The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 598

Chapter 598 Willingness And Unwillingness

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As the ancient scroll opened, black disastrous flames started burning along the ground. The blue crystal melted away like snow, then turned into a blue mist and gradually faded away.

Within a ten mile radius, the air became a vacuum void. The spreading of the blue crystal in Su Yu’s body also came to a halt.

“Fairy level cultivation technique!” Zi Qianchou’s pupils contracted all of a sudden. In a moment of fright, he had pulled away instantly, not daring to touch the disastrous flames.

If it were his physical body, he would not have needed to be afraid of the disastrous flames. However, as it was his soul body, he knew that it would be eliminated if he came into contact with the flames! The disastrous flames were even more frightening than the soul flames had been!

After retreating until he was safely ten miles away, Zi Qianchou was finally able to calm himself down and properly evaluate Su Yu for the first time. This young man was beyond difficult to deal with!

The good thing was that most of the Vital Energy had already been sealed in Su Yu’s body, which limited his Fairy level cultivation technique to be activated at only one-tenth of its original strength. Otherwise, Zi Qianchou would have been in deep trouble!

Right then, Su Yu was still focusing on suppressing the spreading of the crystal in his body, making it the perfect time to kill him!

“Good! Very good! Soul flames and Fairy level cultivation technique… I do not care who you are or what status you have. No one can save you today!” Zi Qianchou’s killing intent shot through the roof. There was no way that this young man was going to live!


The blue puppet was tossed into the air, and with a shout from Zi Qianchou, it suddenly exploded! The entire crystalized world within a hundred miles exploded along with it. All of the mountains, rivers, grasslands and forests, together with the all of the beasts that had also been crystalized exploded together with the puppet.

The mountains broke into countless pieces as they exploded. The birds and beasts also broke apart, their carcasses having been crystalized. It all happened from the inside to the outside, but was all equally deadly. What’s more, there was no way that any of it could have been prevented!

A crackling sound came from the veins and flesh in Su Yu’s body, which had also crystalized. He too would dissipate as he turned into a crystal form.

Knowing that he had tried his best, he sighed in his heart and slowly closed his eyes. However, just as everything turned black before Su Yu’s eyes, a familiar bright golden light lit up the darkened world.

The gold light and the shadow figure that flashed by caused Su Yu to open his eyes once again. He was surprised. Thereafter, his face filled with a smile.

It was her. Su Yu’s old friend!

The golden light engulfed the entire space, including Su Yu. At that moment, it transported him away from the cracking, crystalized world.

As he was being transported away, Su Yu could scarcely hear Zi Qianchou’s angry and shocked voice. “Lü Chuyi!”

That was right. In the final moment, she had chosen to return to help Su Yu after all!

As he was moving, the scenery around Su Yu changed. The only thing that did not change was the figure that was holding on to his arms. She looked magnificent in the golden light.

When their feet finally landed on the ground, they had already moved about a hundred miles away. The place seemed scorched. Coincidentally, it was the abandoned place where Su Yu had battled the demon.

“Thank you,” Su Yu said, while smiling at her.

Lü Chuyi did not face Su Yu as she spoke. “Do not be happy just yet. I only wanted to prevent the Real Spirit from falling into the hands of Zi Qianchou. That was why I came back.”

She secretly tucked her palm into one of her sleeves. However, Su Yu noticed her slight movement.

A smear of blue crystal was caught by Su Yu’s pupils. Her left palm had been crystalized!

In other words, when crystals began forming within a hundred miles, she was still inside the area! In fact, she had pretended to leave in front of Zi Qianchou, but she had really just been hiding in the dark, so that she could come to Su Yu’s aid in the final moment! She had never intended to leave Su Yu behind!

“Let me have a look at your hand.” Su Yu’s heart felt warm towards her.

Although she appeared cool outwardly, her heart was truly kind. She reminded Su Yu of his savior, An Yurou, who had an ugly appearance, but possessed the heart of a gentle and kind lady.

“I am fine…” As Su Yu’s compassion had melted Lü Chuyi’s heart, her tone had become much softer.

In the following moment of silence, neither Lü Chuyi nor Su Yu knew what to say. Su Yu looked at her figure from behind her, while she looked into the far distance. They both stood still. Their shared silence was better than any sound.

Having experienced what they just had, the gap between them seemed to disappear. The lost sense of familiarity was slowly healing.

“I am leaving now. Take care of yourself!” Lü Chuyi did not turn back to look at him. “When you return to Jiuzhou’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage, if it is possible, seek protection from Yu Qiuhang. If he is willing to help you, you might be able to escape from this disaster!”

Yu Qiuhang was the old man who was skilled in the crafting of mechanism puppets. He had previously said in front of the crowd that when they returned to the Mysterious Heavenly Stage, anyone who wished to harm Su Yu would have to go through him to do so. Based on his personality, he seemed to be a man of his word.

The problem was that Su Yu was not planning on returning to Jiuzhou’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage. Thus, he and Lü Chuyi’s farewell today would perhaps be for forever.

“Wait a moment.” Su Yu thought for a while. His soul entered the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl to carefully retrieve the sapling of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo. He then put it in a jade box and held it out to her.

“This is a gift for you. There is no other way I can repay you for saving my life.” The sapling was an invaluable treasure to Su Yu. It was the key material for remaking the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation.

He had wronged Lü Chuyi in the past, and he felt that he owed her a favor for saving his life. Moreover, this was perhaps the last time they would ever meet in this life. As such, Su Yu did not want to have any regrets.

Of all the things he had, the only thing of interest to Lü Chuyi was perhaps the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo. Hence, this was the most appropriate gift for her.

“What is this?” Lü Chuyi turned back to look at it, but she did not recognize what it was.

“Of the two seeds that you gave me, one of them died, while the other fortunately survived. This is a gift for you. Also, it rightfully belongs to you.” Su Yu smiled genuinely as he handed it to her.

Lü Chuyi was shocked. “The Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo? You managed to plant and grow it?”

She was very puzzled, as the bamboo required the blood essence of an All Creation Old Monster in order to grow. In fact, it required a hundred years of watering, day and night!

How did Su Yu accomplish it?

Her white snowy eyes flashed with joy and surprise. The Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo was indeed extraordinarily important to her!

However, as she noticed Su Yu’s smile, Lü Chuyi’s heart gradually became calm again. “I cannot accept it. Before it loses its Spiritual Qualities, you ought to find somewhere suitable to cultivate it.” Lü Chuyi then quickly turned away from Su Yu once again.

Su Yu was surprised. “Why?” He was confused, as the bamboo was clearly very important to her.

Lü Chuyi turned around and smiled suddenly. Her smile was as beautiful as the sunlight in the middle of winter, and it gave someone a feeling of immense warmth.

“I already got what I wanted, so I am satisfied.” Lü Chuyi smiled once again as she spoke the meaningful words. Thereafter, she flew across the sky and returned to Jiuzhou.

Looking at her disappearing figure, Su Yu suddenly felt a little disappointed.

“Goodbye…” Su Yu mumbled bitterly.

Perhaps Lü Chuyi thought that they would still meet again at the Jiuzhou’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage. She clearly did not know that this farewell would most likely be their last.


Suddenly, a black ancient scroll fell from Su Yu’s bosom and clattered on the ground.