The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 597

Chapter 597 At The Brink Of Life And Death

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Zi Qianchou sucked the small kylin toward him with one of his hands, while he started weaving signs with his other hand. Then, a chain that had been condensed by demonic energy flew from his sleeves and shot toward Su Yu, who was coming at him.

“Snort!” As Su Yu coldly snorted, a blue light shone from his body and the ruler was activated. It predicted in advance the chain’s path and blocked it.

“Hmmm… a middle-grade spiritual artifact? Lad, you truly have many treasures, and after I kill you, I will properly search you to know your secrets!” Zi Qianchou was quite calm and composed.


Three other chains flew out of his sleeves, and the four chains started attacking Su Yu at the same time from different angles. Although the ruler had an extraordinary prediction power, its flaw was that it could be used in only one attack. While one of the four chains was blocked by it, the other three chains flew toward Su Yu.

As a black light shone from Su Yu’s body, the Eternal Stone King Armor appeared around his body. At the same time, he took a crystal and embedded it in the armor. The crystal’s Vital Energy was quickly absorbed by the armor, and a faintly discernible membrane appeared around it. The crystal then directly turned into a fine powder.

In the past, he had managed to activate the armor three times by using the broken scarlet crystal, but now, even though he had used a whole crystal, it was barely able to sustain its use this one time. Su Yu realized now that the scarlet crystal was an extraordinary crystal.

But now, he didn’t have time to ponder such a matter, so he tilted his shoulder to evade one of the chains once again. However, he was incapable of evading the other two chains, which both bombarded the light screen that was covering him.

Su Yu felt like what had just smashed into him were two grandiose mountains, not mere chains, and his body was sent flying back forcefully. Such an overwhelming force almost suffocated him, despite the fact that he was protected by the armor. It was fortunate that the light screen wasn’t broken completely by them, and after a short deadlock, it deflected the two chains.

“A semi-manufactured spiritual artifact? No, it’s a broken top-grade spiritual artifact defensive armor!” Zi Qianchou was amazed, and his eyes became filled with greed. “Good, I’m really more and more interested in you.”

Su Yu used the impact force of his collision against the chains to swiftly fly and overtake the small kylin, which he grabbed. A golden light flickered in his sleeves at the same time, and a small golden sword flew out of them before cutting the blue palm into two pieces.

The small kylin was frightened, and it directly nestled into Su Yu’s bosom, rubbing its head against him. It then entered the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl and took refuge in it.

“You have another spatial artifact?” Zi Qianchou was startled by this and became somewhat anxious. “Fine, after I kill you, they will all become mine.”

“We’ll see whether you are able of achieving that or not.” Su Yu coldly snorted, and his eyes brimmed with killing intent.

Zi Qianchou heartily laughed. “You are really interesting, as you dare to challenge me just because of such trifling magical treasures.”

While he ridiculed him, the demon energy within Zi Qianchou’s body surged out of it, like a raging flame. His astonishing and imposing manner wasn’t something that another expert at the early stage of the Fairy Realm could rival.

He was, after all, a Divine Master, and even though the current him was just a projection, he was still many times more powerful than ordinary experts at the early stage of the Fairy Realm. However, it was still fortunate that he was just a projection, as such a projection didn’t have even a hundredth of his true body’s power and might.

“I’m truly curious how a soul body like you could be this strong while facing me,” said Su Yu coldly, a white flame flickering in his eyes.

Zi Qianchou, who intended to beat Su Yu with a single move, suddenly felt a scalding sensation as he looked at the white flame inSu Yu’s eyes. He was clearly frightened as he gasped. “A soul flame!”

What he saw before him was a flame capable of burning the soul of any experts at the early stage of the Fairy Realm! As he was just a projection and only a part of his soul had descended down here, he wasn’t any stronger than someone at the early stage of the Fairy Realm. So, such a flame was his nemesis!

“How dare you?” Zi Qianchou glared at Su Yu.

“Since you want to kill me and take my treasures, then there’s almost nothing I wouldn’t dare to do!” Su Yu coldly sneered at him, then shot out his soul flame.

The white flame immediately started burning above Zi Qianchou’s body. Zi Qianchou was currently just a soul body, so his soul directly started to be burned by it.

“Ahh!” Zi Qianchou cried out in pain and started frantically revolving his demonic energy, trying to suppress the flame.

But, no matter how powerful his demonic energy was, it was still incapable of affecting such a strong soul flame. As he miserably shrieked, a layer of his soul was burned by the flame, causing his body to start to become even more transparent. His soul had already sustained irreversible damage.

“Ahh! bast*rd, I curse you!” Zi Qianchou started angrily shouting.

As he looked at how the flame was ceaselessly burning him, knowing that it would shortly annihilate him, Zi Qianchou found himself obliged to pour his Vital Energy into the puppet in his palm.


Ripples, which were flickering in a blue light, radiated out of the puppet. Then, the air in started crystallizing. Forests, mountain, rivers, vegetation, and everything was turned into blue crystals!

As Su Yu witnessed how even birds were turned into crystals and stagnated in mid-air, he felt his life force being swallowed up. Su Yu also witnessed how the beasts on the ground, which were fleeing, were soon overtaken and crystallized before all turning into life-like blue crystal sculptures.


In just several breaths, all of Su Yu’s surroundings had turned into blue crystals.

“This must be one of Hong Luan’s techniques, Blue Death! Even an All Creation Realm Old Monster can be frozen to death by it! So, I truly want to see who can save you today!” Zi Qianchou cackled.

It seemed like the crystallization had a will of its own, and it bypassed Zi Qianchou, who held onto the puppet and went after Su Yu. As he fled, Su Yu’s expression was extremely grave and dignified.

After just an instant, a thin layer of crystals started appearing on Su Yu’s skin. Soon, his veins, blood, and flesh all started to crystallize. His life force was also quickly flowing out of him.

As he looked his own mortality in the face, a distant and remote world’s scenery was reflected in his eyes. Two pretty silhouettes and faces appeared in his mind. These were memories which could never be erased by the passing of time.

“I can’t die here.” When he was almost completely crystallized, a defying will rose up within him and he shouted his refusal to give in.

He had been reminded that he still hadn’t married Xianer and finished their wedding ceremony, nor had he bid farewell to Xia Yujing. Hence, he couldn’t just die here!

“Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture, open up!” At this moment, he surprisingly managed to raise up his already crystalized arm and take out the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture.

A thread of Vital Energy came out of his almost crystalized internal blood energy channel, then immediately entered the picture.