The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 593

Chapter 593 The Dangers Of The Inspection

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Su Yu’s eyes flickered. “Let’s first make the exchange. As for how many strikes of disastrous thunder it can withstand, you can test that afterwards as you please.”

Zi Qianchou nodded at him, then stood with the other two Divine Masters between Su Yu and Gu Taixu. From this action alone, it could be seen how wary he was of him.

The expression on Gu Taixu’s face became gloomy. When he looked at him, Su Yu clearly felt his killing intent.

Gu Taixu believed that Su Yu would surely return to the Jiuzhou Continent’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage. After he returned there, with Gu Taixu’s current strength, which was at the later stage of the Divine Master Realm, he wouldn’t be able to obstruct him if he wanted to steal the blood of a Real Dragon.

Moreover, they still had an important task that they hadn’t yet accomplished. That was regarding the divine egg of a Real Spirit that the Divine Master Tu Mo had stolen.

The person who got his corpse would surely have the divine egg of a Real Spirit, but that person hadn’t appeared yet. This was because the corpse of the Divine Master Tu Mo hadn’t yet been found by anyone!

While the people watched in silence, Su Yu and Gang Dalei finished their exchange. As Su Yu held the amber and looked at the fresh blood within it, which emitted a peculiar energy, he got really excited.

He had already obtained two of the three materials needed for cultivating the Evil Destroying Silver Eyes, the Undead Herb of the Netherworld and the blood of a Real Dragon! Now, he only needed the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl!

After the exchange was over, Su Yu let out a breath, then raised his head up. As he did so, he looked at Lü Chuyi, who was behind Gu Taixu.

As she was slightly leaning forward, her exquisite and alluring figure was clearly displayed. She had a fair porcelain-like neck and an extremely dignified facial features. She seemed sacred and untouchable.

Her Divine Master Realm cultivation, as well as her lofty temperament, would encourage anyone to look up to her. No one would believe that a Half Fairy Realm cultivator had once enjoyed such a beautiful body half a month ago.

Sensing his gaze, Lü Chuyi’s eyes flickered for a moment, but she didn’t turn her head to face him. Her jade-like fingers were nervously holding onto her skirt, and it was difficult to see through her to ascertain her current feelings.

Su Yu felt a burst of guilt overwhelm his heart. Doesn’t she want to take even a single look at me?

He directed his gaze at the man before her, the refined and handsome Gu Taixu. This man had an astonishing talent and was her beloved. Su Yu sighed inwardly before averting his gaze from him.

The small kylin, who was beside him, widened its eyes. As it looked at Lü Chuyi, it started excitedly gesticulating with its forelegs, its meaning being something like “She looks like me!”

Only now did Su Yu realize that the small kylin’s current from would cause Lü Chuyi to assume that he still had presumptuous thoughts about her. If Su Yu knew that Lü Chuyi had another different misunderstanding about its appearance, he would have been thoroughly dumbfounded!

“Taixu, half a day has passed! The diamond ring won’t persist for long, so let’s be quick.” At this moment, the Yin-Yang old man raised his head and looked at the opening in the sky, which had started to tremble.

Gu Taixu nodded at him, then swept over all of the people with his cold gaze. “If someone still wants to exchange something, then make it quick.”

When they heard him, the Divine Masters became more serious and earnest. Looking upon them, Su Yu revealed an odd look. It seemed like those Divine Masters were waiting for the appearance of some specific object.

Su Yu’s heart suddenly thumped..

Did they come for the small kylin? What else could these Divine Masters be this concerned about?

Were they waiting for someone to take the Divine Master Tu Mo’s remnant objects?

As he thought of such a fact, he realized that he had evaded such a crisis just by luck! It was fortunate that Gu Taixu had interrupted him from taking the Divine Master Tu Mo’s objects. Otherwise, the consequences would surely have been dreadful!

They waited for a long while, but no one responded. As the diamond ring was already intensely shaking at this moment, they knew that they didn’t have much time left.

“Not one of you has anything?” Gu Taixu squinted his eyes. “Since this is the case, then I’m obliged to inform all of you that there is an extremely dangerous object in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion that mustn’t enter the Jiuzhou world. Hence, for the Jiuzhou Continent’s safety, please take out all of your objects, and if you have a space ring, then open it and let us inspect it.”

Hearing this, all of the people here angered. They thought this was ridiculous. It was obvious to them that these officials were seeking some treasure and were trying to trick them into forcefully inspecting them for it. So, of course they were angered by such obvious humiliation!

However, they were facing were Divine Masters, not just some Fairy Realm experts, and each of them was an Almighty Divine Master who could rule a whole faction. As such, any one of them could easily kill all of them.

Su Yu’s heart sank. He clearly felt that this was a crisis, as the Divine Master Tu Mo’s broken sword and uncomplete cultivation technique were in his space ring!

Once they found them, he wouldn’t be able to escape. However, they might not really be able to recognize the treasures.

But, since they surely had completed thorough research into all of the Divine Master Tu Mo’s remnant objects, it would be delusional of him to try to hoodwink them now. Hence, there was just one way for lifting such a contract, and it was for the host to die.

This rapid and abrupt turn of the situation had caught Su Yu in the middle of a grave crisis. After all, there were a total of six Divine Masters here! No matter how many unusual means Su Yu had at his disposal, it would be still impossible for him to fight all six of them.

“Hehe, what Gu Taixu said is truly the case, and for Jiuzhou’s safety, we must offend all of you.” Zi Qianchou took advantage of the situation, and along with the other Divine Masters, they divided themselves into a few different groups.

The following fight would be a fight about who could first find the person who possessed the Divine Master Tu Mo’s remnants and who could first find the divine egg of a Real Spirit.


The elders at the Jiuzhou Continent who didn’t know the truth felt that something was amiss about all of this, so they were both startled and angered. They were startled by the fact that the six Divine Masters had kept them in the dark while they searching for an extremely important and valuable object.

What angered them was that such an object might be in the hands of one of their faction’s disciples, and such a search was tantamount to stepping upon their whole faction’s dignity!

“Stop!” an Almighty Divine Master commanded.

Even though they were Almighty Divine Masters, they would still not let them do as they wanted.

After all, they had their own Almighty Divine Masters in their faction, so they didn’t really need to fear the Purple Cloud Palace and Red Blood Palace’s Almighty Divine Masters. Those two palaces were nominally administering the other sixteen factions, and their relationship was like one between a king and his dukes. As such, there was no need for the sixteen factions to respect anyone other than their supreme leaders, Mo Tianxuan and the True Man of the Purple Cloud.

At this moment, many projections immediately descended to obstruct them. As the Yin-Yang old man was already prepared such a situation, he immediately made signs with one of his hands, which caused the diamond ring to burst out with resplendent golden light and seal the opening in the sky.

As a result, all of the projections which were descending down were forcefully sent back! The Yin-Yang old man had secretly made plans in advance by altering the diamond ring in advance!

“Everyone, please rest assured that we won’t harm any of your disciples. As long as they cooperate with our inspection, they will be safe and sound,” said The Yin-Yang old man in a hoarse voice.

At that moment the light from the ring became so resplendent, it became impossible for the people on the Jiuzhou Continent’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage to see what was happening in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. This angered them, and they viciously glared at the six Almighty Divine Masters who were sitting cross-legged on the Mysterious Heavenly Stage.

It was only their souls’ consciousnesses that had descended down, and as for their bodies, they were being protected by some experts at the later stage of the Fairy Realm who had come along with them. Thus, they were incapable of approaching them.

While the crowd was still fretting about their lack of sight of the stage, the six Divine Masters in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion had already started their inspection. All of the nine hundred people present became flustered and immediately descended into a panic.

There were many people among them, like Su Yu, who were hiding some secret objects that they didn’t wants revealed. However, when faced with the Divine Masters’ might, many of the disciples chose to bore such a humiliation and gave up on trying to flee.

Meanwhile, Su Yu was trying to quickly come up with a way to deal with this crisis. He surely could not let them inspect him, as the objects left behind by the Divine Master Tu Mo were in his possession!

Moreover, his space ring had many extremely tempting objects, like the prototype Fairy artifact, the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal, and the Real Spirit Dragon Veins. Each of those objects was a treasure which could cause his death if discovered!

At this moment, the six Divine Masters started inspecting and searching the first batch of people who were surrounding the stage…

“After being inspected, you should immediately depart and leave the stage area entirely,” said Gu Taixu.

His cold words made Su Yu’s heart sink even further, as this revealed that they were already prepared for the possibility of people trying to escape. Their search was quite quick and efficient, as with just one glance they could tell whether someone was hiding something.

“You are courting death!” an ice-cold voice suddenly rang out in the air. It was Zi Qianchou’s voice.

He was searching a wandering cultivator, and when he slapped the guy’s belly, a white gourd came out of his mouth. The gourd was unexpectedly a piece of spatial storage equipment. Even though he had swallowed it, it still failed to escape their search.

Zi Qianchou took it and coldly said, “A Demonic Yang Pill and a demonic magical treasure! Why do you have my demon faction’s disciples’ treasures? Did you kill one of our disciples?”

Zi Qianchou didn’t give him an opportunity to reply, but directly waved his sleeves and swept the wandering cultivator several hundred meters away. While he was in mid-air, he miserably shrieked. He then fell down on the Divine Sparrow Stage and fainted, It was unknown whether he was still alive or not.

“I will take care of you later! Now, the next one…” said Zi Qianchou coldly.

Similar situations were unfolding in many corners of the stage…