The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 596

Chapter 596 Hong Luan Puppet

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A sound of space tearing apart bombarded Su Yu’s ears without any warning. In the moment of acute danger, Su Yu’s body was surrounded by a golden bright light and instantly teleported to a place far away!

The black cyclone shot past the golden light, then headed towards the sky. A pitch black color appeared at the top of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, making it look like it had been corroded.

Su Yu had yet to calm himself down, but he immediately started imbuing Vital Energy into the Six Directional Ruler to activate it. As he did so, he looked towards Lü Chuyi.


A single golden leaf stopped rotating beneath Su Yu’s leg, then immediately flew back into Lü Chuyi’s palm. As she calmly retrieved the golden bamboo leaf, her pupils glistened brightly beneath her lashes.

She calmly said, “You can only die in my hands.”

Su Yu was stunned. Is that really the case?

Then, a demonic mist suddenly began rising from the ground just off to the side. A man in a black robe, his hands clasped in his sleeves, walked creepily out of the demonic mist.

Lü Chuyi immediately asked, “Did you finally realize that you have been tricked, Zi Qianchou?”

“I admit that I have indeed underestimated this young man’s deceptive abilities.” The man in black robe was indeed Zi Qianchou. He took a glance at Su Yu, his eyes filled with an icy tinge.

“He is indeed deceptive. You are not wrong about that. If I did not know him any better, I would probably have followed blindly after the clone like you did.” Lü Chuyi agreed with Zi Qianchou.

Su Yu laughed bitterly. Even if he was deceptive, Lü Chuyi had still managed to see past his deception.

“However, based on your status, I did not expect you to use a sneak attack.” Lü Chuyi played around with the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo in her hands as she spoke. “Based on his level of cultivation, there is no need for you to use a sneak attack. In truth, you really wanted to attack me instead, right?”

As she spoke, Lü Chuyi suddenly slashed at the ground beneath her. With a loud booming sound, the ground beneath her cracked open.

At that moment, a black demonic energy that was ten times stronger than the one that had attacked Su Yu suddenly appeared. It was immediately crushed by the golden light. The smaller black demonic energy had merely been a distraction!

Zi Qianchou drew in a breath softly. His smile faded away. “You are indeed difficult to deal with!”

After all, the person he really wanted to sneakily attack was Lü Chuyi. In the end, his plan was easily seen through and thwarted.

“I will examine him myself, so back off!” Lü Chuyi gracefully moved forward and stepped in between Zi Qianchou and Su Yu.

Lü Chuyi’s aura was extremely strong. Her grace and heroic aura was astounding.

“I am afraid that is not up to you!” Zi Qianchou was determined to get what he wanted.

As Lü Chuyi rotated the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo in her palm, it gave out a bright golden light that made her beautiful face glow with a divine appearance that could not be tainted.

“You cannot do anything to me!” she shouted.

As the Lady of the Heaven Rulers in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands, she was extremely capable. Even many elders of the older generation were shocked by her talent.

“Hehe, of course it would be difficult, that is if I were alone!” Zi Qianchou laughed mysteriously, while he retrieved a human-shaped puppet from his bosom.

Su Yu had seen that wooden puppet before. Shangguan Qinger had used it multiple times!

The difference was that this wooden puppet did not resemble Mo Tianxuan. Instead, it looked like someone who Su Yu was not familiar with.

“Patrol Official Hong Luan? Was this the soul wooden puppet that was used to seal her?” Lü Chuyi recognized the figure in an instant, thus shocking Su Yu.

Zi Qianchou laughed coolly. “It seems that you too already know of the existence of the Patrol Official! If you do not wish for your soul to be harmed, you should leave right away! Hong Luan Patrol Official’s soul is not something you can withstand. Even a tiny strand of it could severely affect you!”

Patrol Official Hong Luan? Who is that?

Lü Chuyi showed signs of hesitation. She seemed very wary of the puppet.

“You and your people from the Purple Cloud Palace are wavering. To this day, you have not succumbed to the lord. He sent the Patrol Official to be stationed in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands to supervise you and the factions that are overseen by the the Purple Cloud Palace! If I was to summon her soul in a place like this, do you think that she would have mercy on you? By then, your soul would be severely injured. So, do not blame me then for not giving you a chance now!”

Su Yu looked on coolly, but his heart was very alert. A small strand of Hong Luan Patrol Official’s soul was capable of harming Lü Chuyi to a degree beyond recovery. It was unquestionable that she had exceeded the highest level of Divine Master!

After contemplating for a while, Lü Chuyi backed off slowly. She looked at Su Yu with a complicated expression, her pupils filled with a chilly light.

“You take care of this yourself!” Lü Chuyi yelled, then turned around and transported away with a flash of golden light. As she left, she turned her gaze back at Su Yu’s figure, which was becoming increasingly blurry in her beautiful pupils.

When they were in the Yin-Yang Formation, she had put Su Yu in a dangerous position for her own gains. Today, when he was in trouble, she had abandoned him once again. She knew that there was no longer any chance of salvaging their friendship.

Perhaps this was their fate. Regardless of whether Zi Qianchou came or not, there would no longer be any relationship between them. As she slowly closed her eyes, Lü Chuyi could feel the bitterness in her heart, especially when she noticed that Su Yu was also looking at her when she turned to look at him.

As their eyes met each other’s, Lü Chuyi could not see any surprise or disappointment in his eyes. In fact, there was no emotion at all.

It was as if Su Yu had known all along that Lü Chuyi would make such a decision and betray him. The look of unfamiliarity made Lü Chuyi feel terrible.

Right then, the space energy was taking her away quickly. As she left Su Yu behind, she also left behind the past that she had hoped to cherish forever.

With his hands still holding the puppet, Zi Qianchou seemed rather disappointed. “She escaped rather quickly. If I could use this opportunity to cause some damage to her soul, I could end her journey of cultivation.”

This was because if one’s soul was damaged, the journey of cultivation would indeed become very difficult. Also, since the Purple Cloud Palace already had the extraordinary Gu Taixu, if the Lady of the Heaven Rulers, Lü Chuyi, could be eliminated, it would be fantastic!

“Young fellow, give it to me. You know what I want.” Zi Qianchou’s black figure flashed as he quickly approached Su Yu.

Right then, Su Yu was alone against this Divine Master! Su Yu looked at the puppet warily, sizing up the situation. As Zi Qianchou only had the cultivation of a middle-stage Fairy, if Su Yu fought with his life, he might actually be able to save himself.

However, the puppet posed a threat to Su Yu’s soul. As such, it was definitely a wise decision for Lü Chuyi to have left. It was possible for Su Yu to fight Zi Qianchou, but his fighting the puppet was out of the question!

Without a second thought, Su Yu summoned the thunderbolt around him in order to cast a Thunder Escape technique! However, the transportation did not occur! A seemingly restrictive power had formlessly sealed the surrounding space!

As Su Yu turned to look, he saw that the puppet in Zi Qianchou’s hands had already been activated and was emanating a weak blue light. From afar, the puppet looked like a blue crystal puppet and was very beautiful.

“Trying to escape? Do you think that is even possible?” The blue puppet was only emanating a weak light at this point, yet it had already sealed the space within a hundred miles! Based on Su Yu’s current level of cultivation, there was no way that he could break the seal to escape!

“Ahhh!” Right then, the little kylin let out a cry, while it frantically slapped something in front of its body.

All that could be seen was a mist of blue light encircling it. The little kylin that had transformed into a person’s appearance was slowly revealing its true form under the blue light’s spell.

The original state of the little kylin, which was the size of a palm, seemed to be in flux between visible and invisible states. Not only was the blue light from the puppet capable of sealing things and people, it was also able to dispel any form of concealing transformations. As such, within a hundred miles, any hidden or concealed enemies would be revealed!

“A young Real Spirit!” Zi Qianchou was greatly surprised. “It has already hatched!”

Apart from being surprised, Zi Qianchou was very happy. His eyes were dancing in excitement as he exclaimed, “Heaven is on my side! If I bring this to the Lord, I will be greatly rewarded!”

To prevent any possible mishap, Zi Qianchou continued to imbue Vital Energy into the puppet. The blue light surrounding the little kylin became even more concentrated. Two illusory hands came out from the blue light to catch the little kylin, which swiftly jumped on its four hooves to transform into an illusory form.

Lifting its head, it nonchalantly flew back to Su Yu’s hands. However, surprisingly, the blue palms were able to grab onto the little kylin’s back hooves! It had completely ignored the kylin’s illusory transformation, having the same effect as the light that came from between Gu Taixu’s brows!

The little kylin panicked as it tried to escape towards Su Yu. However, the blue palms dragged the little kylin towards Zi Qianchou instead!

Su Yu’s face darkened. The little kylin had been very helpful to him, never asking for anything in return. It had contributed greatly to Su Yu, so there was no way that he would allow it to be taken away!

However, before Su Yu could do anything, Zi Qianchou yelled coolly, “I have already found the Real Spirit. You are of no use to me now! However, as it looks like there is some kind of bond between you and the Real Spirit, I cannot let you live!”