The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 595

Chapter 595 A Bewildering Chase

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Su Yu’s body stiffened. He was quite familiar with that voice.

“Lü…Chuyi.” Su Yu had quite complex feelings about her. She was none other than Lü Chuyi!

At this moment, her gaze was ice-cold. She was viciously glaring at Su Yu and the small kylin.

“Shameless!” Her face was flushed as she spoke.

Only now did Su Yu realize that the small kylin was still taking the young form of Lü Chuyi. Su Yu was at a loss for words, as he felt that no matter how much he explained the kylin, he wouldn’t be able to convince her of his intentions. He wondered how it had all ended up like this!

“What’s going on here? I will give you an opportunity to explain…” Lü Chuyi raised her brows and pointed at the small kylin.

Su Yu knew that he needed to resolve this misunderstanding, so he started to say, “Chuyi, in fact…” It was maybe because he had gotten so used to accompanying the young Lü Chuyi that the kylin had taken on, that now that he was facing the real Lü Chuyi, Su Yu had unconsciously called her by her first name.

Strange emotions welled up in Lü Chuyi’s heart when she heard this, as before she separated from him last time, he was still calling her the formal title “senior.” As she looked at Su Yu’s shy manner, Lü Chuyi was certain that he had always kept her in his heart and mind. In fact, she thought that he might have even truly fallen in love with her.

“Alright, you don’t need to say anything more. I already believe that I understand your feelings.” Lü Chuyi, who had strange emotions intertwining in her heart at this moment, interrupted Su Yu.

Su Yu opened his mouth, yet still didn’t say anything. What do you understand?

“You don’t need to use superfluous words to express your feelings toward me.” Lü Chuyi looked deeply look at Su Y. “I already understood everything, but it’s impossible for us to be together. I have someone who I love, and you have your own future, so you should forget about what happened between us, and I should also forget!”

Su Yu felt like he had been struck by a clap of thunder when he heard her, the fact that the small kylin looked like her had unexpectedly led her to assume that he loved her!

“Chuyu, wait, I’m…” As Su Yu began to correct her misconception, Lü Chuyi interrupted him once again, her eyes filled with decisiveness, “Don’t speak anymore, I don’t want to hear it, you should bear my words in your mind and forget me. This is an order.”

Su Yu became even more anxious to set things straight. “Chuyu, I’m in fact..”

“Don’t speak anymore.” Lü Chuyi was somewhat annoyed by him now, so she berated him. “As matters stand, what else is there to say? I already clearly stated my feelings about it. I already have someone who I love, so it’s impossible for us to be together.”

Su Yu was almost driven mad by her misconstruing the situation. “I…”

Lü Chuyi felt like Su Yu was too stubborn and willful, and that he wasn’t willing to give up in her, so she couldn’t help but be chilly towards him. “It’s the last time I will say it, you must stop loving me. I can’t ever love you back!”

She then turned around to leave. Su Yu finally had an opportunity to speak, so he said, “Chuyu, you misunderstood me. I don’t love you at all.”

Lü Chuyi, who had just turned around, stiffened, and she slowly turned her head, while countless emotions appeared on her snow-white face.

“What did you just say?” Lü Chuyi asked through her clenched teeth. She suddenly realized that she might have just misunderstood everything from the beginning.

Su Yu faintly smiled. As a cool breeze blew past him, his silver hair started fluttering. Since he was still faintly smiling at her, he had a dreamy look.

Su Yu then said sincerely, “I also have someone who I love, and you misunderstood everything. In fact, my spiritual pet took your form on its own accord.”

After the small kylin heard him, it lightly nodded to corroborate the truth of Su Yu’s statement. It then started sizing up Lü Chuyi with its big eyes, revealing a human-like confused look as it gazed at her face.

It seemed like it was baffled by the many strange expressions that were appearing on the face of the woman who resembled it. Lü Chuyi felt like she was struck by a clap of thunder, and her pretty face became flushed.

She had misunderstood everything! Su Yu didn’t fall in love with her! It was just her own wishful thinking.

At this moment, she badly wished to find a hole to bury herself in. Shame started overwhelming her heart, then gradually turned into anger.

“Did you just say that you don’t love me, but that you love someone else?” Lü Chuyi lowered her head, and as her beautiful hair covered her face, her current expression couldn’t be seen.

Su Yu revealed a relieved smile. “You finally understand. Yes, so your worries are truly needless..”

Lü Chuyi kept silent, while her shoulders started to shake. Su Yu was startled by this. Was she weeping?

“Someone else… haha… Someone else!” Lü Chuyi raised her head, and her eyes at this moment were filled with a raging flame of anger. She truly seemed like she had lost control of her wits!

Su Yu was startled once again, it seemed like he was mistaken. She was not weeping, but shaking with rage!

“I will kill you!” Even Lü Chuyi herself didn’t know why she was this angry at this moment, but it was most likely because of shame or resentment.


A golden Heavenly Bamboo appeared in her hand, and as she waved it in the air, a golden arc emitting space power appeared all around her. It seemed like it was capable of tearing everything apart!

Su Yu’s eyelids shook, since an opening was torn by the demon in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, it seemed like the rules restricting Fairy Realm experts had also been broken apart. Such a strike, if it hit him, would surely injure him severely, if not even kill him!

Knowing that he dare not remain here, Su Yu covered himself with his bamboo hat, then turned around and launched the Thunder Escape, while he resentfully muttered, “What’s wrong with you? If I love you, you are angry with me, but when I say I’m not in love with you, you are angry with me still!” His speech was like gasoline poured on a raging flame.

“Ah! You bast*rd! I will kill you.” When Lü Chuyi heard him, she became even more enraged, so she used her space power to relentlessly chase after Su Yu.

The two of them started to chase each other around, and Lü Chuyi’s attacks were quite fierce and ruthless.

Su Yu almost found himself in grave danger, so he couldn’t help but become slightly angered himself. At this point, the guilt that he felt toward her weakened by a large margin, as he was being unjustly hunted down by her!

“Well, I guess I’m mad and insane because I unexpectedly let you off in the past. I truly regret that now!” As a golden light flickered, Lü Chuyi overtook Su Yu.

What the f*ck? What’s truly wrong with this crazy woman? Su Yu was quite confused and bewildered.

“I’m not afraid of you!” Since he couldn’t escape, Su Yu clenched his teeth and turned to face her, his head held high.

The Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation’s blue formation orb flickered as he poured his Vital Energy into it. It then formed a blue screen around him. The blue light screen intensely trembled when the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo bombarded it.

“You still dare to defy me?” Lü Chuyi was angered even further, and she couldn’t help but recall the unforgettable night that they had spent together within the Ice Soul Divine Dream Spell’s snowy world.

At that time, Su Yu had been quite gentle and loving, but now, he was fighting against her! She felt quite aggrieved by this and wondered if he had stopped being so gentle and loving towards her because she had already given her body to him. She was so infuriated by this thought that she became somewhat muddle-headed and stopped thinking rationally.

“Now, I must surely kill you.” Lü Chuyi mercilessly attacked him in her frenzied mindset.

As the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo shone in a golden light, the trembling blue light screen was shattered. Su Yu was startled, as the light screen should have been able to easily withstand the attacks of someone at the early stage of the Fairy Realm, yet, it had ended up being broken by Lü Chuyi, whose cultivation was just at the early stage of the Fairy Realm!

Her fighting prowess was truly remarkable! Since there weren’t any obstructions between them anymore, the Silver Bamboo in Lü Chuyi’s hands flew toward Su Yu. At such a precarious moment, Su Yu’s space ring flickered, and as a blue light shone out of it, a cyclone appeared in front of Su Yu’s chest.

The Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, which had attacked him, was immediately deflected back by the blue light ball. However, after such a collision, the blue light ball became dimmer and its true appearance was revealed.

It was unexpectedly just a blue ruler that had countless mysterious and profound-looking characters written on it. It was the inherited sacred artifact of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion’s descendants of the guards. Moreover, it was a middle-stage spiritual artifact ruler!

“Die!” It seemed like Lü Chuyi had gone completely insane, and as the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo flickered, its spatial power was activated, causing it to disappear from its former place.

In the next moment, it suddenly appeared behind Su Yu’s back. As it flickered in a golden light, the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo teleported into another place. However, the ruler once again already discerned its direction and flew there beforehand, successfully deflecting it. From then on, the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo continued teleporting around, while the ruler continued accurately predicting its path.

The blue and golden lights could be seen unceasingly flickering around Su Yu, and no matter how tricky and crafty was the angle from which the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo attacked, the ruler still managed to predict it and protect the place in advance.

As the ruler contained Tian Jizi’s Divine Decree Path, it could discern from which path the enemy would attack. Moreover, its predictions were infallible.

“Alright, I have only been separated from you for a few days, yet you already got another new magical treasure! However, I still believe that I will be able to deal with you.” After Lü Chuyi attacked him for a long time without any success, she became even more angry.

However, before she had a chance to attack him once again, Su Yu coldly said, “Enough, let’s end this.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand and the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation’s orbs dispersed in the surrounding area. They then sealed and trapped Lü Chuyi within them.

“It’s this same formation once again! I’ll not let you trap me in it.” Lü Chuyi coldly snorted, then waved her fair palm, and as a golden arc flickered, the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation’s light screen was torn apart.

Su Yu wasn’t surprised by such an outcome, as with his One True Crystal Vital Energy, he was still incapable of completely exhibiting the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation’s power. However, despite this, it would still be difficult for him to trap someone with such a powerful prowess like Lü Chuyi.

A great number of black threads, which were thin and long, flew out of Su Yu’s sleeves, each emitting a mysterious eerie light. After the black threads flew out, they intertwined around Lü Chuyi, who was still within the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation.

“Tear them open!” Lü Chuyi said in a low voice, while several golden leaves flew out of her bosom. These were the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo’s leaves, which contained space power, were extremely sharp and tough, and were able of cutting through everything!


As the leaves revolved in the air, they created several spatial cracks in the air, then revolved once again in it before turning into golden lines that flew toward the black threads. A black crack was left behind any place that these golden lines flew through.


However, what was astounding was that despite all of this, the black threads weren’t torn by them. Instead, they just became somewhat crooked after they collided against the golden leaves. Moreover, they still managed to deflect back the golden leaves because of the astonishing bounciness that they possessed.

“It’s impossible.” Lü Chuyi was quite astonished.

The Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo’s leaves were quite sharp, and they could leave a scar in even top-grade spiritual artifacts, let alone the middle-grade spiritual artifact that was before her.

But, what was astonishing was that the ordinary-looking black threads directly deflected back the leaves without sustaining any damages. She could not have known that the black threads were the treasure that had been left behind by the elder Tian Jizi, and that they were the veins of a Real Spirit dragon!

If she could recover her Divine Master Realm cultivation, she might still be able to deal with this, but her current cultivation was still in the Fairy Realm, and such a cultivation wasn’t powerful enough.

As she gasped in alarm, the Real Spirit Dragon Veins that were revolving around flew toward her. The veins, which were like fine strands of hair, bound her tightly, intertwining around her.

Her feet and hands were also tightly bound by them. Only her neck remained unbound.

“Let go of me you stupid things!” Lü Chuyi started struggling, trying to break free from the dragon veins.

However, the more she struggled, the tighter they became. While she was struggling, she stumbled and fell down on her face.


Lü Chuyi raised up her head, and with sparkling tears in her eyes, she visibly and resentfully glared at Su Yu. His heart shuddered as he was faced with such a gaze, as it was filled with hatred.

Su Yu became somewhat downcast. He owed her so much, and he had wanted to make it up to her. It even seemed like had Lü Chuyi forgiven him at first, but now, things had taken a horrible turn…

He waved his sleeves and took back the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation. He then gazed at the tied up Lü Chuyi, his enthusiasm waning. “Fine, as I took your purity away from you, after I take care of my matters, I will surely give you compensation.” Su Yu untied the Real Spirit Dragon Veins to set her free.

Lü Chuyi was startled, as she hadn’t expected that Su Yu would say such words to her. She started calming down and coming back to her senses, but was still a frustrated.

While she waited for Su Yu to finish untying her, she gazed at his face, which seemed quite dignified, yet it also seemed foreign to her now. After they had gone through such a conflict, they had now become even more estranged.

The memory of them embracing each other, while sleeping in a small hut in a snowy world, seemed like it was drifting away from her. Sensing this, a faint pain welled up in the deepest part of her heart.

“Wait!” She said, quite anxious. Then, after hesitating for a moment, she found herself still found herself incapable of giving up on them, so she mustered up her courage and said, “I…I’m in fact…”

Su Yu came to a stop, then turned and gazed at Lü Chuyi, waiting for her to finish her words. As she faced Su Yu’s apathetic gaze, she felt quite sad and downcast.

She gave up on the explanation that she was about to utter and just sighed. “Don’t mind me. Just go and walk down your road, while I walk down mine. After this, we..”

She wanted to say that they would then walk into different worlds and would never run into each other again, but she felt like such words had a tremendous weight to them, and she wasn’t able to utter them in the end.


At this moment, a black cyclone suddenly flew out from under their feet, then pounced at Su Yu. The black cyclone contained an extremely terrifying poison, and even the ground was directly melted by it into a black putty. If it came in contact with a human body, then the human would end up dead, without even his soul spared!

As it had appeared so suddenly, neither Su Yu nor Lü Chuyi had detected it, so Su Yu definitely had no time to adequately dodge it! Su Yu didn’t even have enough time to take his magical treasures out!

His heart started intensely thumping as he felt death engulfing him. He was so careless, he had forgotten all about Zi Qianchou!

Now, he sent a deadly strike at Su Yu, and Su Yu, who was grossly unprepared for such a surprise attack, felt his heart sinking. All the while, just a single thought emerged in his mind…

Will I really die here?