The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 592

Chapter 592 A Winding Path

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Based on the performance of the other aspects, the lightning resistance of the Thunder Herb would certainly not be too bad! Even if it were only of the third grade, combined with the earlier two aspects, the overall comprehensive grade would still be at the sixth grade. This meant that it would still be much better than Gu Taixu’s Thunder Herb from the Fairy Mountain!

Zi Qianchou’s pupils flashed brightly as he secretly anticipated what would happen next. If the Blood of a Real Dragon fell into the hands of this young man, it would still be a considerably good outcome.

Although it was a bit of a waste, it was still better than letting Gu Taixu have it! In that way, they could also avoid a direct battle with Gu Taixu. Besides, just the thought of Gu Taixu made Zi Qianchou shiver.

If they were to really engage in a battle, Gu Taixu could probably single-handedly defeat all three of them! After all, this man was known to be the number one genius in all of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands!

Now that there was a possibility of Su Yu snatching away the Blood of a Real Dragon, they secretly sighed in relief. However, despite the immense pressure from the onlookers, the Eagle’s Head still did not show any signs of movement, even after a long pause.

“Could it be that it has aged too much, such that it is behaving very differently from normal Thunder Herbs when being examined?” Zi Qianchou asked.

He had a bad feeling about all of this. In fact, the strange scene that had just unfolded was causing a everyone’s hearts to stir.

Many of them were wondering if the lightning resistance of the Thunder Herb had dissipated over the years. After all, not all spiritual herbs experienced strengthening qualities as they aged. The Thunder Herb was one of those that did not.

As the onlookers watched, Su Yu was still imbuing Vital Energy into the object. However, the Eagle’s Head still did not show any reaction.

Su Yu’s heart gradually sank. Is there a problem with this spiritual herb that was grown in the Supreme Growing Soil?

“Do you actually plan to use a Thunder Herb like this?” Gu Taixu directed his question at Gang Dalei. His tone sounded like he was enjoying Su Yu’s current misfortune.

“I know what to do.” Gang Dalei sighed quietly.

As Su Yu saw that he was about to lose out on this deal, his only choice was to do something extreme. The Blood of a Real Dragon was the only way for Su Yu to recover his strengths and unlock his Heavenly Eyes. As such, he could not pass this opportunity up!

However, right when Su Yu stopped imbuing Vital Energy into the treasure for examining the herbs, a cracking sound came out of it. The Eagle’s Head, which had not budged this entire time, now suddenly exploded!

As broken pieces flew in all directions, the people stared in shock. Luckily, as everyone present had high levels of cultivation, they were not harmed.

Su Yu rolled up his sleeves and flung away the broken pieces. Gang Dalei dodged them, narrowly avoiding the flying debris.

As for Gu Taixu and Zi Qianchou, they did move an inch. This was because the broken pieces were evaporated by the formless aura that was surrounding them as soon as the pieces came close to the two of them.

The scene made Su Yu instantly aware of how a huge difference there was between the shadow figures of a Divine Master and a Fairy! The two Fairies’ shadow figures that had descended previously did not have any real might, while the shadow figure of a Divine Master had its own cultivation!

Judging from the way they had both dodged the broken pieces, it appeared as though they both had the might of Fairies! Especially for someone at the peak of cultivation like Gu Taixu, his might had definitely reached a later stage Fairy! Moreover, he was definitely at the peak of existence in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.

“What have you done?” Gu Taixu asked coolly, while he frowned at the broken treasure.

Su Yu did not understand what had happened either. All he did was stop imbuing Vital Energy into it, and the treasure automatically broke into countless pieces!

Zi Qianchou picked up a piece of the broken Eagle’s Head. As he rubbed it gently, the broken piece suddenly turned into powder!

“The Eagle’s Head was already broken! It might have been damaged previously, and since it had not been used for a long time, then broke into pieces when it was suddenly utilized!” Zi Qianchou’s eyes were filled enlightenment.

The audience understood what he was trying to say immediately. It was not that Su Yu’s Thunder Herb lacked lightning resistance, but that the Eagle’s Head that was used to examine it had already been damaged! Although what he had just said was quite a stretch, it was not impossible!

“Young fellow, do you have another treasure that we could use to examine the herb?” Zi Qianchou asked.

Gang Dalei was also confused about the treasure’s explosion. So he was keen to examine the Thunder Herb again to find out its true lightning resistance.

“What a waste of effort,” Gu Taixu said with a wave of his hand.

Laughing his remark off, Gang Dalei retrieved another treasure for examining the herb. This time, he personally carried out the inspection.

Gang Dalei looked on with anticipation as he steadily imbued his Vital Energy into the instrument. However, just as before, nothing happened!

If one treasure could not correctly examine the lightning resistance of the Thunder Herb, it might be the treasure’s fault. However, when two treasures were used, yet neither could come up with an appropriate result, this meant that there was most certainly a problem with the Thunder Herb itself!

“It seems like it really does not have any lightning resistance.” Gang Dalei was very disappointed as he gradually stopped imbuing Vital Energy into the testing instrument.

Zi Qianchou was speechless and sighed quietly. This meant that a difficult battle was unavoidable, as the difficulty of snatching the Blood of a Real Dragon from Gu Taixu was unbelievably great. However, if they could not snatch it away, they still had a chance of destroying it!

Gu Taixu said plainly, “Give it to me. We have wasted too much time. I have lost my patience for this!”

Gang Dalei sighed quietly once again, preparing to do as he said. After all, there truly was no reason to prolong the process.


However, right then, the treasure in his hands exploded unexpectedly! As he was not prepared for it, Gang Dalei’s palm was cut by the explosion and a fresh stream of blood started flowing out of it.

“What happened?”

“It exploded again?”

Murmurs could be heard from the crowd, as everyone locked their gazes on Su Yu’s Thunder Herb. There was clearly something wrong with the Thunder Herb, as it had caused the examining treasure to explode twice!

Zi Qianchou, who had been secretly plotting a battle, approached Su Yu. “Could you pass the Thunder Herb to me? I have a way of roughly estimating its lightning resistance!”

Su Yu agreed, then tossed a single root of Thunder Herb to him. After Zi Qianchou reached out and grabbed it with his hand, someone from behind him brought forward a black gourd. Streams of a thunderbolt aura emanated from within the gourd.

The power of the thunderbolt was quite strong. As soon as it appeared, the geniuses surrounding it backed away several steps. This was known as disastrous thunder!

“There are five types of disastrous thunder in this gourd. The lowest level could harm a early-stage Fairy, whereas the highest level could harm a middle-stage Divine Master. The lightning resistance of this Thunder Herb can be tested using the disastrous thunder. If it truly does not have any lightning resistance, the lowest level of thunder will turn it into ash,” Zi Qianchou explained.

Hearing this, everyone silently agreed that this was a reasonable method. After all, the Thunder Herb was indeed meant to resist thunder, so using the disastrous thunder to test its lightning resistance seemed very appropriate.

“I remember that you still have the disastrous thunder that is capable of harming a later stage Divine Master. Why did Mo Tianxuan not let you bring it along?” Gu Taixu asked coolly.

Zi Qianchou laughed softly. “Indeed, I do have it. However, I don’t think that I will need to use it. The ninth grade resistance of the Thunder Herb is only capable of resisting the disastrous thunder that could harm a middle-stage Fairy. If it could withstand the second disastrous thunder, that would be sufficient to prove its worth. It would not be necessary to use any more than that.”

“You seem confident that this Thunder Herb has a ninth grade lightning resistance,” Gu Taixu said coolly.

“I did not mean to imply that. We are only in the testing phase, after all.” Zi Qianchou was clearly not very confident about that!

Zi Qianchou then retrieved a single purple thunderbolt. The thunderbolt gave out an aura that caused the Half Fairies to feel threatened. Even Su Yu stepped back from it slightly, as this was the kind of thunderbolt that one would have to face when breaking through the Fairy level!

The purple thunderbolt was like a strand of hair. It curled around the root of the Thunder herb gradually.


A slight buzzing sound was heard as the purple thunderbolt started bouncing around. It almost seemed like it was going to turn the Thunder Herb into ashes! As for the root of the Thunder Herb, it turned pitch black, as if it had truly been harmed!

The scene made Zi Qianchou’s facial expression darken slightly. Is the Thunder Herb really a worthless piece of trash?

However, right then, the purple thunderbolt flashed brightly and was suddenly absorbed by the root! Thereafter, the root returned from its burnt state to its original state.

“Is this the thunder absorbing ability? This Thunder Herb is not resisting the thunder, but is absorbing it! What does this mean?” Even a knowledgeable Divine Master in the crowd was confused by this sight!

Suddenly, he seemed to understand something, as he revealed a surprised look and asked, “Tsk tsk, could this be an additional effect of an aged Thunder Herb? Some universal spiritual herbs have strengthened effects after they reach a certain age. In fact, it might even have modified effects!”

He then added, “This Thunder Herb has developed the lightning absorbing ability from its initial lightning resistance after having aged eighty years! This explains why the treasure was not able to examine it, but exploded instead! It was because the effect of this Thunder Herb had already changed it!”

What? Could such a thing really happen? Everyone who heard what the Divine Master had said was dumbfounded.

“Ahh, what a bunch of nonsense. This is all just a guessing game!” Gu Taixu’s facial expression darkened somewhat.

This change of circumstance was beyond his expectation. The truth of the matter was not that the Thunder Herb did not have any resistance, but that it had evolved into having an even more powerful ability to absorb the disastrous thunder!

“Hehe, whether that is true or not, I am sure you know very well.” Zi Qianchou said, while he retrieved the second thunderbolt.

The aura of this thunderbolt was even more frightening, as this was a disastrous thunder that was capable of threatening a middle-stage Fairy. As it did before, the thunderbolt gradually surrounded the Thunder Herb. The root of the herb first turned black, then it started absorbing the thunderbolt.

“It can absorb even this kind of thunderbolt! This is indeed a ninth grade resistance towards lightning!” Zi Qianchou’s face appeared more relaxed now.

At this point, the battle for the Blood of a Real Dragon had seemingly come to an end. As long as Gang Dalei was not dumb, he should be able to make the right decision.

Although it was a simple comparison of objects, the grandiose nature of it all had left most of the Half Fairies present flabbergasted. After several rounds of twists and turns, there was finally a clear conclusion to the whole matter!

“Let us first have a look as to what extent this Thunder Herb is able to withstand the disastrous thunder!” Zi Qianchou laughed lightly.

His interest in this Thunder Herb had increased significantly. Hearing his words, the audience also became very expectant.