The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 590

Chapter 590 Fighting For Dragon Blood

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Su Yu laughed bitterly. He had been looking for the Blood of a Real Dragon all this time, only to realize that it had been in the hands of someone close to him all along!

As Gang Dalei had the Bloodline of the Flood Dragon, he was able to find the Blood of a Real Dragon. Su Yu could not believe he did not think of this before. Now that six Almighty Divine Masters had descended, it would be difficult to fight for the Blood of a Real Dragon.

“Nine Thunder Herbs!” Gu Taixu waved his hand and retrieved nine brightly colored, shiny spiritual herbs from his sleeves. They emanated threads of thunderbolts and were indeed real Thunder Herbs!

“Hehe, slow down! I have some too!” The Divine Master who was the leader of the Red Blood Palace and had long purple hair laughed cunningly as he retrieved the nine Thunder Herbs. “Young fellow, give the Blood of a Real Dragon to us. I will give you not only nine, but ninety Thunder Herbs for it!”

Gu Taixu raised his eyebrows and looked over at him coldly. “Zi Qianchou, are you trying to turn against me? The Blood of a Real Dragon would not be of much use to you!”

“Hehe, Gu Taixu, why do you ask such questions if you already know the answers? The Blood of a Real Dragon is indeed not useful to us in the demonic path,” said the Divine Master with the purple hair. “However, it is extremely important to you, Gu Taixu! I heard that in order for you to break through to the All Creation level, you are currently crafting the Nine Spirit Fairy Elixir and will therefore need to collect at least nine types of blood essences of Ancient Real Spirits. Once you successfully craft the elixir, you would be able to break through the level of All Creation. Do you think we could sit idly by and watch? If word got back to our Master Tian Xuan of the Red Blood Palace, what kind of punishment would we face then?”

Gu Taixu yelled coolly and turned towards Gang Dalei, “Give me the Blood of a Real Dragon. The rule of first come, first served must be followed!”

He had personally chased away Su Yu and broken the rule himself. But, now that it involved his own personal interests, he was asking to play by the rules!

Looking at both parties fighting for the Blood of a Real Dragon, Su Yu’s heart sank slightly. Indeed, Thunder Herbs were difficult to ask of a Half Fairy. However, for a Divine Master, it was not that difficult.

Right then, Gang Dalei lifted his gaze to look at both parties and shook his head. “Do you think I am easy to fool? Or, do you think that just because of your grand positions, I will give the Blood of a Real Dragon to you? Do you really think that you can trade for the Blood of a Real Dragon with nine Thunder Herbs?”

The Blood of a Real Dragon was far more valuable than Thunder Herbs. In fact, a single drop of a dragon’s blood was not something that a hundred Thunder Herbs could be traded for!

The six Divine Masters pretended not to know this because they thought Gang Dalei would definitely hand it over to them, whether he wanted to or not. This was clearly bullying!

“You said that you wanted to trade with Thunder Herbs! What is the matter now? Do you regret your words?” Gu Taixu’s gaze turned cold. “The Exchange Festival does not allow you to go back on your word! That is the rule!”

Gang Dalei looked very calm and composed. “The only real rule of the Exchange Festival is that I get to decide what to do with my own belongings! I do want the Thunder Herbs. However, do not bother with giving me normal Thunder Herbs! If you are unable to give me something that I am satisfied with, even if the Blood of a Real Dragon were destroyed, you would not get it!”

Both parties looked slightly taken aback. High grade Thunder Herbs?

The ones that they had previously retrieved were Thunder Herbs that had only just matured. Each of them was about ten inches long.

Gu Taixu did not give it a second thought before retrieving nine new Thunder Herbs. They were all twenty inches long and were at least twenty years old!

“Are you happy now?” Gu Taixu looked slightly unhappy.

The Thunder Herbs grew ten inches in length for every ten years that they were alive. The value of the herbs had increased tremendously! Nine Thunder Herbs, each of which was twenty years old, must have cost him a lot of time and effort to collect!

Zi Qianchou frowned and silently put his normal Thunder Herbs away. An aged Thunder Herb was indeed difficult to obtain. It was not easy to find even one, let alone nine!

Gang Dalei’s eyes shone brightly. Although it was still not comparable to the Blood of a Real Dragon, he knew that being able to find nine such Thunder Herbs required a lot of luck.

Gu Taixu must have had some specific use for them to have gone to such lengths to collect this many. Otherwise, it would be very hard to collect all of them!

Gang Dalei was about to agree to the deal, when Su Yu shouted out…

“Hold it right there!” Su Yu stood up, knowing that this was his final chance. “I also have an aged Thunder Herb!”

Gang Dalei looked at him carefully. A light flashed in his eyes and he asked, “How many do you have?”

“An aged one, but only one.” Su Yu said.

Gu Taixu lifted his eyebrows. He could overlook the fact that the Divine Master from the Red Blood Palace had wanted to fight him for the deal. However, for an unknown little pawn like Su Yu to do the same was unacceptable!

“I have a Thunder Herb that is thirty years old. Can you shut up now?” Gu Taixu retrieved a single thirty inches long Thunder Herb as he spoke. Thirty inches meant thirty years old!

Zi Qianchou was stunned. “It’s really thirty years old? This is the oldest one ever recorded! Gu Taixu, you have such good luck to own such a well-prepared Thunder Herb!”

The appearance of this aged Thunder Herb shoved Su Yu back to his original tight spot.

“If there is no other issue, let us strike a deal!” Gu Taixu said coolly. He never once even looked at Su Yu directly.

Gang Dalei was beyond happy. There was nothing more he could ask for.

At that moment, Su Yu interrupted the deal with a question. “Is a thirty-year-old Thunder Herb really that rare?”

Gu Taixu did not even look at him and said coolly, “It is not rare. However, it is not something someone like you would be able to offer!”

Su Yu shrugged his shoulders. “Indeed, I could not.”

“Then shut up! You talk too much!” Gu Taixu yelled coolly, then stepped forward to grab the Blood of a Real Dragon.

Su Yu said coolly, “The only person who talks too much is you! Indeed, I am not able to retrieve a thirty-year-old Thunder Herb, but I can still provide one that is eighty years old!”

Su Yu then lifted his hand to grab at something in the air. At that moment, a very long jade box appeared from out of his ring. There was a colorful fairy plant lying within it.

Its characteristics did look like an awful lot like the Thunder Herb. However, it shone brightly. In fact, the light it emanated was even slightly blinding! Compared to this, the thirty-years-old Thunder Herb looked rather pale.

“Woah. That is a very long one.” Zi Qianchou was shocked.

Although the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands were vast, very few of the regions were suitable for Thunder Herbs to grow within. As such, it was very rare for even a single stalk of thirty-year-old Thunder Herbs to appear. Anything older than that was unheard of!

However, the Thunder Herb in the hands of the young man at this moment was eighty years old!