Although he had absolute rank suppression and was unable to be killed by the diabolic sword, it still caused a mental disturbance.