The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 600

Chapter 600 The Merging Of Origins

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“You have overestimated yourself.” Gu Taixu was fiercely calm.

Then, as he raised his arms, the air suddenly seemed to explode. A tornado that could not be observed by the naked eye then rolled out, spreading in all four directions.


The tornado moved extremely fast. Within the blink of an eye, it seemed to tear Su Yu apart, along with a large volume of space. A soft sound was then heard, and the tornado suddenly came to a halt.

Su Yu was still standing in his original spot. However, there were now two other clones that were standing next to him. Each of them looked exactly like him!

One of the clones was a jade color, whose body emitted a bright flame. The other clone was surrounded by lightning from head-to-toe. The appearance of these clones had been made possible through a method called the Second Grade Clone Technique, whereby Su Yu had been able to summon two clones!

At the moment, Su Yu was covered in the Eternal Stone King Armor. He had sacrificed a crystal in order for the armor to emit a bright light, which engulfed the three of them during emergency situations.

At present, the fiery clone was holding onto the Six Directional Ruler, which had predicted the attack. Meanwhile, the lightning clone was standing on the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation. With the three of them working together, they were just barely able to withstand the tornado.

In fact, such a powerful attack had required Su Yu to use all of his defensive treasures in order to protect himself! As such, the tornado was not able to pierce through his armor and other defenses. Thus, it gradually weakened.

Seeing that his single attack was unable to kill Su Yu instantly, Gu Taixu stepped forward and yelled, “Useless clones! Useless treasures! Useless defense! You’ll see…”

As he yelled, he shook his sleeves, causing the weakened tornado to become twice as strong! Su Yu and his clones, who had barely withstood the earlier attack, were suddenly warped inside the tornado!

All of a sudden, the space around them broke into pieces. As the Six Directional Ruler could only block one side and not the others, the sound of the fiery clone breaking apart could be heard throughout the entire area.

Next to be targeted was the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation. After a moment of vibration, the light screen was also crushed by the tornado. It then immediately turned into dust.

Both of the clones had been destroyed! Now, only Su Yu remained, his original body being protected by the strong Eternal Stone King Armor. Even though the battle was a struggle, he was still withstanding it!

“It is over!” Gu Taixu stepped closer to Su Yu and stretched out his fingers towards him.

A similar scene had already occurred with Zi Qianchou. The only difference was that only Zi Qianchou’s soul had been destroyed, whereas both Su Yu’s soul and body would be destroyed today!

The space around Su Yu tightened, while he felt a suffocating pressure surround him. The space was quickly compressing more each minute.

All Gu Taixu needed to do now was to close his fingers and Su Yu would be squeezed to the point of exploding. He would then be dead immediately!

With a chill in his eyes, Gu Taixu started closing his five fingers tightly! However, right then, emerging from a larger place where they had just battled, black threads moved to surround Gu Taixu at lightning speed.

These were the Real Spirit Dragon Veins! Based on Gu Taixu’s current soul state, there was no way he could demolish them.

Gu Taixu suddenly became aware that he had been trapped! While he was killing Zi Qianchou, Su Yu had started devising this clever trap!

“Do you think that same trick would work on me?” However, Gu Taixu did not seem surprised by the ambush. In fact, he almost seemed prepared for it!

He retrieved a cat-shaped jade beast from his sleeves, which glowed with a bright light and had the power to slow down time. This was a heaven-defying treasure that had time-passage capabilities!

The Real Spirit Dragon Veins that were encircling Gu Taixu suddenly slowed down. The, with two fingers clipped together, Gu Taixu effortlessly grasped the Real Spirit Dragon Veins. Flipping his fingers, he then rolled them into his hands, successfully snatching them away!

“Let me guess, you still have something up your sleeve, am I right?” Gu Taixu seemed to see through Su Yu’s tricks.

As he spoke, he pointed his finger towards the ground. Immediately, the ground tore apart, revealing a black scroll that was hidden underneath. It was the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture!

“Open!” Su Yu yelled. He was shocked in his heart. He could not believe that it had been discovered!

Based on his plan, the Real Spirit Dragon Veins would trap Gu Taixu, while he activated the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture in order to kill him. Now, everything had been uncovered!

As the scroll opened, the disastrous flames that were capable of burning everything started flowing out from within it. Even a single strand of those disastrous flames would be something even a Fairy’s soul could not withstand!

However, Gu Taixu was very calm. “I have already said, that same trick will not work on me.”

As he held Su Yu with one hand, he extended the other hand. Then, a shocking scene unfolded. The disastrous flames were forcefully compressed back into the scroll! Thereafter, the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture fell into his hands from across the space.

“A remnant scroll of the Fairy level cultivation technique. I will keep it on your behalf.” Gu Taixu looked very calm.

Simultaneously, he tucked the Real Spirit Dragon Veins and the remnant scroll of the Fairy level cultivation technique into his bosom. As such, two valuable treasures and two supposedly deadly traps had been annihilated, just like that!

“Everything has now come to an end. I will send you on your way before I look for the little kylin.” Gu Taixu pinched his fingers together to compress Su Yu. However, it seemed that Su Yu had already formed a symbol with both of his hands while Gu Taixu was not paying attention.

“Your garbage-like clones again?” Gu Taixu inferred calmly. “You have used the same technique twice…”

The two clones once again appeared next to Su Yu and stood there quietly. The difference in them now was that they had each condensed an Origin’s energy between their palms. The jade clone held the Fire Origin, while the thunderbolt clone held the Thunderbolt Origin.

As for Su Yu, the mark between his brows split, and an endless stream of cold energy was flowing out of it. This was the Ice Origin, which was flowing out like a stream of water!

“You were just saying that the same technique would not have any effect on you. Then, what about a technique that you have never seen before?” In this most crucial moment, Su Yu was finally using his main trump card!

In the past, Su Yu had asked Lü Chuyi how he could safely merge the Origins. Her answer was that the Origins repelled each other. As such, a single mismatch could easily cause an intense explosion. Thus, the safest way to merge them was to control all three of them with a single heart.

Although Su Yu could not control all three with a single heart, he could control two of the clones at the same time. In this way, he could then use one heart to control three bodies.

“Three types of Origins! Your level of comprehension is pretty strong. However, what is the use of that? A dead man is still a dead man.” Gu Taixu was surprised for the first time,as he had never known that one person could cultivate three types of Origins.

Su Yu ignored him, instead focusing his energies on working with the two clones to merge the three Origins together. As each of the Origins had the same size and strength, their angles of merging were perfectly in tune with one another. It was as if the three Origins were controlled by the same person!

This was the new method that Su Yu had thought of, which he called the merging of Origins. This trio, consisting of the fiery red flame, the dark purple thunderbolt, and the pale white frost, was a true miracle.

Three colors, three powers, and three Origins were uniquely merging. Their union soon become a beautiful cloud that looked like a tri-colored flower!

“Did you not say that the technique that I used before would be useless against you? Well then, try this!” Without giving Gu Taixu time to react, Su Yu spun the tri-colored cloud towards Gu Taixu.

Since the cloud contained a strand of Su Yu’s intentions, as Su Yu controlled with his heart, the intentions manipulated the energy. Even if there was a slight change in the energy, that minute shift created an instability within the three types of Origins.


Then, a crack suddenly appeared within the tri-colored cloud, as the three mixed energies collided against each other and caused several small explosions. This produced an aura that caused goosebumps to appear on one’s skin.

The formally calm Gu Taixu suddenly tensed up. “What kind of Origin is this? No merged Origins can have this kind of destructive power!”

At this moment, Gu Taixu was gripped by fear and instantly backed away. After all, this was an intensely destructive power that was capable of threatening his life!

“It is too late to escape now! Explode!” Su Yu shouted coldly.


Immediately, the Origins obeyed Su Yu’s words. The energy in the tri-colored cloud had been mixed to its most saturated point. Thus, the destructive power was at its peak.

A ground-breaking, loud, and booming sound could be heard all over the place, while the colors of red, purple, and white could be seen everywhere. The three combined colors were like an earth-shattering light that engulfed the entire Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, the Divine Sparrow Stage, the five peaks, and every corner of the realm…

What swiftly followed this was a scene of utter chaos, filled with lightning, flames, and even frost! Then, a crazy collision caused a destructive and explosive power to fill the entire area!


The ground shook continuously, as did the sky. Jiuzhou’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage was suddenly shaking as well!

What is going on down there? From Jiuzhou’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage, a group of worried elders suddenly changed their facial expressions.

Yu old monster’s eyes lit up. He then stood up and said, “This is unbelievable! This kind of energy flow must be close to the Divine Master level! If this was not Gu Taixu’s doing, who could be responsible for this?”

Zi Qianchou’s face was pale, and he looked very fragile. As his soul had been damaged, he looked extremely unhappy.

Sensing this great wave of energy, and knowing that it could not be Gu Taixu or any of the Divine Masters who had descended, his thoughts immediately went to Su Yu! That deeply disguised, loathsome, and fearsome young man!

Similarly, Lü Chuyi, who had just returned, felt a shock in her heart. The strong wave of energy reminded her of something familiar.

In the past, this kind of energy wave had also occurred in the seventh level of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. It was known as the merging of Origins.

This was indeed Su Yu’s merging of Origins! In comparison, the energy wave this time around was more than ten times stronger than before!

“It is him!” Lü Chuyi was greatly surprised. She was shocked by the frightening power of Su Yu’s Origins, and was also worried about Gu Taixu’s fate.

In the midst of the shocking vibration, dust filled the air and floated over the entire land. A figure, whose clothes were ripped and whose mouth was filled with blood, appeared to be floating around within the dust. The figure seemed to have sustained severe injuries.

“Three of my bones are broken, and my internal organs have been greatly damaged. I was able to kill an enemy, but also severely injured myself in the process!” Su Yu laughed bitterly.

Even in the final moment, while sacrificing three of his protective treasures, Su Yu had still been seriously injured. At least the circumstances were still far better than the time he had fought Yang Yidao! Back then, Su Yu had nearly killed himself in the explosion!

This time, with the aid of the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation and the Six Directional Ruler, he had decreased his danger of self-inflicting harm significantly. Compared to the rough merging that he had suffered through previously, this time around, the merging had been handled much more coherently. Also, the might had increased by not only one or two times, but ten times!

Is the might of my Origins truly this scary? Su Yu could not help wonder.

As a singular Origin was not very strong, it would be difficult to harm anyone above the Half God level with just one. However, for some unknown reason, Su Yu’s Origins were unusually strong after merging.

Although he had many questions on his mind, he did not forget about what needed to be done in that very moment…

In a burned crater ten miles away…

The crater was extremely deep and wide, and within it were some remnant energies of lightning, flames, and frost. In the center of the crater lay a soul body that had been turned into an ice sculpture. It looked burned and frozen at the same time.


Su Yu floated towards it. With the wave of his hand, he took back the Real Spirit Dragon Veins and the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture.

“The objects have been returned to their rightful owner,” Su Yu said calmly.