The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 594

Chapter 594 Mysterious Material

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Some problematic wandering martial artists were identified and knocked out. They would be dealt with later on.

In a very short span of time, at least a hundred people had been searched. The crowd was gradually getting smaller, making the possibility of escaping very slim.

Su Yu’s heart sank. There was only one way out of this!

“Ahh!” All of a sudden, a mortified shout came from the crowd. All that could be seen was a man with silvery white hair, who had turned into a mass of blood and was lashing out in all directions.

“Oh no! The Divine Masters are starting to kill people!” someone shouted from the crowd. The oddity attracted the attention of all six Divine Masters.

“Hmph! Trying to create a distraction?” Zi Qianchou’s facial expression turned cold as he shook his sleeves.

As a black tornado flew out from his sleeves and landed accurately on the person who had been calling out nonsensically, everything became deathly silent. In the midst of the crowd, no one had heard the soft collision, nor noticed a pink mist gradually fading away.

The panicking crowd could not have cared less about the person who had just been killed. They just didn’t want to be next!

“Let’s run away!” Some of the wandering martial artists, all of whom had something to hide, started contributing to the panic and attempted to flee.

All of a sudden, the crowd was becoming anxious and started to move about wildly! Almost eight hundred of the people present began panicking and were starting to flee towards the Divine Sparrow Stage! The crowd was so huge, not even the six projections of the Divine Masters could stop them.

“Whoever dares to move will be killed!” Zi Qianchou shouted angrily. His murderous intent had grown even stronger.

“Run away, quickly! These Divine Masters are starting to kill people!” Zi Qianchou’s threat made the situation even worse, causing more people to become even more panicked.

Zi Qianchou’s eyes flashed coldly as he waved his hand. A tornado flew out to crush the person who was speaking.

Only a few people noticed that, as soon as the person was crushed, he turned into bits of flashing light. It was a trick that was caused by a fake projection!

In the crowd, Su Yu was deep in thought. He had created the commotion by using a clone, as that was the only way that he could blend in with the crowd.

Once he had accomplished this, Su Yu successfully made his way out of the Divine Sparrow Stage and immediately departed the larger group of people, choosing rather to escape alone. As he had expected, the Divine Masters then prioritized capturing the bigger group of people who were trying to escape.

“Trying to run away? Stay right where you are!” A loud shout was heard as a gap opened up between Gu Taixu’s brows.

A wide and encompassing purple light emanated from the gap. All of the martial artists within the radius of a hundred miles were suddenly engulfed by the purple light. Thereafter, it was as if their Spiritual Energies and Vital Energies had all been sealed.

Many of them were like birds that had lost their wings. One after the other, people started crashing on the ground like piles of mashed flesh. In an instant, countless deaths had occurred!

Su Yu was also captured by the purple light. All of a sudden, his body was falling downwards!

Even the little kylin, which had tried to turn into an illusory form, could not escape the purple light. It was frightened and moved around frantically.

Thereafter, it grabbed onto Su Yu, like it was grabbing onto a life-saving device. It hugged Su Yu tightly and was yelling loudly.

The purple light was extremely terrifying. Even the little kylin’s illusory form could not escape it, as its Spiritual Energy and Vital Energy was also sealed.

Seeing as he and the little kylin were about to die, Su Yu tried to activate the little bit of energy that was left in his body. However, apart from his physical strength, he could not use any of his other forms of energy.

As they were fast approaching the ground, based on their current speed of falling, they would undoubtedly be crushed into a pile of mashed flesh! Su Yu felt that they were in grave danger.

Right then, a different kind of energy could be felt in his Dantian. It was neither Vital Energy nor Spiritual Energy. Instead, it was thunderbolt energy!

Trying to sense it, Su Yu discovered that it was the crystal that had condensed from a thunderbolt within his Dantian. It had happened on the day that Su Yu had accidentally discovered an additional crystal that had condensed out of a thunderbolt when he was at the Thunder Emperor Mountain! At that time, Su Yu had assumed that it was a crystal body that was used to store thunderbolts, so he did not pay much attention to it.

Su Yu’s eyes flashed brightly, as he used one hand to form a symbol…


A soft sound of a thunderbolt could be heard, while Su Yu’s and the little kylin’s body were covered by a layer of lightning. The Thunder Escape technique had been activated! Just as both of their feet were about to come into contact with the ground, they suddenly were moved in a different direction!

On the Divine Sparrow Stage, Gu Taixu’s gap between his brows was slowly closing up. Then, the purple light disappeared. Not a single person was left in the sky.

Everyone had fallen to the ground and had become mashed flesh! His skills had instantly killed at least two hundred people! Even those who had not died had been heavily injured.

The ground was cluttered with broken limbs, and there were even many internal organs and intestines scattered about. The whole scene reeked of blood and tears!

Many of the geniuses froze. They were all horrified by the malicious murders that they had just witnessed. No one else dared to try to escape.

The three Divine Masters from the Red Blood Palace looked morbid. Zi Qianchou’s facial expression was even worse. After all, the purple light had sealed even his soul body!

Before this, Gu Taixu’s might was known mostly through hearsay. But now, Zi Qianchou had experienced it for himself.

Before they fought each other, Zi Qianchou still had some confidence that the three of them could hold their own in a fight against him. However, he knew now that there was no way they could defeat him!

“Did one of them escape? It is that young fellow?” As Gu Taixu’s eyes stared towards the direction where Su Yu had escaped, his facial expression turned cold.

“Yin-Yang, capture that young fellow! He was the one who started this whole commotion!” Gu Taixu ordered.

The old man accepted the command readily.

“You lot continue the search here. I will go and capture that young fellow, too!” Zi Qianchou’s eyes flashed.

Of course he would not let Gu Taixu’s men capture Su Yu. They were clearly trying to snatch the Blood of a Real Dragon from Su Yu!

Gu Taixu frowned slightly. His gaze turned to Lü Chuyi. “In that case, dear Chuyi, you will go instead.”

Yin-Yang old man’s eyes were more gifted at communicating with the universe’s dead spirits, so he was more suited to play a supporting role. In terms of battle power, Lü Chuyi was much stronger.

“Yes, senior.” Lü Chuyi nodded as she bit her lips lightly. After all, Su Yu was the person who she least wanted to face!

Ever since she had descended, Su Yu was right in front of her the whole time, but she never looked at him directly. However, with her senior’s order, she had no choice but to oblige. She was the only one present who could deal with Zi Qianchou.

Without looking at Zi Qianchou, Lü Chuyi started spinning an ancient golden bamboo. It was the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo.

As she imbued Vital Energy into it, the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo’s space-based attributes were activated. It surrounded Lü Chuyi and soon disappeared with her.

Simultaneously, Zi Qianchou also summoned a tornado from his sleeves. At a shockingly high speed, it brought him away from their current location.

The Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo’s space-based attributes were phenomenal. Within a few breaths’ time, Lü Chuyi had managed to catch up with Su Yu.

Thirty thousand miles away, in the midst of the golden light, Lü Chuyi’s figure appeared in a flash. Her beautiful eyes scanned the rocks on the ground. There was a weak trace of a thunderbolt present. It was a sign of someone having recently cast the Thunder Escape technique.

He is alert as ever, it seems. As soon as he used the Thunder Escape technique, he had run away. However, I will not let him get away so easily!

Lü Chuyi locked on to another direction and disappeared once again in a flash. Not long after, Zi Qianchou who was also chasing after Su Yu, finally arrived.

The corners of his mouth revealed a meaningful smile. “Young fellow, I have been waiting for this moment for a long time!” As soon as he finished speaking, he flew away, his body flashing brightly.

After some time, somewhere deep in the forest, Zi Qianchou landed at an underground cave. He was holding a gourd in his hand. The gourd contained various disastrous thunders.

“Alright, you can come out now,” Zi Qianchou said as he landed. “I know you have Divine Master Tu Mo’s remnant objects!”

As a stream of spiritual energy emanated from below the ground, Su Yu’s voice could be heard. “What are you talking about? I do not understand.”

Zi Qianchou laughed. “So, it has come to this? Why are you still trying to hide the truth? The people from Soul Seizing Palace were sent to find Divine Master Tu Mo’s remains. They discovered the location, but you had them killed. Hence, you are the person most likely to have found Divine Master Tu Mo’s remains! This means that you knew earlier on that I had taken Divine Master Tu Mo’s items, but you pretended not to know!”

Zi Qianchou finally landed on the ground. All of a sudden, the surface of the ground cracked open to reveal the lava rock beneath it.

“Of course. In order to avoid attracting Gu Taixu’s attention, I had to pretend not to know. It even helped you to obtain the Blood of a Real Dragon! What I did not expect was that you had a way of escaping from the Divine Sparrow Stage. This actually saved me some effort. If the objects you held had been discovered at the Divine Sparrow Stage, I would have had to fight against Gu Taixu!”

Su Yu’s tone became even lower. “One final question. How did you find me? I made sure to wipe away any trace of thunderbolts on the way here.”

“That’s easy! You borrowed the disastrous thunder from my gourd. When you were not paying attention, I inserted a small stream of disastrous thunder into your body. The disastrous thunders were then able to form connecting bonds with each other. Do you think that I would need to expend much energy to find you?” Zi Qianchou asked.

Su Yu suddenly understood. “I see. Thank you for letting me know.”

“Eh? What does that mean?” Zi Qianchou felt that something was amiss.

At that moment, a bright figure came out of the cave. It appeared to be a jade green color.

“A clone?” Zi Qianchou’s facial expression darkened.

The jade green figure grabbed something from within his body. The object was the purple thunderbolt, which looked like a thin strand of hair.

He started smiling and asked, “Did you mean this thunderbolt?”


Rubbing it with two fingers, the clone extinguished the thunderbolt. Thereafter, the clone turned into a cloud of light and disappeared.

Zi Qianchou’s eyes were filled with a chilly light.

Why would Su Yu’s clone be carrying that thunderbolt?

This was no coincidence. Su Yu must have sensed the thunderbolt hidden in his body! He had underestimated Su Yu!

Some ten thousand miles away, at the place where Su Yu first landed with his Thunder Escape technique, a huge boulder started vibrating, then soon flipped over. From below the rock, two figures appeared in a flash. It was Su Yu and the little kylin!

“Hehe, such small tricks. Did he really think that he could track me down?” Su Yu laughed cockily.

The truth was, after using the Thunder Escape technique, he had not left the original spot at all. All he did was release his clone, so that the clone could go take the disastrous thunder away.

“Just as I expected, they are looking for Divine Master Tu Mo’s remains. In other words, they are looking for the little kylin!” Su Yu said.

“Ee-ee, ay-ay…” The little kylin looked very pleased with itself and was excitedly gesturing with its little arms. It clearly thought that this entire escaping incident was a fun game.

Su Yu had a slightly unpleasant and scolding tone as he spoke. “You think this is just a game? I do not play with my life!”

As he spoke, he rubbed the little kylin’s head. “Still, I do have to thank you for earlier.”

If the little kylin hadn’t caused such a panic in the crowd with its illusory body, Su Yu would not have been able to hatch the escape plan so easily. As the little kylin enjoyed being rubbed on its head, it smiled and nuzzled its head against Su Yu’s chest.

“Take your filthy hands away from me!” Right then, Su Yu heard a cold voice. It was loud and clear.