The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 591

Chapter 591 Examining The Spirit Herbs

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All of the people here were stunned. They were wondering how it was it even cultivated.

Gu Taixu’s expression stiffened and his gaze became gloomy. He then said, “The lifespan of a Thunder Herb is just mere fifty years, so how can an eighty-year-old one even exist?”

“You can easily test whether it’s genuine or fake by examining it.” Su Yu calmly chuckled and threw the jade box to Gang Dalei. “I will assume that you have some way of examining it?” Since Gang Dalei dared to exchange for Thunder Herbs, as a precaution, he would surely have brought along some means for examining and authenticating them.

“Obviously!” Gang Dalei’s eyes lit up with excitement. He then took out a small cauldron, on which three beasts’ heads were depicted.

He then announced, “This is a magical treasure that specializes in examining Thunder Herbs. After throwing a herb into it, then pouring true energy into it, the three beasts’ heads will spout several halos after testing it. The number of halos is equivalent to the herb’s grade and value.”

He took a breath, then continued explaining, “For example, the deer’s head represents the Thunder Herb’s Spiritual Qualities, and it can spout up to nine halos, which represent the apex ninth grade Spiritual Qualities. The rabbit’s head represents the Thunder Herb’s purity. As for the eagle head, it represents resistance to lightning.”

After he finished introducing these things, Gang Dalei ordered, “Let’s start.”

“Wait.” Gu Taixu suddenly spoke, just before he threw his nine twenty-year-old Thunder Herbs at him and demanded, “Examine mine first.”

Gang Dalei didn’t understand what he was up to, but he still took them, all while looking at Su Yu to see his reaction.

“It’s fine with me if you examine his herb first.” After all, it was Su Yu’s first time learning that Thunder Herbs were divided into different grades, so he was interested to see what the difference was between spirit herbs that were cultivated in a Supreme Growing Soil and spirit herbs that were grown in a natural environment.

After he got Su Yu’s permission, Gang Dalei tore apart the roots of one of the twenty-year-old Thunder Herbs and threw it into the small cauldron. After Gang Dalei poured his Vital Energy into it, the small cauldron started slightly shaking, while the three beasts’ heads on it started slowly changing.

The deer’s head, which was shaking, was the first to start spouting white halos. The images of one, two, then three clear and distinct halos were then superimposed in the air.

“Third grade Spiritual Qualities! Not bad. Thunder Herbs gradually lose their Spiritual Qualities as they age, and just like how humans grow old and get sick, they also gradually become weaker. As such, it’s extremely rare for a twenty-year-old one to possess third grade Spiritual Qualities.” Gang Dalei’s eyes lit up, as he was quite surprised by these results.

Gu Taixu curled up the corners of his mouth and said, “Finish examining it before judging it.”

Confusion appeared on Su Yu’s face, as he wondered why Gu Taixu seemed so confident about this herb?

“The next is the rabbit’s head, which will examine its pureness. A Thunder Herb’s pureness greatly affects its overall grade,” Gang Dalei said.

At this moment, the rabbit’s head started spouting beautiful pink halos. Gang Dalei revealed a satisfied look when he saw two halos had sprouted. “Not bad! Two halos indicate that it grew in a good environment.”

However, as he was speaking, the rabbit’s head suddenly continued spouting more pink halos! Suddenly, a total of four halos could be seen!

“What, four?” Gang Dalei was surprised, and after a moment, he gasped again. “Wait! It is still spouting more halos!”

The rabbit’s mouth started spouting halos once again. Five, six, then seven halos could now be seen!

At this moment, even Zi Qianchou was surprised. “A seventh grade purity? How is it possible?”

All of a sudden, Zi Qianchou recalled something, then spoke in alarm. “Did you go to the Fairy Mountain?”

Gu Taixu crossed his arms before him and revealed a mysterious and faint smile at the corners of his mouth. He then asked, “What do you think?”

After hearing his words, both Zi Qianchou and Gang Dalei were filled with shock. A seventh grade purity was extremely rare, and it caused Gang Dalei to start considering giving up on Su Yu’s Thunder Herb.

“Please continue.” Gu Taixu revealed a meaningful smile.

Zi Qianchou took a deep look at him, then glanced at Su Yu, a trace of pity appearing within his gaze. Su Yu’s heart couldn’t help but thump when he noticed this. He now began wondering…

What is so special about the Fairy Mountain?

Moreover, what is so special about the herbs that are taken from there?

“Okay. The eagle’s head represents its resistance of lightning. A ten-year-old Thunder Herb will usually cause it to spout three halos, and in extremely rare cases, it may even spout five halos. the Thunder Herb’s overall grade will mostly depend upon this last test.” Gang Dalei became more spirited as he spoke.

Zi Qianchou’s gaze was drifting around, looking often at the blood of a real dragon in Gang Dalei’s hands. If Gang Dalei decided to exchange it with Gu Taixu, then they would be obliged to use some extreme means, which might end up angering him. However, he knew that Gu Taixu would surely not dare to kill them.


The eagle’s head started shaking. It then spouted three halos from its mouth, and it seemed to still be going!

“Three halos at the very beginning!” Gang Dalei was quite pleased with this, and his eyes became filled with expectation.


As they expected, after it stopped for a moment, it then continued to spout two more halos.

“Five halos! That means that its lightning resistance is of an excellent grade.” Gang Dalei was quite pleased by this, completely forgetting Su Yu’s Thunder Herb.

At this moment, the eagle head spout yet another halo!

“Six halos! It’s one of the highest qualities I’ve seen!” Gang Dalei was extremely delighted, as the quality of these nine Thunder Herbs was quite excellent, and the effects of the Thunder Armor that could be made by them would surely be astonishing!

In summary, it had third grade Spiritual Qualities, a seventh grade purity, a sixth grade resistance, and its comprehensive grade was of the fifth grade. Hence, it was an excellent Thunder Herb!

“Are you satisfied?” Gu Taixu calmly asked. “The inspection will come to an end here.”

As a fifth grade Thunder Herb was extremely rare, Gang Dalei was quite satisfied with it. Hence, he felt that there was no need for examining Su Yu’s herb.

Gang Dalei hesitated for a moment, then he looked at Su Yu and said, “Brother, I’m sorry, but I feel like these nine Thunder Herbs are more suitable for me.”

“Really? Then, can you lend me your magical treasure and let me use it for a while?” Su Yu asked him directly for his Thunder Herbs examining cauldron.

Gang Dalei inwardly was reluctant, but he still offered his magical treasure to him. Zi Qianchou’s eyes flickered with scorching sparks as he saw this. The exact situation that they had feared most had just happened!

“Let’s exchange now, as we have already wasted enough time!” urged Gu Taixu.

Gang Dalei nudged his head towards Zi Qianchou and his two other companions, then looked back at Gu Taixu with a knowing look. It seemed like he was trying to inform Gu Taixu that this place wasn’t safe for completing such an exchange.

“Just exchange it with me! I am not scared of them! They are incapable of stealing my objects.” Gu Taixu coldly sneered.

As they could sense the tension in the atmosphere rise, Lü Chuyi and the Yin-Yang old man, who had followed them here, shuddered. They were preparing themselves, in case there was a fight. Meanwhile, the expressions of the Red Blood Palace’s three Divine Masters also became ice-cold.

Once Gu Taixu got the blood of a Real Dragon, he would be even closer to making the Nine Spirit Fairy Elixir. Once he made that, a third All Creation old monster would be born in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands! Thus, they must absolutely not let him obtain the blood of a Real Dragon!

The people from both sides had daggers drawn, and a great fight was on the verge of breaking out. However, at this moment, crisp and rough sounds transmitted into their ears, and when they looked at the place where the sounds were coming from, they became petrified from shock…

Su Yu had taken the magical treasure and started examining his own Thunder Herb with it! The mouth of the deer’s head, which represented its Spiritual Qualities, spouted many halos, and the deer’s head even became extremely lively, as if it had just come back to life.

Such a shocking and astounding scene silenced everyone immediately. Even the elders on the Mysterious Heavenly Stage wore odd looks, as if they had all just witnessed a ghost. They were fixedly staring in disbelief, as nine halos appeared!

“Nine halos, eighth grade…Spiritual Qualities?” After a long while, Gang Dalei swallowed down his saliva, and his voice, which took an unusual tone, echoed with the results.

The Spiritual Qualities of the eighty-year-old Thunder Herb had reached the eighth grade! However, Su Yu didn’t seem so excited.

“It’s just the eighth grade?” Su Yu shook his head in disappointment, as he had assumed that the spiritual herbs that grew in a Supreme Growing Soil would be perfect in all aspects. He could not understand why it hadn’t reached the highest ninth grade.

When they heard his disappointment, many people came back to their senses, almost biting their tongues from shock. After all, this was an amazing result, yet he seemed unsatisfied.

“It’s impossible!” A gloomy and cold voice was heard. It was like a clap of thunder that resounded through the whole quiet Divine Sparrow Stage.

Gu Taixu raised his finger and pointed it at Su Yu. “Examine it again.”

A moment ago, they were about to fight, so they weren’t paying attention to Su Yu. This made him suspicious that Su Yu might have taken advantage of their being distracted to use some underhanded means to manipulate the results.

Su Yu ignored his words and continued pouring his Vital Energy into the cauldron. The rabbit’s head started shaking and spouting a pink fog, then directly spouted many halos. Seven halos immediately appeared in the air, which was the same result as the Thunder Herb from the Fairy Mountain had received!

“A seventh grade purity! Was this Thunder Herb also taken from the Fairy Mountain?” Zi Qianchou was quite astonished, and although the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion had some places where Thunder Herbs could grow, it was impossible for them to produce such an astonishing spiritual herb like the one before them!

Su Yu slightly furrowed his brows in disappointment, unlike the other people, who were all in awe of such results. It was another extremely pure Thunder Herb!

Gang Dalei’s eyes became filled with excitement. “Both its Spiritual Qualities and purity are excellent, and it’s even extremely old. This is truly astounding.”

The older an herb became, the more of its Spiritual Qualities it would lose. Likewise, its impurities would also increase with age. However, such common rules had been thoroughly toppled by this eighty-year-old Thunder Herb!

“Only the last test remains. We shall now test its lightning resistance!” Gang Dalei’s eyes widened, and he became quite anxious.